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Out with the old, in with the new…

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.49.40 PM

Four years ago, I stared this adventure. An adventure in which I made myself a walking fashion industry glossary, in which I perfected and developed my drawing style, in which I learned about perseverance, determination and hard work. In four years, I enjoyed every moment, every step of the process, every post, every illustration (even the first ones, where my Sophies look more like a Picasso than a Sophie), every tweet and every trend. I loved the feeling of knowing I had many followers out there enjoying what I published. And the feedback? There’s nothing better than waking up to a lovely comment from a lovely reader.

This past October, I decided to stop. Why? Sweet n’raw was consuming a lot of time and with a new project in mind, I just couldn’t juggle them both. It was tough, but in the end, I knew it was the right thing to do. After several months of hard work on my other project (I’ll be showing that off as soon as it’s ready, process has been slow butt it will be worth it), I knew I missed this, I missed blogging, I missed the interaction with my readers, I missed the writing part (drwing is part of my every day routine and what makes me the happiest), I missed it all. But I knew I needed change, because like they say, change is always good and most of the time really, really necessary. I needed to learn how to juggle a separate project from my own blog, it took a while but I finally figured it out. I wanted to make blogging more simple for me, less complicated, I came up with a more simple and less complicated concept. I needed a new name, something sticky that could eventually become a part of my masterpiece, I figured it out and registered a new domain and here it is:

Meet From Runway to Sophie, the more simple, less complicated but much more interesting blog, written and illustrated by yours truly.

 I really, really hope all of you lovelies will follow me there! I promise I’ll make it worth your while!


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From Runway to Sophie: Rochas Resort 2015



Resort and Pre-fall collections have officially become personal favorites, the clothes are more wearable, the mood is less serious. A season ago (Fall 2014), I decided to stop reviewing shows and start having more fun with the collections. After giving it some thought, I couldn’t think of anything more amusing than dressing my dear little Sophie, my lovely alter ego, with the latest looks from the runway.

So far, the Resort 2015 collections have been smashing! There are lots of looks, garments and styles to choose from. As always, Christopher Bailey killed it for Burberry Prorsum, Dona Karan and her signature street wear for DKNY was as chic as chic can get. But there was this one collection that immediately caught my eye, Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s second one for Rochas.

rochasI’ve been having an affair with the French brand (and the French) for a while now and this presentation did not disappoint. It was a delicate, floral affair. From the colors and fabrics to the shapes and cuts, everything screamed romance and nature. Dell’Acqua relied on the house’s classic codes but gave his garments a touch of modernity. Sophie’s favorite piece? The garden cocoon coat. She couldn’t wait to wear it and of course, show it to you!

Have a lovely afternoon,


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BIKINI SEASON 2013: The Retro Beach Bunny


It’s Monday and July is almost over, that can only mean one thing: Sweet n’raw’s Summer Special has come to an end (only a couple of more posts about beach and bikinis and then we are done). As August approaches, I am getting armed and ready with everything you need to know about the coming season, Fall 2013. Today I have for you another style from our Bikini Season 2013, one I’ve been wanting to do for so long. As you can probably tell by looking at the illustration, I have been overdosing on Magic City episode, falling in love over and over again with that 1950s Miami fashion. Seasons ago, a high-waist bikini was unthinkable, at least for me. Granny bottoms? No, thanks! But they have grown on me, so much, that the underwired top with a cute retro bottom is a winning combo for me. The pros about retro swimwear? Bottoms can help with tummy control. Underwired tops can lift any boob, no matter the size, no matter where it’s hanging. The prints are always prettier and lovelier. And never underestimate the sexiness of a vintage-looking one-piece. Are you sold on retro beachwear yet? If not, keep on reading baby!

retro mix

The High Waist: As I mentioned before, retro swimwear is all about the high-waist bottom. You can go for a strapless top, an underwired one or a tie-front bandeau. My advice, I like my bottoms a little cheeky! Since you are covering part of your stomach and low back, a little butt cleavage never hurts!

  • Topshop
  • Norma Kamali
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Topshop

The Underwire: It’s cuter than halter or triangle bikinis, it offers support, it can have padding to push those girls up, what’s not to love? The cuter the print, the better it looks! Zimmermann and J.Crew have a great selection.

