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HAPPY 3rd!


Three years ago, while living in the lovely city of Milan, I decided to take a jump. It was a jump I had been wanting to take for a while but somehow kept putting it off and off and off: opening my own blog. Thirty six months ago, after much thinking, I published my first blog post. 1095 days have gone by and Sweet n’raw is still here and keeps growing and growing. It has been an evolution, not only when it comes to content (I have killed many of the sections I used to do and created new ones) and blog design, my illustration is completely different (it now has a signature of its own), my writing has evolved and I, the author and brains behind Sweet n’raw, have changed a lot.

What hasn’t changed is Sweet n’raw’s philosophy, I’m happy to say that we have stayed true to ourselves, the blog and yours truly. We curate meticulously every detail, every trace, every word. We publish only when we have quality material ready, it’s not only about generating more traffic, it’s about offering our visitors what they are used to getting from us. We cherish every single one of our readers. We celebrate each time we get a new like on the FB fan page (we also think buying likes and followers is extremely sad). We are not interested in going viral if it’s not for the right reasons and we are definitely not sell-outs who settle.

After this obnoxious, self-praising and righteous monologue comes the most important part, the thank yous. And in the form of an award ceremony speech (that was self-absorbed, I just gave myself an imaginary award), I want to thank the people who read me, who like my posts and the ones who take the time to write the most beautiful and encouraging comments (my Aunt Marité especially, my most avid and precious commentator). To the city of Milan, we loved each other without question and even though we knew our affair wouldn’t last forever, but it changed us (the “you can never go back to way things were” kind of change) and we will remember it for the rest of our lives. To the people who inspire me everyday, you know who you are, you are not that many (I’m a little picky when it comes to sharing my love). And to my mom, my greatest blessing and the most skilled to ever walk this Earth, everything I am I owe to you (the good part of me at least).

Happy 3rd B-day Sweet n’raw! Let the cake and the champagne come our way (well, not the cake, we are kind of cutting down on carbs at the moment).

Wishing you a great week,




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