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Little Miss Bikini


It’s that time of the year again… I spend the entire year longing for July! Why? Because of Summer, warm weather, beach getaways, darker skin, fun nights and colorful swimwear. Need I say more? For Sweet n’raw, Summer means one thing, it’s time for our Bikini special. Every July, for three years in a row, I have been putting together different styles, looks and trends for you to try out when hitting the beach or the pool (I’m more of a pool person). This year, even though I’m a little behind on my posting, I’m ready to give you some Summer fashion you will never forget along with some fun, bright and season illustrations. Are you ready?

We love Summer, because in the Summer skin gets darker, hair gets lighter, music gets louder, water gets warmer, nights get longer, life gets better.


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HAPPY 3rd!


Three years ago, while living in the lovely city of Milan, I decided to take a jump. It was a jump I had been wanting to take for a while but somehow kept putting it off and off and off: opening my own blog. Thirty six months ago, after much thinking, I published my first blog post. 1095 days have gone by and Sweet n’raw is still here and keeps growing and growing. It has been an evolution, not only when it comes to content (I have killed many of the sections I used to do and created new ones) and blog design, my illustration is completely different (it now has a signature of its own), my writing has evolved and I, the author and brains behind Sweet n’raw, have changed a lot.

What hasn’t changed is Sweet n’raw’s philosophy, I’m happy to say that we have stayed true to ourselves, the blog and yours truly. We curate meticulously every detail, every trace, every word. We publish only when we have quality material ready, it’s not only about generating more traffic, it’s about offering our visitors what they are used to getting from us. We cherish every single one of our readers. We celebrate each time we get a new like on the FB fan page (we also think buying likes and followers is extremely sad). We are not interested in going viral if it’s not for the right reasons and we are definitely not sell-outs who settle.

After this obnoxious, self-praising and righteous monologue comes the most important part, the thank yous. And in the form of an award ceremony speech (that was self-absorbed, I just gave myself an imaginary award), I want to thank the people who read me, who like my posts and the ones who take the time to write the most beautiful and encouraging comments (my Aunt Marité especially, my most avid and precious commentator). To the city of Milan, we loved each other without question and even though we knew our affair wouldn’t last forever, but it changed us (the “you can never go back to way things were” kind of change) and we will remember it for the rest of our lives. To the people who inspire me everyday, you know who you are, you are not that many (I’m a little picky when it comes to sharing my love). And to my mom, my greatest blessing and the most skilled to ever walk this Earth, everything I am I owe to you (the good part of me at least).

Happy 3rd B-day Sweet n’raw! Let the cake and the champagne come our way (well, not the cake, we are kind of cutting down on carbs at the moment).

Wishing you a great week,



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January, one of the coldest and saddest months of the year (you know, the holiday season aftermath, when your bank statement is just sitting on the counter, unopened, waiting to choke you with debt), is finally over! And we are welcoming one of the loveliest months of the year, February. To be honest, my favorite month of the year has to be March. In March, we say hello to Spring and yours truly was born. A second favorite is definitely July. Why? Summer! Need I say more? And third in my list is February. Why? Because of my Rana’s birthday (my beautiful Schnauzer who makes life better, who can brighten up even the darkest day), Fashion Month (why of course), Valentine’s Day (not that I am a fan of this sappy holiday or that I really celebrate it, but it’s an excuse for stores to sell all kinds of pink and pretty things and an excuse for me to purchase them) and last but definitely not least, this baby’s third birthday. Yes, Sweet n’raw will be turning three years old on February 24th and I am truly proud and happy of what I’ve created so far. This three years have been a beautiful reminder of why I decided to start a blog and how much love I have for what I do.

So welcome February, I know you will be a good one!



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MFW COVERAGE: Closing Time

After four posts, we are done with Milano! This is the last one from MFW, for you today: Ferré, Cavalli, Versace and Armani. Shall we?


