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Little Miss Bikini


It’s that time of the year again… I spend the entire year longing for July! Why? Because of Summer, warm weather, beach getaways, darker skin, fun nights and colorful swimwear. Need I say more? For Sweet n’raw, Summer means one thing, it’s time for our Bikini special. Every July, for three years in a row, I have been putting together different styles, looks and trends for you to try out when hitting the beach or the pool (I’m more of a pool person). This year, even though I’m a little behind on my posting, I’m ready to give you some Summer fashion you will never forget along with some fun, bright and season illustrations. Are you ready?

We love Summer, because in the Summer skin gets darker, hair gets lighter, music gets louder, water gets warmer, nights get longer, life gets better.


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The Off-duty White Dress

off-dutyI have been a big fan of mixing and matching for a  long time. I can’t even remember when it started but I like constructing my looks with many pieces, patterns and prints. I don’t find the thought of wearing a dress as a whole outfit very inspiring, in fact, I haven’t been wearing them for a while (except on weddings, if I could wear dressy shorts to a wedding and not look completely out of place, I would). But when Summer hits town, it’s a different story.  The Summer air makes me want to wear flowy and lightweight (so light they almost look sheer) dresses. The thought of me in a cotton, off-white mini number with a pair of gladiator flats and a camel-colored shoulder bag makes me want to go and wear that right now (even if it’s gray, cold and pouring outside).

The off-duty white dress is not a S/S 2014 trend, it’s a classic, a seasonal must-have, and a lifesaver. It’s a perfect garment when it comes to transforming your outfit from day to night. You can wear it as beach cover-up, as a casual day look for running errands (add some cute sandals, a tote and a pair of sunnies) and with some wedges or lace-up neutral sandals and boho jewelry, you can pull-off the perfect beach soiree or party outfit in a jiffy!

offdutyselThe great thing about this classic? You can find them in every store, in every style, length and fabric. Me? I prefer mine with textures, broderie anglaise, embroidery, lace and even crochet. The more details, the merrier the dress!

Got yours already?



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DREAM A LITTLE DREAM: Little house in Provence

provence96.1Sophie (the paper version of myself) has many dreams. Some (or most) of her dreams have something to do with France: The Paris apartment, the 2.55 (and the Birkin, and the Antigona, and the YSL Cabas), freshly baked baguettes (who needs Croissant when you can have a whole thin loaf of French bread… every day),  a life of market hopping, cafe hopping and wine bar hopping and the list goes on. In that francophile bucket list, there is one dream in particular. One dream Sophie (and me) have been feeding with movies and books about ex-pats in France (We have read almost every memoir available on Amazon) for a long time: A Summer (or every Summer) in Provence. The quiet life seems so appealing when you live in one of the most hectic (but always charming) cities in the world. The plan?

Pack a bag with sundresses, shorts, books, paper and art supply.

Grab the dog and leave for a month, maybe more.

Rent a car (even tough we don’t do highway driving) and a little house (with Wi-fi).

Do some gardening (even though we are terrified of insects).

Buy countless cases of wine and fresh bread.

Drink the wine (we are really good at that).

Eat the bread (while it’s hot).

Enjoy the view, enjoy ourselves.

This, my friends, tops our bucket list. What tops yours?

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site


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Good Morning from my gorgeous Mexico City! After almost 20 hours (airplane, stops, gates), I’m finally home with my family. My Summer just began and I couldn’t be happier, not only because for two months I won’t have to make my bed, do my laundry or wash one dish, but also because let’s face it, Mexico is the most, wait for it… awesome country in the world (yes, I’ve been watching How I met your Mother re-runs). In three days I will be heading out to my little piece of heaven called Acapulco (my skin is in serious roasting need) and then, wait for it… NYC, the second most awesome city in the world (hey, I’m a proud Mexican). Let the July games begin!

