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Enjoy your own company…


I agree, the process of getting ready and all dolled-up for a weekend night out is fun, exciting and even more fun when a glass of wine or several glasses are involved. But every once in a while, and I made a ritual out of this while living in Milan, a night by yourself, in your pajamas is all you need. Life goes on at a crazy pace, so every now and then, our bodies and minds need a breather.

My breather involves a good book (The Game of Thrones series is now inside my Kindle), a good movie or series (nothing dark, something funny or romantic), a bottle (okay, two bottles) of Cabernet (or Merlot, or Malbec but not Shiraz, I hate Shiraz), a bowl of pasta (it’s tastier than pizza and it makes you feel less of a pig after the pigout), a box of Mr. Stanley’s classic fudge (my drug and a potential drug for you if you haven’t tried it) and a big-ass slice of carrot cake. The next day? That’s when the cucumber/mint/lemon detox begins.

Fan of enjoying your own company every once in a while? If not, you should try it sometime!

Have a lovely weekend folks!



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DREAM A LITTLE DREAM: Little house in Provence

provence96.1Sophie (the paper version of myself) has many dreams. Some (or most) of her dreams have something to do with France: The Paris apartment, the 2.55 (and the Birkin, and the Antigona, and the YSL Cabas), freshly baked baguettes (who needs Croissant when you can have a whole thin loaf of French bread… every day),  a life of market hopping, cafe hopping and wine bar hopping and the list goes on. In that francophile bucket list, there is one dream in particular. One dream Sophie (and me) have been feeding with movies and books about ex-pats in France (We have read almost every memoir available on Amazon) for a long time: A Summer (or every Summer) in Provence. The quiet life seems so appealing when you live in one of the most hectic (but always charming) cities in the world. The plan?

Pack a bag with sundresses, shorts, books, paper and art supply.

Grab the dog and leave for a month, maybe more.

Rent a car (even tough we don’t do highway driving) and a little house (with Wi-fi).

Do some gardening (even though we are terrified of insects).

Buy countless cases of wine and fresh bread.

Drink the wine (we are really good at that).

Eat the bread (while it’s hot).

Enjoy the view, enjoy ourselves.

This, my friends, tops our bucket list. What tops yours?

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site


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Nail Files: NAKED


It’s finally Friday and the first day of Summer (I am ignoring the storm outside the window) , it really doesn’t get better than this! To celebrate it, I have some Nail Files for you! Last one was all about the different shades of pink, this one is just the opposite: naked nails are this season’s hottest trend. Almost every designer had their models sport neutral nails on the runway on the Spring/Summer catwalks. And while you might think: “Oh, how boring!”, milky shades are clean, fun and guess what? They make nails appear longer than they are. You don’t like the classic French manicure shade? There’s mocha, there’s caramel, there’s even latte. Don’t nag and don’t neglect until you have experienced some perfectly painted, ivory nails. I’ve put together some of the prettiest shades out there, so if you are ready, let’s start!


I wanted to make thing a bit different so I made a chart first, now I will introduce each shade with names and brands. Hope you like it this way!



  • Scorch, Illamasqua
  • How Many Carats, Sephora by OPI
  • Cream Tea, Butter London
  • Pearl Drop, Chanel Le Vernis
  • Beige Milk, Kure Bazaar



  • Miss Porcelaine, Lancome
  • Cuppa, Butter London
  • I need space, Sephora by OPI
  • Brooch the subject, Essie
  • Corso 22, Kure Bazaar



  • Nude Shot, Sephora Collection
  • Monogamous, Illamasqua
  • Give Peach a Chance, Sephora by OPI
  • Lingerie, Guerlain
  • Charnelle, Dior Vernis



  • Purity, Illamasqua
  • A Crewed Interest, Essie
  • Malaysian Mist, OPI
  • Peche Nacree, Chanel Le Vernis
  • Pink Porcelain, Dior Vernis



  • Quiet Time, MAC
  • Sand Tropez, Essie
  • Did y’ear about Van Gogh?, OPI
  • Diabolique, Estee Lauder
  • Roza, Bobbi Brown



  • Safari Beige, Dior Vernis
  • La Petite Robe Noire, Guerlain
  • Glamour Purse, Essie
  • Caramel, Dolce & Gabbana
  • Quartz, Chanel Le Vernis



  • Bath of Campagne, ANNY
  • Bumster, Butter London
  • Neutral Beauty, Sephora by OPI
  • Bittersweet, Estee Lauder
  • Beige, Chanel Le Vernis



  • Heather Blush, Scotch Minerals
  • Mucho Dinero, Essie
  • Leotard Optional, Sephora by OPI
  • Dusty Rose, Pierre Hardy for NARS
  • Sienna, Dior Vernis

That’s it for today! Let the Summer games begin!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources:  Selfridges, Sephora, Dior, Chanel, Essie

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site


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Darling, I didn’t say Cadbury….