Talk about refreshing and beautiful. This collection was definitely a pleasant surprise and an unexpected move from designer duo, Stefano Citron and Federico Piaggi. With a dark color palette that included, bottle green, deep blue and black, they payed particular attention to construction. Shapes were architectural and beautiful and textures mixed with each other creating a harmonic clash. Ensembles were mostly monochromatic and volumes played a really important part. I think it’s safe to say this has been one of my favorite MFW collections, simply stellar!


A wild, wild mash-up from Roberto Cavalli and we are not surprised. The designer, well- known for his more is more philosophy, managed to make crocodile skin sparkly and shiny and brocade fun and bright. Cavalli took his silhouettes from one extreme to another, mini was everywhere, but so was maxi. Each look was unique and charged with details and textures but the show always had continuity and that free-spirited air.

Being the legend that he has worked to become, his model line-up was decisively strong (you know you are big when Naomi closes the show for you). His flowing gowns with wild prints were present, his gold ensembles were also there. Models sported long and straight tresses and dark, sexy eyes. What I enjoyed the most: that bohemian vibe and the way he managed to wild print on fur.


Armani has never been my cup of tea, but since he gave us some punchy colors for the season, to hell with it, I’ll review him. With the fedora as the main accessory on the runway, Giorgio Armani sent out his classic, tailored pieces paired up with bright colored fur, abstract prints and some knits. The shapes were sharp, the tailoring precise and the vibe was cool enough. A little out of his comfort zone but it does seem to work.


I think I’ll just keep my personal opinions to myself on this one. Let’s just state some facts: the mood was dark and gothic, colors went from power black to punchy shades of tangerine and lemon. Models wore cropped bangs. Lindsay Wixson (the model that stumbled on Donatella’s stellar Spring 2012 show) was the show closer.

Garments were embellished and embroidered.  As always, the final part of the show had some red carpet looks. The only thing I swooned for, the fishnet boots. I’ll try to keep the mermaids on the Spring collection in mind and forget about this one. Hey, there’s always next season.


Since Cavalli was part of today’s MFW line-up, how about some animal print. For this look I went with a pair of skin-tight, python leggings from Just Cavalli. For the top, a nude, asymmetrical top from Nasty Gal . Over it, a leather biker jacket in tan from ASOS. For the shoes, a Spring effect thanks to a pair of nude wedges from one of my current favorites, Bionda Castana.

For the bag, to keep it cool and laid-back, Marc Jacobs Cement messenger. For jewelry, a baroque pendant from Bijoux Heart, a ring trio from ASOS and a snake ring from. For the final touch, from the Daphne Guiness collection for MAC, Blueblood for your nails.

For all the details on today’s look, go to FASHIOLISTA.

It’s a wrap for MFW, tomorrow we start with Paris! Be sure to check back! Oh and very soon, giveaway announcement!!!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofía Alanis
Photos: style.com

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…

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MFW COVERAGE: Italian Big Shots

It’s Tuesday and I have for you some of Milan’s finest, I won’t make much of an introduction because they certainly do not need it. Today’s line-up: Ferragamo, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Marni and of course, Prada. Shall we?


The thing about Ferragamo is that it always delivers beautiful clothes that ooze elegance. For this collection, it was all about old-school army meets sexy chic. Massimiliano Giornetti took inspiration from the time of Russian Czars, but not only on the military side, but also on the elegance and femininity of the women of that era. The show consisted on a game of contrasts, sharp tailored coats, heavy knits, slouchy trousers with boots and on the other hand, sheer garments, delicate lace and romantic pieces.

The color palette always stayed on the neutral side (except for a retro blue and some hints of plum): earthy shades and black. The strongest trend patterns: texture parade, sheer romance, military-inspired, sharp tailoring and double-breasted coats. The accessories were so detailed and beautiful and the lace-up heels were just the icing on the cake. The key element for Sweet’n’Raw: the metallic pencil skirt with the plum, see-through blouse and the knotted chain belt, OH BOY!