  • Zimmermann
  • Zimmermann
  • Topshop
  • J.Crew
  • Zimmermann
  • River Island
  • J.Crew
  • J.Crew

Scallops and Ruffles: Ah, the Lolita thing… Polka dots, ruffles, scallops, it doesn’t get cuter than this! Ever since the scallop shorts got so trendy last season, I have been obsessed with them. In a bikini top, they look so pretty! And the ruffles, well the ruffle bikini has always been a classic!

  • Zimmermann
  • Topshop
  • Topshop
  • Rosamosario

The One-piece: A classic that not many girls dare to wear. A classic than can be sexier than a teeny tiny two-piece. And when it has that vintage vibe, it’s glamour all the way! Give it a shot!

  • Charlie by Matthew Zink
  • Topshop
  • Zimmermann
  • Dolce & Gabbana

retro sel

Need some accessories for that retro bikini? Here’s a selection you can find online!

  1. Tie-front shirt, Peridot
  2. Glitter flat sandals, Charlotte Olympia
  3. Mint dungarees, Topshop
  4. Floral shorts, Alice + Olivia
  5. Pink sunnies, Dolce & Gabbana
  6. Yellow sundress, Topshop
  7. White bikini top, Melissa Odabash
  8. Floral bikini bottoms, Dolce & Gabbana
  9. Scalloped one-piece, Topshop
  10. Shalimar perfume, Guerlain
  11. Peach Peek-a-boo bag, Fendi
  12. Mad Men special edition nail polish, Estee Lauder
  13. Tropical Wedges, Pura Lopez

That’s a wrap! We are about to finish with our Summer 2013 cover so stay tuned!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources:  Net-a-porter, Polyvore, Farfetch, Zara, Topshop, J.Crew

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request ( and images must link back to this site

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wedding 96

No, I’m not thinking about marriage, don’t even go there! Hell, I don’t even know if I ever want to tie the knot. But I’ve reached that age, the age in which friends went from saying “Someday I will” to saying “Yes, I do”. And since lately I’ve been obsessed with drawing wallpaper doodles and about to open my Etsy print and stationary shop, it seemed like the perfect theme to add to the Doodle Collection (Beach Beauty and Lady are already a part of it).

If you are wondering what I’ll be doing with this prints, I will be selling them as posters, as greeting cards, as wrapping paper and more! I will definitely let you know when the shop is up and running. In the meantime, I’ll keep on posting potential prints and of course, let me know if you are interested in any particular illustration.

Have a great day!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request ( and images must link back to this site

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SPRING 2013: The Trend Report

spring 2013

Hello, hello my sweet readers! The beginning of a new year is also the beginning of the end of the current season: the sales! And you know what a SALE means right? Not only that we get 40% and 50% discounts on all Winter items, but that the Spring collections are packed and ready to be displayed. and since February is always busy with posts about Fashion Week and Spring is less than three months away (THANK GOD), I’m ready to take on the trends, colors and styles of what promises to be a lovely, colorful and pretty season! The amount of trends is so overwhelming that I tried, but I couldn’t fit them all in this little collage of mine. Anyway, as of tomorrow, I will start posting a trend-by-trend Spring guide so you’ll know how to stock that closet of yours and have it ready when it’s time to say goodbye to those heavy coats and boots (more like “see ya later” than “goodbye”) and hello to bare legs, bare arms and bare necks!

Here’s a list of the strongest trends of the season and a sneak peek of what you’ll be reading about in the next few weeks! Ready?

  1. Sheer bliss
  2. Bejeweled and embellished
  3. Bermudas are back!
  4. Metallic sheen
  5. Bondage babe
  6. Midriff exposure (start crunching those abs)
  7. Bomber season
  8. Slits
  9. Cut-outs
  10. Ruffles galore!
  11. Stripes
  12. Lively florals… Again… YES!
  13. Statement sunnies
  14. The Swingin’ Sixties
  15. Black and White
  16. The New Gladiators
  17. THE COLOR: Many, many, many shades of Green

I left some trends out, but I will be also talking about them later. What’s your favorite trend so far? I’m all about the florals, but you knew that already.