I said Fabergé

Happy Easter y’all!


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SPRING 2013 TRENDS: Palate Cleansers

PALATE COVERAlmost Friday, my sweet readers! Spring is almost here (at least that’s what I keep telling myself, the hope of Spring helps me bear this cold and cruel weather) and with it, new trends, new styles and new items to buy for our seasonal wardrobe. I know, the Zara coats and boots on sale are tempting, but you ought to start thinking about the coming season (also my favorite of them all). We long for sunny days, where a lightweight jacket is all you need, where our legs are not concealed inside a sticky pair of stockings. We long for days where our bare arms and legs can run wild and free (mine will definitely be pasty, Casper pasty). We long for Spring, we need it, we want it and we want it NOW! But since we can’t mess with the seasons and global warming, we can start by taking all that Spring fashion in while we wait for flowers to bloom and for those trees to grow back their leaves.

Last post was all about optical illusion, about a strong and head-turning trend: the stripes. It’s only fair that now we take on its complete opposite: the palate cleansers. Fall 2012 was all about baroque, strong prints (they are still around, thank God), textures and bold colors. For Spring and to detox a bit from all the madness, designers have given us the palate cleansers: neutral solids. Whether you put together a total look with these beautiful neutrals or use only one solid to tone down your outfit, you are going to be needing a lot of beige, blush and white in your life (at least this coming season).


  • Christopher Kane / Helmut Lang / Victoria Beckham
  • Theyskens’ Theory /Jill Stuart / Mulberry

THE MUST-HAVE PIECES: A white bomber, the bomber is the new biker (don’t dare disagree with this bomber lover). A clean and cute dress, LITTLE NUDE DRESS? Sign me in! a pair of nude flats, you’ll wear them out before the season’s over. Last but not least, a wide range of button-downs: baby pink, white, cream, eggshell, blush, beige (you can never have enough of this babies).

Below you’ll find a steal/splurge selection of gorgeous palate cleansers! Keep on scrolling!


  1. Blouse, The Row
  2. Shorts, Pinko
  3. Jacket, Maiyet
  4. Skirt, Alexander McQueen
  5. Dress, Theyskens’ Theory
  6. Sunglasses, Alexander Wang
  7. Pants, Vanessa Bruno
  8. Oxford shoes, Robert Clergerie
  9. Bag, Proenza Schouler
  10. Heels, Alexander Wang


  1. Jumper, Romwe
  2. Blouse, Romwe
  3. Jeans, River Island
  4. Skirt, Topshop
  5. Sunglasses, ASOS
  6. Dress, Forever New
  7. Flat shoes, Zara
  8. Heels, Topshop
  9. Satchel, ASOS
  10. Bomber, Romwe

Liking the Spring trends so far? I still have a bunch more in the oven for you so you have to keep checking back with me!

Happy Thursday,

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources:  Net-a-porter, Style.com, Topshop, Polyvore, Farfetch, River Island, Target

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site

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SWEET TROUBLE: Pink gets me high as a kite…

When it comes to pink nail polish, I admit it, I am a compulsive shopper. But I am not the cheese who stands alone in this one, I know that for sure (my sister is to nail polish, what Berlusconi is to Viagra).

How many times have you had to explain le boyfriend that the pink Dior is creamier than the Chanel one (even though they look almost the same) and that’s why you need them both.

How many times have you stood before the impressive nail polish line-up at drugstore aisle, trying to decide between barbie pink, candy pink or mauve. After a 30 minute deliberation (the security guard walking around you, eyeing you suspiciously, as a potential shoplifter means you’ve been in there for too long) you decide to take them all along with that neon pink that just caught your eye (even though you promised you would only buy one).

You feel the need to gift yourself Tom Ford’s Private Blend Nail Lacquer set this Christmas (click HERE if you wish to see it, at the risk of feeling greedier than Gollum). You are willing to pay 400 pounds for the box, only if the sales lady agrees to substitute the 16 shades inside with 16 bottles of Indian Pink.

You get your Essie parcel at home, only to discover you bought 15 shades of pink and one coral.

Your Instagram account could easily be mistaken for an OPI catalogue (the pinks and roses section, of course).

Does pink get you high as a kite? Is pink your favorite crayon? Yes, I’m kinda quoting Aerosmith.

If the answer’s yes, I rest my case.

A girl can never have too many bottles of pink nail polish.

Sweet kisses…

Illustration: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site.

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