Desde México, sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis (except sombrero)

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site

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NAIL FILES: It’s Getting Hot in Here…

Summer is on and hotter than ever. The beach is the place to be right now. Picture yourself in a stunning and flashy bikini, your best sandals, a sheer and chic coverup, your classic Ray Ban aviators, holding a giant Mojito. What could be missing in this fabulous equation? The perfect mani-pedi. And since Summer is a synonym for fun, let your paws look like a beach ball! Bright colors and a killer tan are a match made in heaven. Wearing a hot pink tank top over your perfectly roasted skin (alway wear sunscreen) will always make you pop, and will make a lot of heads turn. So with your nails, same effect. Plus, bright hues are always much more fun and happy than a classic beige (leave that for a wedding) or the too serious crimson (leave that for a work meeting). Here at Sweet’n’Raw, we took the task upon ourselves to find the best nail colors of the Summer. So here they are:


  • Come to Poppy, OPI
  • Collide, Ilamasqua
  • Super Bossa Nova, Essie
  • Steamy, MAC
  • Rare, Ilamasqua
  • Lightening, Sally Hansen
  • Yellow Brick Road, Deborah Lippman
  • La Laque Surreal Yellow, YSL
  • Braziliant, Essie
  • A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find, OPI
  • Gamma, Ilamasqua
  • Lara’s Theme, Deborah Lippman (with Lara Stone)
  • La Laque in Utopian Turquoise, YSL
  • Sephora by OPI
  • Bermuda, Forever 21
  • Neon Blue, American Apparel
  • Lickety-split Lime, Sally Hansen
  • Radium, Ilamasqua
  • Gargantuan Green Grape, OPI
  • Neon Green, American Apparel
Sexy, fun and flirty fingers & toes, for a sexy, fun and flirty kind of girl!
From the lovely beach and hoping you are having a Summer blast,
Sweet kisses…
Illustration: Ana Sofia Alanis Background: unknown


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In your closet: SHORTS

Summer is officially here! Hello sun, hello tan, hellooo legs! And what better way to show off our perfect pins than with a gorgeous pair of trendy shorts! This type of garment is a personal favorite, not only are they cute and sexy, but they let you go shorter than a skirt, which elongates your limbs (always remeber that your cheeks must be safely concealed inside, not hanging out there for the whole world to see). Many years ago, designers and retailers were paying more attention to the skirt, the shorts department was a bit limited. But nowadays, shorts are the new skirt. Ruffles, sequins, leather, silk, polka dots, prints, knit and lace. I could go on like this forever! The possibilities are endless and shorts are fun! So here for you, my selection of the ones every girl must have inside her closet for the current season.


  • THE DENIM CUT-OFFS: Oh remeber Jessica Simpson’s long gone glory days? I still drool whenever I see her dancing to “These Boots Are Made for Walking” in her teeny tiny pair of Daisy Dukes! This style is perfect for pulling off a casual and sexy look. Wether you choose to wear them with a tank top and sandals, or with a t-shirt and boots (I adore how they look with a pair of Minnetonka boots), these bottoms have a perfect cut and a fitting form. They can be found in lots of different hues, but you should absolutely have them in blue denim, key pieces in your wardrobe and total life savers! WHERE TO FIND THEM: ASOS
  • PASTEL PERFECT: Spring loves pastel, Summer does too. Now even Autumn and Winter and so must you! I know I do (just take a look at my blog). So choose a color (mint, pastel blue, lilac, baby pink), pick your shape (tailored, pleated, fitted, etc) and have fun mixing them up with your favorite garments. You can go with heels and a cute top for a dressier look. For a day at the beach, a retro, printed, bikini top. Or you can put together different pieces, all in pastel hues, I like to call that “the Ladurée effect”. WHERE TO FIND THEM: TOPSHOP
  • CUTE CROCHET: This screams Coachella, or any other hip music festival! And although I consider myself a “modern music ignorant”, I would love to pair this up with a fabulous tank, a pair of worn out boots and my Ray Ban aviators to go sip beer in a open field while listening to amazing music (probably unknown for me).  They also make great beach cover-ups, fun and flirty. Note: when you can’t see through the holes, you can wear them anytime, when you can actually see the panties, save those for the beach only. Remeber the cheek rule I mentioned above? WHERE TO GET THEM: TOPSHOP