Don’t forget to check back for more Spring 2013 updates. I will be waiting!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources:  Net-a-porter,

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request ( and images must link back to this site

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Sweet n’Raw does Chictopia vol. 14

Another week, another article for Everybody is Ugly. As a Fashion News Editor for Chictopia, I am given four themes a month. It’s always exciting to find out what I’m going to be writing about, I love doing my research, my illustrations and preparing my images. The best part of it all? Seeing my article published on their site and recieving all the marvelous feedback from the lovely readers. Most of the time, comments are positive, people share the pieces on Facebook and Twitter. What’s hard to stomach at first is the negativity, not because one can’t take a critique but because people are usually vicious and mean when commenting. I’m all about freedom of speech but I’m also about respecting other people’s work. Anyway, before I embark in a “love and respect” manifesto, here it is, this week’s article:

Neon: 5 NEW Ways To Wear The Bright Color Trend

Raise your hands if you got so excited by neon that you ended up buying a little too many electric hued garments. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. When the fashion world falls in love with a trend, they end up bombarding us with it until the next season arrives. Remember how you used to love Prada’s stripes from Spring 2011? Remember how you didn’t love them as much once they had been photographed a zillion times? That’s kind of what happened with neon. But before you press the panic button and throw all your neon pieces away (only Anna dello Russo could throw clothes away, and she doesn’t—she collects them!) or store it until the summer sun gets to shine again, there’s always a seasonal solution.

Neon was one of the strongest trends last spring, along with florals and pastel shades. From blazers and skirts to statement necklaces and heels, florescent colors dominated the season. Maybe that’s why every time we open our closets, we feel like we’ve been blinded by bright neon lights.

That hot pink satchel won’t have to wait until spring to be worn again, that Acne sweater that’s tired of being worn can easily be adapted to fall and even those platform sandals can have a wintery future. All you need is a little creativity and an open mind! Here are ideas on how to inject neon in that cold weather wardrobe of yours…of course, without looking like you are a season too late!

With Knits
As seen at: Kenzo Spring 2013

Forget about neon color-blocking, forget about neon with black (a little 80’s, if you ask us). This season, neon has taken the “matchy matchy” route. Now, we don’t want you looking like a giant popsicle. It’s all about blending some colorful bottoms with one of this season’s strongest trends: graphic knitwear. The trick? Choosing a jumper with a fun and interesting pattern but on color similar to the trousers. It’s an original and eye-catching idea that will also cheer up your mood on a grey, cold, rainy and gloomy day. It’s bright, it’s comfortable, it’s warm and it’s dressy. It doesn’t get better than that!

The selection:
1. Pink pants, Preen
Rose jumper, Romwe
2. Cropped jumper, Stella McCartney
Blue pants, Mango
3. Structured shorts, Harvey Nichols
Leaf sweater, Preen

You Can Still Wear Neon Jewelry
As seen at: Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013 street style

It may not be new and yes, it has been done. But also, you can’t deny how good it looks. The statement necklace over a printed blouse is a perfect way to change up an outfit and give the top a different twist: from “casual office day” to “happy hour ready” in seconds. Don’t stash away that neon, chunky necklace from Zara just yet. Don’t throw that chiffon, floral blouse inside your “open until Spring” drawer. Pair them up with a fluffy cashmere jumper and throw your favorite coat over. Want a challenge? Layer the necklace over a print and then, over another print. Fall and Winter don’t have to be all dark and somber!

The selection:
1. Leopard blouse, Malene Birger
Necklace, New Look
2. Baroque blouse, Stella McCartney
Necklace, Sass & Bide
3. Scarf print blouse, Versace
Necklace, Topshop
4. Leaf print blouse, Aminaka Wilmont
Necklace, Sheinside

With Neutrals:
As seen at: Roksanda Ilincic

Neons are strong colors, bound to get some heads turning your way. But when feeling not so flashy, a bunch or neutrals is all we need. When pairing neutral colors together, the result is always chic and somewhat ethereal. But a killer look is not a killer look without a fun twist and a pop of color always does the trick. Pick your flashy garment, we like pink, but yellow also looks surprisingly good with neutrals. For the rest, you can go monochromatic or color-block with shades like tan, peach, blush, cream or white. The more layering you do, the cooler it will look.

The selection:
1. Trench coat, Sheinside
2. Silk shirt, Equipment
3. Pink jumper, J. Crew
4. Ankle boots, Acne
5. Jeans, Rag & Bone

The Flashy Coat
As seen on: Viviana Volpicella PFW Spring 2013

Over the years, Winter coats have suffered all kinds of transformations: prints, ruffles, pastel colors, lace, jacquard and more. After a neon-crazy Spring, designers just couldn’t close the door on the brights. That’s why the gave us the neon coat. What better way to pump up your look than with flashy and colorful outerwear (even more when you know your fabulous look is kept under wraps because of the cold). Whether you go for a wool and boxy coat, the classic, two-button alternative or a hot pink parka, don’t miss out on this colorful Winter.

