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fallIt’s been a while, my dear readers, almost three months. After almost four years of blogging, I have now learned that it’s ok to question your posts, to wonder if they have become too repetitive or too boring. It’s ok to take some time to think, to have massive brainstorming sessions and conversations with your troubled and somewhat confused brain, to think about quitting without really having the intention to do so, to sit, breathe and regroup, to get ready and start doing it all over again. When I started Sweet n’raw, it was the only project I had going on in my life. Then came the freelancing and while that was happening (still is) my second baby started taking form. That baby is about to hatch from an egg I’ve been brooding like the hell of a nurturing mother hen that I am (that nurturing quality of mine is reserved to projects and puppies… Little persons, not so much).

My second project, which will be revealed soon enough, also made it hard for me to juggle the blog and my upcoming project. I couldn’t quite figure out how to separate one from the other until I understood that it wasn’t about separating, it was all about combining and that’s exactly what I did. I am armed and ready to start with the new and improved Sweet n’raw. That’s why I wanted to to kick things off with one of my favorite quotes of all-time, a quote about new beginnings, about chances, about Fall. From the talented Mr. Scott Fitzgerald:

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall”.

And since today marks the first day of Fall, let’s start fresh, let’s start all over again. Welcome back my sweet readers, it’s always a pleasure to draw and publish only for you!



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Harper’s Bazaar’s new IT girl?

Move over Karlie Kloss, suck it Arizona Muse. There’s a new model in town. And no, it’s not this month’s covergirl Anne Hathaway. Featured inside the magazine sporting next season’s most coveted accessories, she’s fabulous, she’s fierce and she’s also blue. Hello Smurfette! With her movie coming out this summer, is her turn for the spotlight. Harper’s Bazaar dedicated a 4 page spread to the blueish blonde. Wearing Marc, Vuitton, Dolce and Lanvin, she is a sight for sore eyes.Marvelous in Marc: Looking cute and sassy in polka dots, thanks to the man himself, Marc Jacobs.

Luscious in LV: If looks could kill, they would probably be wearing this Louis Vuitton boots.

Lady wears Lanvin: She owns the hat, she owns the gloves, she owns the whole look!

Dolce Delight: Somewhere around the globe, there is one jealous Anna dello Russo.

Like the teaser said, the world’s about to get Smurf’d. Don’t be surprised if Smurf Papa is next on GQ or Gragamel in well…. Gothic Magazine?

I promise a big post tomorrow, with all the packing frenzy (I’m leaving in two days for my beloved Mexico) I haven’t had much time!

Sweet kisses…

Photos: Harper’s Bazaar

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