Another Nature inspired collection from Italy, but this time with a more dramatic take. That’s what Fendi’s runway was all about for the coming season. Karl Lagerfeld’s overwhelming and detailed looks included colored fur (huge trend on MFW), PVC inserts, beautiful tailoring, asymmetrical and sharp shapes, texture combination and more. The strong garments are surely intended for a bold and aggressive woman, a fashion warrior. The double-toned ankle boots are definitely jaw-droppingly beautiful and all of the looks were paired up with dark colored tights.


Why do I love this duo so much? Because they are, like me, really allergic to minimalism. And also like me, they have a lace obsession. This collection was just what I hoped and expected, opulent, filled with baroque details and beautiful textures and fabrics. Always remaining close to their heritage (Italian Opera played on the background), Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana payed, once more, homage to their sensual muse: the Sicilian siren. A mix of tulle, delicate lace and brocade was displayed beautifully on the runway by some of the biggest names on the modelling world: their favorite girl, Bianca Balti, Russian bombshell Natasha Poly, rising star Cara Delevigne and ebony queen Joan Smalls.

They managed to sexify one of the season’s strongest trends, the volume. Capes played a major role on the runway, so did meticulous embroideries, the classic leopard print and lots of leg-flashing. Their signature bodysuits (my favorite part of their shows) were present, all decorated with colorful flowers or delicate ruffles. As always, their shoes were beyond pretty and that elaborate, baroque jewelry will be everywhere next season.


All eyes were on Marni due to the upcoming H&M collaboration. In a peachy runway, fly queen, Consuelo Castiglioni sent out the runway a color-blocking and tapestry texture display. Models wore everything with white tights (another trend for the season) and the cutest cross-over pumps my eyes have ever seen. Textures included fur and jacquard. Shapes were sharp and boxy, volume was present and so were beautiful and eye-catching prints. The collection, as all things Marni, had a retro touch and a vintage vibe to it.


Definitely the most expected show on MFW. After Miuccia Prada’s runway winning streak, the question was: “Will she be able to pull it off again?” The answer is yes. With a catwalk packed with graphic and retro prints, Signora Prada did it again. Her key element or star was a vest/cape hybrid we got to see on almost every look she sent out the runway. The color palette was a mix of black with some happy colours she used for her retro, geometric prints: purple, pink, orange and some red. Heavy embellishments played an important part on each ensemble.

Almost everything was cinched, almost everything was bejeweled. Don’t even get me started on the shoes, I am still getting over those fiery pumps from Spring and she now gives the world rubber-soled Mary-Janes. Overall, it was a simple and vibrant collection and one that will be snagging many magazine covers next fall, just as it’s happening right now with her Hot Rod collection.


Embracing the pastels all the way! For this look I chose a metallic, high-waisted skirt in lilac from ASOS. I tucked in a light green blouse with white collar and details from ZARA. For coverage and since MFW has such beautiful and sunny days, a white blazer with golden buttons from Nasty Gal. For an edge, bare leg show and the fabulous Jeffrey Campbell clear & silver booties.

For the accessories, a MISSONI classic knit clutch in pastels, a skull ring from TOPSHOP and an arm candy trio from ASOS: a spiked rainbow friendship bracelet, a plastic chained one and a Swarovski bangle. For your nails, add some Chanel Le Vernis in JUNE.

For all the details on today’s look, go to FASHIOLISTA.

Last post from MFW is coming up tomorrow and then we are off to the last destination: PARIGI! Keep checking back for all you need to know about Fashion Week.

Sweet kisses…

PS: Marni for H&M comes out in two days, remember to go and get in line early!