The selection:
1. Blue coat, Stella McCartney
2. Pink coat, Balenciaga
3. Yellow coat, MSGM


Accessories are always a constant and that neon clutch has definitely become a staple inside every woman’s wardrobe. The hot pink satchel? A great way to color a casual ensemble. The electric jewelry? We just can’t live without it and can’t stop wearing it. The tip? When you want to add a touch of edge or a pinch of happiness to your looks, think neon (pastel will also do the trick).

The selection:
1. Clutch, Acne
2. High-tops, Asos
3. Bracelet, Dannijo
4. Satchel, Modcloth
5. Earrings, Shourouk
6. Boots, Casadei

Trends are mere options that designers offer to us each season. It’s not about following, it’s about taking what you like and making it your own. It’s about being able to mix past trends with current ones, the old with the new, the colorful with the mute. But above all, it’s about having fun with it. Winter-up your neons!

Image sources:

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PFW COVERAGE: Tropical Boho

Happy Sunday, my sweet readers! We are just three posts away from wrapping the whole Fashion Week Coverage, it’s taken me a while to achieve that due to some major hiccups (no wi-fi connection qualifies as major drama. I cried, I really cried my eyes out several times). Anyway, even if it’s been a month since PFW came to an end and reviews and pictures have been posted ages ago, I hope you still enjoy my reviews and the spin I put on them. Today I have some major Paris shark. To be honest, almost everyone on the French line-up qualifies as a big shot. Here they are: Nina Ricci’s sensual romance, Chalayan’s fresh avant-garde, Lanvin’s power lady and the woman of every hour, Isabel Marant. Let’s start!


Leave it to Peter Copping to sex things up, in the classiest and prettiest way possible. Nina Ricci’s shows are always beyond delightful. It has to do with the romance, with the need of inserting hints of lingerie in almost every look, with the delicate and flowy fabrics, but above all, with the elegant and ladylike vibe the designer injects into his collections. It’s dressy, it’s chic but there’s always that sensual air, the right amount of sexy. For Spring 2013. The color palette can be divided in two groups: Sexy black, dramatic red, deep navy and flirty pink for the first half. A perfect blush and the most beautiful, oyster for the second. Copping’s signature silks ans sheers were cleverly paired up with some elements of bondage (a surprising turn, but one that definitely worked): delicate harnesses and fishnet tops. The bondage trend is buzzing right now and no and part of it thanks to the 50 Shades of Shit phenomenon (as you probably have guessed, I have some major issues with those books and I refuse, really refuse to read them).

Meticulous and beautifully crafted cardigans and knits were paired up with fringed skirts, shiny, gathered ones and even a polka dot sarong (a genius move, if you ask me). Copping presented a different side of the Nina Ricci woman, always keeping her femininity and poise, he toughened and roughed her up a notch and he did it a wonderful job. The last dresses, the ones with the layers that seemed petals, were poetic, the makeup was dramatic, the shoes were barely there (that detail added more sensuality to it all). It was alluring, it was enticing, it was pure, Ricci perfection. Among my top 5 for Spring 2013? Hell yeah!


Many collections from Spring 2013 have had a Fall feeling to them. Thank God Husein Chalayan didn’t get that memo (or better yet, ignored it). The avant-garde designer presented a Spring worthy of Spring: soft colors, lively prints, fresh fabrics and Summery accessories. All the looks had two things in common: sharp tailoring and structured shapes. Both elements together may result in a too serious collection but this was definitely not the case. The volume and boxes just added more flair and fun to Chalayan’s line. His signature, color panels and sheer were present, so were some major pleat and ruffle details.The Spring cocoon coat (a garment that Miuccia Prada loves so much) made its way on to the runway and so did the most interesting and colorful peplum (pictured far right). The accessories are worth mentioning:  slink-back booties! What’s not to love?


During his many years as the Creative Director for Lanvin, Alber Elbaz has worked hard on building a strong identity for the brand and the kind of woman he designs for. The Spring 2013 show opened with a series of black and sharply tailored numbers: tuxedo silhouettes, cut-out dresses with racy, thigh high slits and plunging necklines. The tuxedo, a constant trend in the fashion industry, was beautifully deconstructed by Elbaz. After the penguin extravaganza, the designer sent some serious party jumpsuits on the runway and his signature ruched, tight dresses. His creations were heavily embellished with crystals, which paired up with heavy accessories (Lanvin’s forte) resulted in lavish and opulent pieces (over-the-top for the “less is more” folks, but since we come from the country of “more is more”, hello disco jumpsuit).

