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6 responses to “Reach ME

  1. Marithe Galindo

    Ana Sof: Que padre todo lo que le escribes a tu mamá. Está super increíble, y los dibujos ni se diga, de primera. Te amo y me siento feliz de ver tanto talento.

  2. tere rodriguez

    Ana Sofi: me da muchisimo gust ver todo esto de ti,
    Ojala que a tu regreso podamos vernos y por ahora seuir en contacto…. sigue adelante!!!!!!!!!!! no te detengas…..solo cuando necesites tomar fuerzas para llegar a una meta mas. Te abrazo con cariño.

    • anasofiaag

      Tere, muchisimas gracias por tus palabras y por los ánimos! Me dio mucha alegría ver tu comentario. Te mando un abrazo.

  3. Kayla

    Hai. Can I know what is it like to study fashion designing? I am having difficulty making decisions. Thanks. Btw i LOVE your blog.

    • anasofiaag

      Hi Kayla! Thanks for the compliment! Fashion Design is a beautiful career. I was first studying law and I changed to Fashion Design, I can tell you it has been the best decision ever. I had some trouble with the sewing and pattern part but overall it was a great experience! I learned to take advantage of my abilities and to exploit my creativity. You are really talented, I just saw your Chictopia profile, take it to the next level!

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