Illustrations: Ana Sofía Alanis
Photos: style.com

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…

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MFW COVERAGE: Raf Simons & the Final Bow

It’s a rainy and gloomy Monday here in Milan. One of those days you just wanna crawl into bed and watch the rain from inside, but since want is not the same thing as can, umbrella and rain boots are in order. Anyway, we are halfway through with our MFW posts and I am loving what italian designers sent out the runway last week. For you today, the always ethereal Alberta Ferretti, the emotional farewell from Raf Simmons at Jil Sander, the electric Blumarine runway and Pucci’s sensually drenched catwalk.


Alberta Ferretti has sure made a name for herself and a signature style. The delicate dresses with sheer inserts are now a classic in the designer’s runways. This time, the color palette was simple but beautiful: deep purple, royal blue, fuchsia and black. Almost every look showcased a midi length (IN for next season) and fur had that color twist we have been seeing everywhere. As always, the peek-a-boo factor played a major role AF’s catwalk. But her soft dresses were not the only thing worth mentioning, structured leather coats, embellished tops, tailored pant suits and that last ivory gown came together for a glamourous and sensual result.


Pucci equals sexy, and by looking at this season’s runway it couldn’t be more obvious. With a stellar model line-up, Peter Dundas showcased a collection where fur, sheer, leather, sharp tailoring and embellishments had the starring roles. The show started out with a total black, game of textures and the trademark maxi dress with classic Pucci print (darker style) all over. And then it was off to the brights: a beautiful powder blue came out the runway, along with s crisp white, nude, and even some bright orange on a furry and metallic number (one of the biggest trends here in Milan was definitely the shiny, foil texture).

Dundas knows how to do sexy and also evening, numerous gowns strutted the runway with cut-outs, embellishments, dangerous slits and even a sexy number with a tux jacket over it. The piece I am going bananas for: the nude look with the shiny, leather pants. For the accessories, classic pumps with a twist: jewels on them and for beauty, braids, lots of them.


The inspiration is as clear as water, Nature. And Angela Missoni’s Nature took the form of a beautiful and eye-catching mash-up. Each look was so detailed and unique that eyes just bounced back and forth, from one ensemble to the other. A collection so rich in color and texture: from green, to teal, to lava, to earthy shades and from fur, to the classic Missoni knits clash. Shapes included super tight trousers, structured, long coats, fur collars, mid-length dresses and the fabulous crossed shoulder wraps, which gave a special and beautiful touch. Accessorizing everything with pointy heels and boots, next season’s Missoni girl will be a Nature warrior in a concrete jungle.


This collection was the final bow for Raf Simons at Jil Sander and a perfect ending for his time as Creative Director for the brand. The show in two words: emotional and beautiful. For several seasons, Simons and his collections have always been on the top 5 (it all started with the color-blocking art from last Spring) and his closing act will definitely get him on that list again. His characteristic minimalism was the star of his collection, complemented with soft and pastel shades and a strong dose of femininity. The oversized and perfectly tailored pink coats stole our hearts from the start and his emotional bow at the en stole also a tear or two.

From start to finish, it was a complete delight. The elements: mid-length skirts paired up with soft, structured coats, ample, ladylike dresses with volume, satin silk and lingerie inspired garments, beautiful capes, metallic textures and that jumpsuit I dream of wearing one day. His ankle strap shoes were the perfect match to his dazzling clothes. I am eager to see if the woman herself, Jil Sander will be able to outdo Mr. Simons next season (it’s not gonna be easy Mrs. Sander), but what I am most excited about, finding out where Raf Simons is going after this because I, for sure, will be following.


Leave it to Anna Molinari to put on a fun, fly, chic and edgy fashion show. Opening your MFW with a display of five eye-catching, bright-colored fur numbers is a bold choice but one that can guarantee the audience’s complete attention (throw Iza Goulart into that mix and you have hit the jackpot). This season’s collection oozed glamour, but not that old-school crap, wild glamour as I like to call it. Sequins, fur, metallic garments, the classic animal print fun, leg-flashing and even some evening wear that I would sure wear on a red carpet (I just pictured myself wearing the bright lime look while cameras shower me with flashes… Dream on girl, dream on) were just some of the elements that the Italian designer sent out her exciting and vibrating runway. Loved it, loved it, loved it! To Anna Molinari: Can all this praise get me the bright pink coat? I can do better if you’d like….