After the serious tuxedos and the flashy ensembles, the show finale was all about jewel-toned, cocktail dresses. But they were not your usual ruffled, peplum-ed, shape-hugging Lanvin numbers. They were boxy and strangely shaped. Not really my cup of tea, nor my favorite part of the show. Moving on to the accessories, platforms with shimmery ankle straps, bomb-looking purses and a couple of statement necklace, always a must when it comes to Lanvin shows.


I have a thing for Roland Mouret lately, I just can’t help but be drawn to his collections. For his Spring 2013 show, he took us back to the 80’s. But it wasn’t the 80’s as we know them (Balmain had a more literal approach to this trend), he revisited them but made them his own. Colors were solid and basic and lines and shapes we sharp. Every garment was perfectly constructed: the blazers were on point, the trousers flattering to a woman’s silhouette and the skirts were sexy enough with asymmetrical splits. Folded tops accompanied Mouret’s gorgeous tapered pants and the leather ensemble? The star of the show.


She is faithful to her chic and nonchalant style. She knows her shapes, hems and silhouettes. Armed with this weapons, she manages to kill it every single time. The French designer has been on top of the PFW pyramid and show, after show, it’s clear why. For Spring 2013, Marant took her Parisian babe to a more tropical but always bohemian setting. The hemlines, as usual, were short enough. The trousers? A perfect fit. The mini shift dresses had prints and embellishment details.

Hawaiian prints with floral embroideries, paisley peplums and flowy tops with laces, bejeweled denim jackets and heavy detailed skirts were among the elements that were showcased on the runway. There were also ruffles, her signature low-rise pants (I won’t die without sporting a pair of her babies, even if I’m an 80 year old gal with a droopy bottom), leather accents and bejeweled pieces. The thing about her, not only does she manage to make everything effortlessly cool, she also makes her clothes fit like a pair of decadent gloves fit the hands.  For accessories, gladiator sandals, bejeweled ones and bangles, lots of them. It’s a boho trip to the beach for Miss Marant and we can’t thank her enough for that.


Fall and Winter don’t have to be all dark and somber. A bright coat is the ultimate staple this season, it can instantly add a fun twist to any ensemble. Why not pair it with pastels and neutrals for an eye-catching result. For accessories, more color and contrast to make it even more interesting.

For all the details on today’s look, go to Fashiolista

Only two more! I swear, we are almost done! Have a lovely Sunday,


Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources:, Zara, My Theresa, ysl, Polyvore, River Island

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request ( and images must link back to this site

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Sweet n’Raw does Chictopia vol. 13

Happy Thursday, my sweet readers! It’s almost Friday and as the days get colder, my posts are getting more wintery. As you already know, I have been contributing as a Fashion News Editor for Chictopia’s blog, Everbody is Ugly. They publish about four of my articles (with illustrations) each month and I couldn’t be happier. Being able to collaborate with important fashion sites is definitely a way to get your name out there, to show the world what you can do and to get more readers and blog visitors. My advice? When you have the chance, don’t waste it and just take it!

For my latest piece, I wrote about knitwear essentials. Knitwear is a staple for the cold season and with so many trends to choose from, it’s good to know your sweaters. I prepared a guide of the seven items you should invest on this Winter. Let’s start!

Serious Sweater Weather: All The Sweaters You’ll Ever Need For The Rest Of 2012

Winter is slowly moving in— as temperatures begin to drop, trees stand almost bare and “just a jacket” just won’t do anymore. It’s time to dust off those coats, wrap around those scarves and start playing the chicest winter game of them all: layering. One of the things we gotta love about colder weather is that we get to take out our comfy and fluffy knits out to play. Knitwear always has an important role on the runways, even on the spring ones. With designers trying to innovate in almost everything, sweaters are constantly reinvented and reshaped, and new threads and combinations always emerge.

There was a time when the black v-neck jumper was all you needed. Today, a girl can never have too many sweaters: basics, vests, blanket wraps, varsity cardigans, the cable-knit range, the shaggy number, the oversized one, the sheer and asymmetrical, the printed, the embroidered, the neon, the pastel and this list, with each season, keeps on growing and growing. So make more space in that sweater drawer of yours, because we have a whole lot of trendy and seasonal knitwear that you will be needing and will never regret buying!