  • STARS AND STRIPES: Move over British flag, USA is here to stay. Before, one would’ve thought it was tacky, today it’s a big trend. And one I am embracing gladly. I have seen the jackets, the washed-up t-shirts, but when I saw the shorts, it was love at first sight. If you wish to sport this trend, look for denim printed ones, boyfriend shorts will do. Stay away from vinyl hot pants, you are not Wonder Woman, you are not a female wrestler and you are not a stripper. One more thing, never, never wear a stars and stripes bikini, you are not a Hawaiian Tropic Contestant and there’s only one Coco (Ice-T’s “classy”wife). WHERE TO GET THEM: TOPSHOP
  • LACEY LOVE: Romantic, cute, and frilled perfection. I got mine high-waisted, but there’s also tiered, and tailored. Lace shorts are so IN right now. I can just imagine myself wearing them with a blush top and a pair of Valentino’s pointed kitten heels with studs. Hello romance with a touch of punk! WHERE TO GET THEM: RIVER ISLAND
  • RUNNING WITH HEELS: The running shorts are no more an “only for the gym” item. And in a very Salvatore Ferragamo S/S 2011 Ad Campaign fashion, they are now part of our everyday wear. No I am not telling you to take out your Nike ones and pair them with a button down. But retailers everywhere (I got mine at H&M for 9 Euros) are making their own streetwear versions. It would’ve seemed unthinkable before, but hey, in Fashion everything’s possible. You don’t have to run in your heels, but you can wear running shorts with them. WHERE TO GET THEM: TOPSHOP
  • SEARED SCALLOPS? No we are not talking mollusks. We are talking about one of the latest trends in bottoms. The scalloped hem. A different and also very graceful finish for a garment. One I consider to give a more sophisitcated and elegant air to the outfit. You can often find this type of hem in high-waisted and tailored shorts. Great for button-downs and detailed tops. WHERE TO GET THEM: TOPSHOP
  • PLEATED PLEASE: Almost like a skirt, but as flirty as a skirt. This type of shorts can very well be described as a culotte. They give an A-line effect and have big front pleats. This style is very figure flattering. You can find them made out of printed fabrics. I have them with flowers, and polka dots, and more flowers and more polka dots! WHERE TO GET THEM: TOPSHOP
  • PAPER-BAG ME: This lovely effect is literally what happens when you close up a brown bag with a ribbon. Pleated in the front and in the back and held together with a waistband, this shorts are among the most coveted items this season. Every store has them, in every color, in different lenghts, made out of different materials. Be careful when buying yours, because often, if the fit is wrong, you can end up with an aspirin looking bum. WHERE TO GET THEM: TOPSHOP
  • DISCO DIVA: What’s not to love about sequins. Every girl loves to be the shiny disco ball (ok ball can be offensive, let’s call it Shiny Disco Hourglass, never seen one of those before). Sequins attract attention and turn heads in our directions. And when you pair them up with a tight pair of hot pants, now that’s pure dynamite! Mix it with a sober top with more coverage. We want to avoide the whole street walker, lady of the night look. WHERE TO GET THEM: ASOS
  • FLOWER POWER: If you haven’t got them yet, you can’t say I didn’t mention it before. I got proof… WHERE TO GET THEM: TOPSHOP
  • LEATHER SHORTS: In this case it’s the opposite. Fall and Winter loved leather, now Spring and Summer do to! Wether you go rock or punk or you pair them with soft garments and lightweight fabrics, leather is one very nice way to go! WHERE TO GET THEM: RIVER ISLAND
So there you have it, my shorts selection! And remeber ladies, July is about to start. And what does that mean? BIG FAT SALES!!!!! Now you don’t have an excuse to go get them all!
Sweet kisses…


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Oh sweet readers, as you and me know, bikini season is just around the corner. This means we are getting ready to let the sun kiss our skin, take a plunge in the sea (or the pool, I am not a beach person) and flaunt our fabulous figures (those long hours of body pump better start to show in me) in teeny tiny pieces of fabric we like to call the bikini. And even though every woman’s body is sexy in their own way, there are a few things that no woman can get away with, not in a bikini, not ever.


A bikini is not lik a pair of jeans or a top, that with a little effort and a lot of pulling can fit. Yes, I am aware it is an elastic piece of clothing, and even though we can get our assets inside a smaller top or squeeze into those bottoms, the truth is they are most likely to spill out for everyone to see. A swimsuit is already, by itself, sexy. A tighter one will not make you sexier, but cheap. Think Ice-T’s wife, Coco. There are a chosen few who don’t suffer of common problems such as the dreadful “Love Handles”, but with the right kind of bottoms you can surely conceal them (a post of swimwear for every body type will be coming up soon).  And for all of us busty ladies, we need to be extra careful. I love how my cleavage looks in a bikini top. But I am also well aware of the fact that if the fitting is not perfect, I might end up sporting some underboob cleavage. So try on bikinis, try on thousands of them until you find the perfect style, the one that compliments your figure. A tip, go to stores where you can buy the top and bottom separately, that way you won’t have to stick to one size for both parts.


