January, one of the coldest and saddest months of the year (you know, the holiday season aftermath, when your bank statement is just sitting on the counter, unopened, waiting to choke you with debt), is finally over! And we are welcoming one of the loveliest months of the year, February. To be honest, my favorite month of the year has to be March. In March, we say hello to Spring and yours truly was born. A second favorite is definitely July. Why? Summer! Need I say more? And third in my list is February. Why? Because of my Rana’s birthday (my beautiful Schnauzer who makes life better, who can brighten up even the darkest day), Fashion Month (why of course), Valentine’s Day (not that I am a fan of this sappy holiday or that I really celebrate it, but it’s an excuse for stores to sell all kinds of pink and pretty things and an excuse for me to purchase them) and last but definitely not least, this baby’s third birthday. Yes, Sweet n’raw will be turning three years old on February 24th and I am truly proud and happy of what I’ve created so far. This three years have been a beautiful reminder of why I decided to start a blog and how much love I have for what I do.

So welcome February, I know you will be a good one!




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3 responses to “SWEET FEBRUARY

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  2. Hello, I’m Adiamanta from the Your Personal Shopper Journal blog, I’m really fond of your blog so I have nominated you for the Shine On Blog Award. For more information about the award please check my blog (http://personalshopperjournal.wordpress.com/2014/02/07/shine-on-award/#more-3571). Congratulations and keep up blogging!

  3. Marithé

    I don´t like Valentine´s Day but always expect a gift.

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