The Graphic Jumper
→ As seen at: Preen

We are in the presence of one of the strongest trends from the Fall 2012 runways (along with Oxblood, White, Leather on Leather and Baroque). The Graphic Jumper was seen in almost every show during Fashion Week (we are still hoping to get our hands on Joseph Altuzarra’s horse printed sweaters), and with each designer giving it their own interpretation we can now choose between flowers, geometric shapes, wild animals, cute animals, hearts, stars and more. And while solid knits always come in handy, printed ones are much more fun to wear.

THE LOOK: A graphic sweater is already a statement piece by itself, but that doesn’t mean one has to keep it simple. Playing with prints and textures can result in a fabulous and eye-catching ensemble. A leopard print and flower jumper, a pair of teal leather pants and polka dot pumps may seem a bit too much, but when putting all the pieces together, it definitely works.

1. Eagle print, Topshop
2. Baroque print, River Island
3. Horse print, Altuzarra
4. Floral print, Dolce & Gabbana

The Cardi-coat
→ As seen at: Topshop Unique

On Winter, the coat is the new dress (since the rest of our clothes are stuck underneath it, for no one to see them). That is why investing on a few different options is always a good idea. A classic black coat is a must, the camel robe is just as important and this season, it’s all about military, white and pink. Another alternative and always a more economic one (unless you get the Loro Piana, floor-length, cashmere version), is the cardi-coat: a cardigan shaped as a coat. This particular garment is great for layering, you can even put an actual wool coat on it. It may not be as heavy as a coat, but we can guarantee that it’s just as warm.

THE LOOK: A cardi-coat is a great alternative to your usual black jacket. Pair it with a pair of smart shorts and a solid, sweatshirt for more coverage. If the weather allows it, it’s not too late for some leg-flashing. If it gets a bit chilly, a pair of sheer tights will do. The cute factor? A wool boater, we suggest you buy one in Oxblood. This season, the more Oxblood items, the merrier.

1. Printed cardigan, Antik Batik
2. Taupe wrap, Mason by Michelle Mason
3. Fluffy knit, Antik Batik

The Dressy Sweatshirt
→ As seen at: Kenzo

A couple of seasons ago, the sweatshirt got the fashion treatment. Bye, bye unflattering, GAP hoodie (ok, see you at night, when we change into our pajamas) and hello embellished, printed and shapely Kenzo baby. Sweatshirts are no longer “just got out of the gym” garments. Everyone, from Balmain to Zara, is carrying their own dressy version. Whether you pair them with some skinny jeans and ankle boots, or with a pencil skirt and some slingbacks, sweatshirts are a must-have for Fall. They are fun and easy to wear, but above all, versatile. Our advice: buy a bunch of them, you’ll thank us later.

THE LOOK: Kenzo made us crave the tiger sweatshirt, thank God retail followed! We paired it up with a pair of crossover shorts and an embellished bomber to complement the print. For and edgy bu always chic vibe, ankle booties are all you need.

1. Studded sweatshirt, Topshop
2. Peacock sweatshirt, Proenza Schouler
3. Leather sleeves, French Connection
4. Horse sweatshirt, Topshop

The Fair Isle Sweater
→ As seen at: Ralph Lauren

Who knew that what we once called “The Uncle Sweater” could look this fabulous? It was the sweater you refused to wear, but had to wear around Christmas because it was a gift from Granny. And the sweater you know regret throwing out because you could be wearing it right now. Thanks to Ralph Lauren and his Downton Abbey-inspired runway show, Fair Isle has never looked so good. You can pair it with some jacquard trousers and oxford shoes for a classic look. You can wear it with smart shorts and a jacket or even under a parka. Your choice!

1. Kenzo
2. A Wear
3. Topshop

Cropped Cable-knit
→ As seen at: Rodarte

If you are a sweater lover, you know there’s nothing better than chunky cable-knit. From the long cardigan to the classic, cream jumper, we have all sorts of shapes and lengths inside our closets. For this Winter, there’s nothing better to go with those tight, leather trousers and lace-up booties than a cropped, cable-knit sweater. Rodarte had a retro take on it, Oscar de la Renta a more classic one and Isabel Marant, well Isabel put her usual signature swag on it. Remeber, if Isabel Marant said it, we might as well buy it!