It’s always fun to add some colored tights to an ensemble and today, I mixed in knits and prints with some fab eggplant tights. I chose a grass green jumper from Rag & Bone. Underneath the sweater, a blouse from TOPSHOP with the collar peeking out to add some cuteness. For the bottom part, a pair of printed smart shorts from Zara (the print is beautiful). For leg coverage (summery shorts and wedges with leg flashing might have been a little too much), deep purple tights from Modcloth to contrast with the print. For more edge, sky-high platforms from Nasty Gal (I love towering shoes).

For the bag, a classic beige tote from YSL to tone it down a bit. For accessories, a lace and vintage necklace from Modcloth (place it underneath the collar of the shirt) and the always pretty ARTY ring from YSL in grape. For the nails, a bright touch from Essie‘s new collection: NAVIGATE HER.

For all the details on today’s look, just click HERE.

Tomorrow I’ll have some Dolce and a touch of Versace so be sure to check back!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofía Alanis
Photos: style.com

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…

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MFW COVERAGE: Moschino’s girls just wanna have fun!

The first post from MFW is finally here (even though Paris is halfway through) and I couldn’t be happier! I always  love the Italian part of this fashion month, the designers always throw in that special pinch of glamour on the runways. The line-up is so stellar that picking shows to review is always a difficult task. For you today, Gucci’s sexy vixens, Bottega’s classy ladies, Versus and the underground and more. Without further ado, let’s start this reviewing mayhem!


Moschino’s shows are always about having fun looking good. From start to finish, they are delectable and this season was no exception. With a primary and basic color palette that included bright red, royal blue, pretty yellow and black, Rosella Jardini presented a cute, cute collection. Among the key elements was the skirt suit (this trend’s popularity keeps on growing and growing), military and double-breasted coats, my beloved pussybow blouses and feathers.

Signora Jardini paired everything up with leather cowboy hats, futuristic eyewear, platform sandals with a double button detail, patent leather booties and quilted bags. The show stealers: Miss Cara Delevigne, the show closer (and my favorite girl of the moment) and those two dressy numbers she wore on the runway. A lesson we always get from Moschino, don’t take life to seriously and learn to have fun!


Well talk about the unexpected with Francesco Scognamiglio’s Fall 2012 show. We were getting used to his dramatic, baroque and detailed creations when… Bam! He takes it down a couple of notches. It was a rather sober runway from what we usually see from this italian designer. Black, salmon, light gray and a beautiful metallic green was his color palette for the season. Textures and fabrics included leather, silk, wool and even some eel skin (used to perfection by lovely Proenza Schouler for Spring 2012). The elements? Major leg-flashing, geometric shapes, lamp shade skirts with leather hems, oversized coats (major trend for the next season) thigh slits and one or two grapefruit numbers to throw us a bit out of balance.


For this show, Miss Frida Giannini took her powerful and sensual amazons to a time of decadence, that was the inspiration for Gucci’s creative director. The color palette was as dark as the garments and the collection’s mood: eggplant, crimson, touches of blue, an interesting and unusual shade of green and of course, black. Sheer, volume, draping and movement, Giannini’s signature elements, were all over the catwalk.

Among the pieces were beautifully constructed capes, slouchy trousers paired up with shiny boots, velvet garments with artistic draping and that green, feather cropped coat that will haunt my dreams from now on until I get to touch it. The last part of the runway show was hypnotizing, with those dark and flowy, transparent gowns, embellished in all the right places.