Every woman is self- conscious about a part of her body, it’s not that cool but it’s part of being a girl. Guys also have problems in that department, you’ll be surprised how many are out there hating on their beer tummies, receding hairlines and man boobs. For chicks it’s often the thighs. It’s okay if you want to cover up. But no need to wear the abominable “swimsuit that looks like a dress”. There’s nothing wrong with some flirty ruffles, or a cute sarong. But a full skirt? Oh no, this is offensive, even if worn by a granny. With all retailers offering all kinds of beach cover-ups (playsuits, shift dresses, shirt dresses, sarongs, you name it), the only place acceptable for the skirt-suit is the trash can, or your chimney.


We all love monokinis. Even though tanlines are often an issue, they are sexy, they are trendy, and they enhance hourglass figures like no ordinary two-pice can. But there are times when the one piece can be taken to far, to a far away land called stripperville. Beware of this kind of swimwear, it doesn’t matter if you have Adriana Lima’s rocking body, you are never going to pull it off unless you are going for a “Hello I’m Candy and I like to rock the pole” kind of look. Take this into consideration, if the boob exposure is too much, if your lady parts are hanging out there for everyone to indulge in, if you feel like guys are going to want to put some dollar bills on your hips, stay away! I wish someone told this to Toni Terry, a mother of two, who recently commited this sin.

Sin no. 4: BEJEWELED

Oh the tackiness of body jewelry. It kind of makes my stomach cringe. There’s nothing wrong with a navel ring. But there is something wrong with navel rings that come with a chandelier attatched to them. If you want to show off your tummy, you are already doing it by wearing a bikini. Why would someone want to make a Christmas tree out of their belly by ornamenting it? And then there is the body chain, an artifact that one hangs around the neck and hips. The only difference between this and a dog leash, or an S&M collar is probably that the first is made out of gold and the last two with leather. Other than that, there is no difference.


Well I just can’t help it if Ice-T’s wife comes to mind again. Meet Coco, the queen of cheap and a thong master. And a clear example of what a woman must never do, must never wear and must never be. The thong bikini may be a normal thing in Brazil, where heavenly bodies fall from the sky every ten seconds, and may also be normal to Coco and other “rap guys girlfriends” (I couldn’t resist to use the “I like big butts and I cannot lie” intro phrase.Oh Coco you bring out the worst in me!). But for the rest of us, we should keep our cheeks well protected from the sun, the lustful, male stares or other women’s snotty remarks. There’s no need to put that much of yourself out there, plus if sand gets everywhere when wearing normal bottoms, I can’t even begin to think where the sand can end up when wearing a “tanga” (spanish for thong). So if you like to show a bit of cheek, or like me, have a small backside and the normal cut bottom looks like a granny diaper, buy Brazilian briefs, less coverage, but not total butt exposure.

Sin no. 6: PEEK-A-BOOB (and some pubes)

You go out shopping for a perfect to piece, and there it is. A gorgeous bikini and it costs only $4.99! Ladies, there is a reason it costs that little. And before having to find out by yourself, along with 40 witnesses at the local pool, after a dive, take into consideration that because of the quality of the fabric, there is a possibility that when you walk out of the water, your nipple-areola combo may be hanging out. And your top, which was white when dry, is now wet, and sheer. So if you are buying low-cost swimwear, be sure to always buy it in a dark color. And when buying a white one (no matter the cost) always test if before going public, you don’t want to flash the entire world.

Now that we have cleared that out, let’s address another womanly issue. Waxing. May be painful, may be uncomfortable, but it is totally worth it. So everytime you are about to hit the beach, make your appointments, or DIY. Never wear a bikini without grooming down there. People may enjoy looking at bushes, those that have green leaves on them, not yours!

Sin no. 7: AQUAHEELS?

I consider myself a heel lover, I love my heels. If I could sleep in heels, I would. But I don’t, because I know that there are times where heels are uncalled for. You can’t sleep in them, you can’t workout in them, you can’t shower in them, and last but not least, you can’t go to the beach in them. It is physically impossible to walk in the sand, they cannot get wet (the ugly ass aqua shoes were invented for that sole purpose). So why do some women around the globe do it? Whatever their purpose is, the results are two, tackiness and probably a sprained ankle.

Usually where you find heels, you’ll also find a woman wearing plasters of makeup and some big ass earrings. That is even worse.

Now you know it! Don’t be a sinner, be a winner (stylewise)

Sweet kisses…..

All illustrations by Ana Sofia Alanis
This article is my personal opinion, not intended to offend anyone.


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