1. Kenzo
2. Isabel Marant
3. Rag & Bone

Ladylike Knits
→ As seen at: Oscar de la Renta

Lace, bows, ribbons, flowers and chiffon, the lady trend has been around for seasons now. And what’s not to love about that? For Fall 2012, designers made the lady a wintery one: from Oscar de la Renta’s opulent princess to Dolce & Gabbana’s Baroque queen. You too can add a touch of ladylike to your ensembles with some pretty, pretty knitwear: embellished collars, rhinestones, metallic textures, lace inserts, embroidered patterns or floral prints.

1. Tory Burch
2. Miu Miu
3. 3.1 Phillip Lim

The Combined Cardigan
→ As seen at: Creatures of the Wind

A sweater with a twist? This season, two-tone jumpers and combined cardigans are everywhere. Whether you go for wool and leather, or wool and lamé (that Rochas number is a dreamboat), you won’t regret buying one of this styles. Another great ingredient for layering. Wear a black, leather one underneath an oversize bomber. Throw in a pair of oxblood skinny jeans, some ankle boots and fingerless gloves for a fun twist.

1. Topshop
2. Rochas
3. Marni

Have these sweaters made it on to your must-have list? We sure hope so!

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

Image sources:

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NAIL FILES: Once upon a time…

Hello, hello my sweet readers! After a month of absence, the Nail Files are back and dreamier than ever. After 10 or more nail polish themes, it’s hard to find new ones to put on the blog. After careful consideration and lots of brainstorming, I came up with a something fantastic, that will bring back a lot of childhood memories (I have to admit it was on a “couch potato” day, after 5 episodes of ABC’s Once Upon a Time, that the idea came to mind). I have put together for you, eight colorful selections, all fairy tale inspired. Let’s start! Once upon a time….

Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat

  1. Sure shot, Essie
  2. Schiap, Nars
  3. Rose Boudoir, Lancome
  4. Saint Germain, Mac

The Wizard of Oz’s Ruby Slippers

  1. Rouge Andalou, Nars
  2. Do Ya Think I’m Sexy, Deborah Lippmann
  3. Scarlett Sparkle, Models Own
  4. Sparks on Screen, Mac

Snow White’s Mirror

  1. Harsh, Illamasqua
  2. There’s no place like chrome, Essie
  3. Fit for a Queen, Ciate
  4. Discoteque, Mac

The Three Little Pigs

  1. Arabesque, Nars
  2. Good Morning Hope, Essie
  3. Buff Pink, Models Own
  4. Rose Romantique, YSL

The Little Mermaid’s Tail

  1. Teal We Meet Again, Sephora by OPI
  2. Viridian, Illamasqua
  3. Henley Regatta, Butter London
  4. Trophy Wife, Essie

The Gingerbread Man

  1. Sand Tropez, Essie
  2. Cookies & Cream, Ciate
  3. Did you ear about Van Gogh, OPI
  4. Basil Street, Nails Inc

The Prince Frog

  1. Smash, Illamasqua
  2. It’s Totally Karma, Sephora by OPI
  3. Gargantuan Green Grape, OPI
  4. Neon Crackle, Nails Inc.

Aladdin’s Magic Lamp

  1. Good as Gold, Essie
  2. Screaming Bright, Mac
  3. Golden Era, Dior
  4. Dore Orfevre, YSL

What is your favorite fairy tale? I’m all about Sleeping Beauty and Alice in Wonderland.

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources: Polyvore, Selfridges, Butter London, Essie, Opi, MAC Cosmetics

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request ( and images must link back to this site

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PFW COVERAGE: Raffia Couture

Finally Friday, my sweet readers! Here in Italy, we are having a long, long weekend but a blogger’s duties never stop! Here I am with the first post about PFW and the 13th from our coverage series. We are almost done, I swear. I can’t wait to wrap this up and post more fabulous trends and wintery outfits. In the meantime, Paris is always a good idea! To open up the French reviews, we have an impressive line-up (who am I kidding, all the shows from Paris are nothing but stellar). For you, this Friday, Rochas eternal romance, Balenciaga’s innovative shapes, Dries Van Noten’s beautiful mash-up, Carven’s Parisian swag and last, but not least, Balmain’s raffia couture. Are you ready to rumble?


Rochas and its ethereal aesthetics have always been among my favorite from the Paris bunch. Not only because of the beautiful prints, but because I’m all about brands with a romantic vibe. For Spring 2012, it was a lavender heaven with touches of French grey, Raspberry and White. The collection had a retro chic feel to it, but there was also something sporty about it. Marco Zanini presented a large range of shapes and cuts: Double-breasted jackets intended as dresses, sheer and flowy maxi-skirts, hot pants + bralet ensembles, hourglass dresses with midi lengths. The polo shirts (biggest trend so far in the neckline department). One of the highlights? He played matchy, matchy and it worked beautifully. As for the accessories, round sunnies, head wraps and white, sock-like shoes.