May I just say that Donatella Versace and Chrisopher Kane make a hell of a team, and by looking at this collection, an electric one as well. The inspiration was the Camden underground scene and the color palette was so alive that you could almost feel that electricity running through your veins: Yellow, turquoise, fuchsia, crimson and blue took the catwalk mixed in with sequins, see-through lace, woven pieces and the furry coats… Sweet Jesus, those furry coats! Mr Kane is the best thing that could ever happen to Versace’s younger sister, Versus. B-R-A-V-O!


What’s Bottega Veneta all about? Luxury, class and sophistication. What was this collection alla about? Exactly that. Thomas Maier sent out the runway a bunch of dark-lipped, sharply dressed glamazons that embodied the perfect BV woman. Precise tailoring on coats and trousers, beautifully constructed peplums and embellishments were among the collection´s key elements.

Color palette was mainly dark, except fotr a happy pink and an oyster look. The show had its fair share of evening wear: a giant, volume peplum in one gown, texture madness on another, jewel embellishments and that corseted dress worn by runway favorite, Karmen Pedaru. With Bottega, success is always guaranteed.


Primary color-blocking, that’s what this look is all about. I chose a pair of skinny, navy jeans from ZARA. I tucked in a see-trough, mustard lacy top, also from ZARA (remeber to wear a beige bra with good coverage). To contrast with this two strong colors, an Emerald green blazer with gathered sleeves. For the shoes, the cutest pair of peep-toe, mary-janes from Rupert Sanderson (I’d sleep in this shoes if I could).

For the bag, a bit of tan and basic: Dolce & Gabbana’s lovely St. Tropez tote. For accessories, to dress up the t-shirt, a Betsey Johnson necklace and the classic green Arty ring from YSL for your fingers. The final touch: a fiery pucker with Lancome’s L’absolut Rouge.

You can get all the dirty deets on this look on FASHIOLISTA.

Italian’s sure know how to do glamour and fashion right? That’s why I moved here. J’adore Milano!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofía Alanis
Photos: style.com

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…

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After our much needed, NAIL FILES break, we’re back to runway. Our LFW Coverage has come to an end. This is the last post and the we’re off to my beloved Milano. London’s fashion is always so  new, so diverse and colorful, they are not afraid to play and have fun with their creations. You might be wondering about the title and it’s all about today’s line-up: Mulberry, Mary, Meadham & Moschino… Get it? Let’s start with the only non-M of the day:


Twisting the classics, that was what the show was all about. Let the embellished plaid explain it to you. It was a contrast between casual and elegant. Slouchy trousers, sheath dresses, oversized and beautiful coats and some sophisticated sportswear were among the elements presented by the designer in a wide variety of colors: fuchsia, cream, black, gray, blue and more. Some of the pieces were garnished with some large, furry shoulder pads and skirt hems were also embellished with the same material. The texture contrast was outstanding and the collection had a very easygoing vibe. Last but not least, it doesn’t get cuter than those ankle-strap shoes in pretty, pretty shades.


I am in love with this pair and that love will always keep growing if they keepp on going like this. Last season Meadham Kirchhoff’s collection was my favorite of the bunch and this one, they are definitely on my top five. Ever wonder where all sequins and glitter go to die? MK’s runway otherwise known as Disco heaven. Looking at the venue’s decoration, you could easily guess what was the theme of the catwalk: colored lights bouncing off the walls, rainbow paneled floors and disco music. The looks and pieces were so individual and particular that a trend or pattern, aside from the brights and disco, would be impossible to deduce. As always, their makeup and hair, just as their creations, had lives of their own.


I refuse to address the presentation of the del Rey bag, inspired by that del Rey girl, so I’ll jut focus on the runway. The show was inspired by Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are and if you look at it with those eyes it really gives out that vibe: the earthy colors, the furry garments, the natural prints and those textured coats.

Each look had a touch of contrast, heavy materials paired up against softer ones (leather dresses with sheer, lace inserts, lightweight pieces with oversized fur ones and so on). For the first part of it, Emma Hill transported us to a day in the forest and for the second part, it all became dark, the forest at night. For the accessories, you can’t help but fall in love with the different colored, fold-over booties and those scarves that were cinched over the beautiful garments.


