Sweet n’raw’s X’mas Gift Guide: CATWOMAN


Another day, another post, my sweet readers! It’s snowing here in Milan, the kind of snow that makes you wish you could stay at home with Downton Abbey, wrapped in a blanket, giant hot cup of coffee in hand. But since snow is not a valid excuse to skip work or school, back to what concerns us today. We are almost done with our Christmas Shopping Guide and so far it has had an amazing response from all of you. It’s the fifth post from our guide and today we have a very, very special selection, for a very, very special lady: the catwoman.

Don’t think this is gonna be all latex, leather and whips. This is actually for the feline lover. Whether you have a frend obsessed with kittens or a sister with a weakness for all things animal print, this list will help you pick a gift for the ultimate cat lover. The perfect dress for New Year’s Eve? Charlotte Olympia’s coveted kitty flats? Spotty gadgets? We’ve got them all! What are you waiting for? Check it out!

cat splurge

  1. Nail polish selection (Frenzy, Particuliere, Vertigo, Black Satin), Chanel Le Vernis
  2. Leopard ring, Superette
  3. Leopard jumper, RED Valentino
  4. iPad cover, Dolce & Gabbana
  5. Kitty flats, Charlotte Olympia
  6. Spotted dress, Giambattista Valli
  7. Cat scarf, Victoria Beckham
  8. Cat-eye sunglasses, Gucci
  9. Leopard shoulder bag, Lanvin
  10. Leopard gloves, Causse Gantier
  11. Panther necklace, Andres Gallardo
  12. Leopard pumps, Charlotte Olympia

steal cat

  1. Cat beanie, Urban Outfitters
  2. Cat gold ring, Asos
  3. Nail polish selection, Essie
  4. Cat covers, Modcloth & J. Crew
  5. Leopard bangle, J. Crew
  6. Skater dress, Topshop
  7. Cat-eye sunglasses, Asos
  8. Cat sweatshirt, Romwe
  9. Cat-eye makeup kit, Too Faced
  10. Cat mug, Modcloth
  11. Cat hot water bottle, Selfridges
  12. Leopard pumps, Zara

That’s it for today and it’s finally Friday! Ready to hit the shops this weekend? Check out the other lists in case you haven’t seen them yet.

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources:  Zara, My Theresa, Selfridges, Polyvore, Topshop, Net-a-porter

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site


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