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The B is Back!


Sweet n’raw has been happening for a while now and this is the first time since I opened the blog, that I have gone without posting this long. Since March 2011, I have been constantly publishing articles about fashion, about style and of course, my greatest passion of them all, illustration. I have tried out different sections, discarded some, came up with new ones. I have changed the layout countless times. I have reviewed fashion shows and illustrated trends. And while I have been doing all this, I have been growing, both personally and professionally.

You know how people talk about the seven year itch when it comes to marriage? I started having the three year itch when it came to blogging.  My posts were starting to lack that “je ne sais quois” I was always so proud about. Everything began to feel a tad repetitive. I didn’t have the same amount of time I had before when it came to putting together elaborate trend guides or my infamous Fashion Week coverage. I found myself struggling to find inspiration, something had taken Sophie’s groove and refused to give it back.

I also started developing a separate project, my second baby (I can’t tell you about my precious just yet), and juggling both things became impossible. I had to make a decision, renovate or die. And naturally, I wasn’t gonna let three years of work go down the drain. I needed to find a way to put a new spin on Sweet n’raw. It took almost two months but I finally managed to come up with a fresh concept and a much simpler one. Yes, I will still be talking about trends, style, fashion and runways, but in a less serious and critical way. And yes, there will still be illustration, the blog would be lost without it.

I am armed and ready with new sections, new posts, new fashion, new colors and new everything! I hope you like this extreme makeover, I kinda like it a lot!

Have a great week,


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