The goddess of prints, oh yes, that’s how I like to call Miss Katrantzou. I also call her the construction master. Put those two things together and what you get are beautiful works of art. This collection was proof of the designer’s growing confidence: the prints were bolder than ever, the colors more beautiful than ever and the shapes were pure poetry. Playing with silks, chiffon and even neoprene, it was a jaw-dropping, show-stopping from start to finish, display of fashion but above all, art. Bravo!


Cute, quirky, chic and pretty, that’s how Rosella Jardini’s fall 2012 collection was. It was the first time showing in London and I must say that for a first english impression, Moschino Cheap & Chic did rather well. Beauty and fashion merged into the cutest prints, 60’s style. The color palette was soft and femenine with a touch of brights. The lace and knitted patchworks blended beautifully with the rest of the show and the show’s mood. Each look was paired up with gorgeous and femenine pointy flats. It was all so fresh and ladylike, it was a great start for Moschino Cheap & Chic in London.


It’s the last look for LFW and I wanted to go all out with the textures and details! The skirt is the main event ton this ensemble. You can find this sequined beauty with an aztec print at ZARA. For the top part, a creme combo: a Bottega Veneta corset top and over it, I tucked in open a ZARA blouse with a golden collar. For some coverage, a gray, knitted vest with fringes (this one from Buckle is close to the one I had in mind, just a bit shorter). For the legs, with beautiful sunny days and 18º, leg bearing is in order. For the shoes, this nice ZARA booties are a perfect match.

For the bag, I’ve been wanting to use this Proenza Schouler baby for a while now and the time has come.  You can find it at Liberty London. For jewelry, a coin pendant from the fantastic Erin Wasson line, a beetle ring wwith a dark stone from Ted Baker and a silver claw one from ASOS. Last but not least, a favorite for your nails: YSL’s La Laque in Black Bronze.

All the details on this look can be found at FASHIOLISTA.

This was the last from London. You know what that means right? CIAO MILANO! Milan Fashion Week runways and reviews are coming up next for us. Meanwhile, enjoy Paris!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofía Alanis
Photos: style.com

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…

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NAIL FILES: Under the sea…

Well hello, hello my sweet readers! Fashion Week has been driving me (and you) crazy with excitement, new trends, runways and more, up to the point were I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed right now. What better way loosen up a bit than with a beauty break. The nail files are back with a splash! That’s right, one of the biggest trends on the Spring 2012 runways was the underwater world (Versace, Lanvin, Stella just to name a few). Naturally, our nails have to get trendy as well. Here today, a sea inspired, nail polish post! Enjoy!

Right this way smiles a mermaid…

  • Mermaid’s Dream, Deborah Lippmann
  • Turquoise & Caicos, Essie
  • Teal Topaz, Estée Lauder
  • Go on Green, OPI

In labyrinths of coral caves…

  • Girls just want to have fun, Deborah Lippmann
  • Tart Deco, Essie
  • Distraction, Chanel Le Vernis
  • Flamingo Coral, TOPSHOP

All the more a pair of underwater pearls…

  • Birthday Babe, OPI
  • Pearly Queen, Butter London
  • White Gold, YSL La Laque
  • Pure Pearlfection, Essie

I believe in the sand beneath my toes…

  • Believe, Deborah Lippmann
  • Did you ear about Van Gogh?, OPI
  • Sand Tropez, Essie
  • Iced Frappe, Ciaté

Across the water, across the deep blue ocean…

  • On the Beach, Deborah Lippmann
  • Muse, Illamasqua
  • Fly, OPI
  • Go Overboard, Essie

I’d like to be under the sea, in an octopus’s garden…

  • Forget-me-not, Dior Vernis
  • Poker Face, NARS
  • Playdate, Essie
  • Violette Coquette, Lancome

I’m dying to try out each and every one of this beachy shades. What’s your favorite one?

