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Another year, another candle’s burning…

make a wish

It’s that day of the year again, the day where I age and everyone congratulates me for it. The Peter Pan in me doesn’t like it and apparently, neither does the weather: It’s pouring outside and it’s really, really cold on what should’ve been a beautiful Spring day. But me, I have learned to love it. Hold on, I love my birthday, the aging part not so much. I know I’ll age someday and I’ll do it gracefully… with botox and fillers on my side.

This past year I have made mistakes, I have lived, I have loved and will keep on loving, I’ve had rough patches, I’ve had great days, I’ve found myself and my true calling and even though it wasn’t a stellar year, I’ve learned, I’ve learned a lot. I start this new one with a smile on my face, a glass of wine (or several bottles), an obscene pasta bowl and a big-ass slice of cake, with a blank and shiny page in the book of my life. Today I start a new chapter, a beautiful one.

So raise your glasses with me (imagine one if don’t have one) and let’s toast, to birthdays and new beginnings. To family and love. Don’t worry forehead, we won’t be toasting to botox and fillers just yet!

And to my mommy, if you are reading this, here’s to you, my rock and the one beautiful thing that has kept me afloat.

Happy birthday and sweet kisses to me!



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