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I’ve been doing the character doodle thing for a while know, I’ve done Coco Chanel, Marie Antoinette, Holly Golightly and many more. And then it dawned on me, if I’m a character (a very complex character), why not do a doodle print about little Sophie?

So first I drew myself, my “after the curling iron” self. My “after the shower” hair is messier, curlier and a little bit hectic (but the rack is real, I do have those boobs). I chose the color palette, now that was a no-brainer: powder pink & blush pink forever. About my choice of accessories, I have a thing for toe-caps, pointy pumps with NO PLATFORM, all kinds of shoes (with no platform) as long as there’s animal print involved and shoulder bags in neutral tones. I love pink lips (not flashy and hot but pastel and natural), Agent Provocateur and white wine. I would say macarons are my third favorite dessert, cookie dough is my first but it’s not that pretty to draw or look at. Last but not least, I have a serious obsession, bunny slippers. I’ve never owned a pair, I’ve never found a pair, but as soon as I do, I’m not planning on taking those off.

So there you go, Sophie’s doodles, Sophie’s all-time favorite shit, Sophie’s very pink and powdery world. You likey?



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United States of Sophie: THE SHOWGIRL

showgirlCreativity works in mysterious ways. Sometimes when you need her the most (and I call it a her because I can actually imagine a little she demon working the magic inside my head), she is just nowhere to be found. And then, when you least expect it, while drawing something simple, it hits you like punch (a good one, that is). That’s exactly what happened with this little Vegas creature, she was supposed to be part of a trend report and she ended up getting her own post and inspiring me to create whole new section: The United States of Sophie

You have already met Shallow Soph, Sophie, the Dreamer and even Sophie, the doodle. Now it’s time for you to meet another side of this colorful character, the Sophie that likes to play dress-up:

“Her name was Sophie, she was a showgirl”.

Have a great day,


Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site

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