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofía Alanis
Photos: Google

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…

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Time for the cherry on top of our Fashion Week cake, time for lovely Paris. After three long and exciting weeks of runway madness, we still have seven beautiful days to enjoy what the prettiest city in Europe has to offer. The schedule is busy, the list is long, the names are powerful and I am sure that our expectations will certainly be  surpassed. Remeber my NYFW line-up post, that little game I played with baseball terms and designers? Well, for Paris I had to come up with a more cultural theme. After a long discussion with my sister, the one with the Literature degree, the one that calls my Chick Lit trash, this is what I came up with.

You don’t have to love Kafka, but I bet you sure know who he is. He was and still is one of the most powerful authors of all times. This six brands are to fashion what Kafka is to Literature. What we can expect from their shows: la creme de la creme, a killer front row, a jaw-dropping set and an impressive model line-up.

  • LOUIS VUITTON, Wednesday 7th
  • GIVENCHY, Sunday 4th
  • CHANEL, Tuesday 6th
  • LANVIN, Friday 2nd
  • BALMAIN, Thursday 1st
  • HERMES, Sunday 4th

They are the ones that always bring the romance, the flowers, the lace and the sheer to PFW. From Valentino´s long sleeved and flowy gowns and Nina Ricci’s lingerie inspired collections, to Elie Saab’s dreamy fabrics, their creations seem to really come out from a Jane Austen novel.

  • VALENTINO, Tuesday 6th
  • NINA RICCI, Thursday 1st
  • ELIE SAAB, Wednesday 7th
  • CHRISTIAN DIOR, Friday 2nd
  • YVES SAINT LAURENT, Monday 5th

Just like Oscar Wilde’s interesting personality, this group of designers not only bring their genius to the table, but also their  strong minded creations. Collections filled with drama and eccentricity, always make powerful statements on PFW. Like Mr. Wilde, they sure know how to draw attention to themselves in the purest form of art.

  • VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, Saturday 3rd
  • JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, Saturday 3rd
  • VIKTOR & ROLF, Saturday 3rd
  • JOHN GALLIANO, Sunday 4th
  • ALEXANDER McQUEEN, Tuesday 6th

Chick lit may not be considered classic literature, but it is what most of us girls like to read right now. And this six designers are what us girls are wearing right now or dream of it anyway. From Stella’s stellar collections, to Isabel Marant’s chic nonchalance, thanks to this brands and like a Sex and the City episode, the street has become our concrete catwalk.

  • STELLA McCARTNEY, Monday 5th
  • MIU MIU, Wednesday 7th
  • CARVEN, Thurday 1st
  • CHLOÉ, Monday 5th
  • CELINE, Sunday 4th
  • ISABEL MARANT, Friday 2nd

They put the d in dark and the t in twisted. These shows, like Mr. Poe’s stories and poems, are always on the mysterious and macabre side. Many of their looks may not be wearable (not even Anna dello Russo wearable), but they sure are beautiful works of art and construction.

  • GARETH PUGH, Wednesday 29th
  • YOHJI YAMAMOTO, Friday 2nd
  • MUGLER, Wednesday 29th
  • COMME DES GARÇONS, Saturday 3rd

And last but not least, this group is the Andre Breton of fashion (an expert when it came to breaking traditional shapes and transforming them into new ones). They are not afraid to try new materials and shapes. They always manage to do the unexpected. If you want novelty, innovation and genius, this are the ones to watch.

  • HAIDER ACKERMANN, Saturday 3rd
  • BALENCIAGA, Thursday 1st
  • JUNYA WATANABE, Saturday 3rd
  • CHALAYAN, Friday 2nd
  • DRIES VAN NOTEN, Wednesday 29th

Now you know what to expect and when to expect it! PFW is just getting started and I’m sure some amazing creations are ready and waiting to walk the Paris runways.

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofía Alanis
Photos: style.com

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…

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