The Bag Bucket List: BIRKIN

thebirkin“The Bikin costs how much? $15,000 for an orange bag? What’s it made of? Gold? You know you can buy a car with that kind of money right? Jesus, I can buy a knock-off for a 100 bucks out of a little Chinese guy’s trunk on Canal St. and nobody could tell the difference. Waiting list? Auction? Why one Earth would I put myself through all of that when I can run to the nearest Macy’s, get a Michael Kors tote and save a lot of time and money?”.

If you have once said the statement written above, we know you were lying. It doesn’t matter if you are fashion savvy, or if you are a collector or if you wear Crocs and shapeless chinos to work, deep inside, you really, really want a damn Birkin bag. To some, it may be about the status. To others, it’s all about collecting works of art (each Birkin is made from the beginning to the end by a single pair of hands, from the cutting of the leather to the last finishing touches). And to most of us, there’s just one simple reason, it’s pretty, it’s top quality and it looks so good. The Birkin is the prince charming of bags, only this French luxury dreamboat actually exists.

Why is it on my bucket list? Becuase when I finally get to purchase it, it will be a clear sign that I’ve made it in this world (yes, a French leather bag lies on top of my success-o-meter). Because it is an investment, it will last forever and you can treat it like an ordinary Old Navy tote. In fact, treating it like a work of art displayed at the museum is tastless. Woman, it’s a bag (ok, a $15,000 bag), not the DaVinci Gioconda. It was made to be worn! And then there’s the color matter, they make the most exquisite shade of pink and green, and blue. Everyone will tell you, if you are to buy one, buy it in black or tan. You will never get tired of a timeless color and you can wear it with almost everything. Me? I would go for the brightest and cheeriest color, the Blue Lagoon, the Rose Jaipur or the Blue Izmir. Happy Birkin, happy Birkin owner, right? Is the Hermes Birkin part of your bag bucket list?




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2 responses to “The Bag Bucket List: BIRKIN

  1. Marithé

    I know I´m crazy but I want one in tan.

  2. I’d love one in orange and one in navy. Oh and hot pink… X d

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