There’s no doubt that Nicolas Ghesquiere has the x-factor when it comes to innovative skills. Season after season, the designer has always had raving reviews and while Balenciaga’s shapes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, he always manages to get all heads turning his way. For Spring 2013, he may have toned down the sharpness a notch. The shapes were beautiful and architectural, but not as boxy and structured. For the first half of the show, Ghesquiere built some dramatic ruffles into skirts and dresses (hello, gorgeous peplum). Then came the volume skirts with the asymmetrical pleats. Pairing them up with simple, knitted cropped tops was beyond genius. The skin flashing matched beautifully the almost neutral color palette.

For the second part of the show, he entered the “tweed” zone with simple mini skirts and his interpretation of the ladylike jacket. For the tops, he kept it cropped and the hemlines, he kept those short and sexy enough (an unsual thing for Balenciaga). As for the finale, those meticulous, laser-cut, detailed dresses were the cherry on top of that French cake. As for the footwear, always a highlight, low-cut booties in burgundy, cream and black. The front row? Overall, lovely and easier to wear than usual.


This collection has to be dubbed the queen of all mash-ups. Dries Van Noten really hit the ball ot of the park this Fashion Week. A collection so complex and so visually appealing at the same time: the colors, the shapes, the textures, the tailoring, a lot of fabulous things to take in on one runway show. It was grungy, but it was so damn chic. The plaid tops (in different colors and shapes) blended in to perfection with the floral prints and embellishments. There was a touch of sheer and sexy, some velvet here and there and even some ladylike, retro dresses. The best part of the show? The beautifully crafted, rosette skirts (particularly the one with the pastel shades). As for the shoes, pumps galore: metallic, printed, with laces, with cutouts, you name it!


When Christophe Decarnin’s departure was announced, everyone grieved. When Olivier Rousteing was appointed Creative Director, some eyebrows were raised. Could the really young apprentice take on such a big responsibility? After this show (and last season’s runway), the answer is abso-effin’-lutely. The designer has done a wonderful job so far, keeping the cool chick vibe Decarnin built but also taking it to a whole new level. Remember the signature, fitted jacket? Olivier has turned it into a boxier and sharper one. The leg-flashing mini dresses? He has made them his own with unique textures (hello, raffia) and beautiful tailoring. He had made clear why a top costs so much, there’s just a lot of work in them, a work of art.

His references were clear: the 80’s all the way. Big shoulders, cropped tops, big, high-waist trousers, black & white stripes and leather skirts. The star of the show? The pale blue, yellow and cream woven number (that’s going to be more photographed than Prada’s striped dress from Spring 2011). The accesories were also detailed and woven, peep-toe booties, statement belts and sharp pumps. Hands down, a stunning collection. If this beautiful man (because he is not only talented, but also gorgeous) keeps doing what he is doing, Balmain will remain on top (where his teacher Christophe left it).


What’s not to love about Guillaume Henry’s Parisian ladies. Season after season, he delivers chic and wearable clothes that we can’t help but drool after. For his Spring 2012 show, he presented a bunch of beautifully tailored and feminine pieces. Almost every ensemble was accompanied by cute and classic collars. Some of the dresses presented chest cutouts, the tops were cropped (mini jumpers never looked so good), skirts were perforated and there was Toilè. Yes, you heard me, Toilè. Pardon my excitement, but as a serial Francophile, this is really my cup of tea. It was another French delight from Carven, thank God for Carven!


Mixing florals and leopard print is always an interesting option. For a French twist, the jumper over a dress with a volume skirt and ankle-strap shoes. For accessories, the golden treatment!

1. Leopard Jacket, DKNY
2. Floral jumper, Dolce & Gabbana
3. Black dress, MAJE
4. Black wedges, ZARA
5. Pelican bag, ALEXANDER WANG
6. Black bangle, KATE SPADE
7. Leopard bangle, J. CREW
8. Ring pack, ASOS
9. Infusion prune nail polish, LANCOME

For all the details on today’s look, go to Fashiolista.

There you go, first five from Paris are up! It’s Friday! Any fun plans for the weekend?

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources:, Zara, My Theresa, ysl, Polyvore, River Island

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request ( and images must link back to this site

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