SHALLOW SOPH: Enjoy the little things…


Shallow Soph is back, more superficial and sharper than ever! Here she is:

Someone once said that good things come in small packages. I have always disagreed with the statment, I’m a fine package but I’m not bottle sized, I’m quite tall actually. My shoe closet is filled with good packages (all from Giuseppe, Gianvito and Jimmy) but I’m a 9 1/2, that doesn’t qualify as small. I like wine, I like the six bottle box better than the bottle alone. Now is the time for you to agree with me, not all good things come in small packages. In fact, most good things come in big-ass (my ass is not big, it’s actually petite) packages.

But as in all things, there’s an exception (or two, or three) to the rule: The smaller the bikini bottom, the better my petite bottom will fit. Jewelry, now that’s a good small package. Tiny liquor bottles and perfume ones, they always come in handy. And last but definitely not list, the bags. You like yours oversize? Then you haven’t seen the mini versions and you are really missing out. They are tiny, they are pretty and absolutely delightful. You know, like a cupcake, only they last forever and they don’t make you fat. So my advice for you:

“Enjoy the little things in life”.

(The Little Vintage Chanel, Little Hermes Kelly, Little LV Vivienne, Little Celine Luggage Little Pashli, Littly City Balenciaga  and Little Valentino Lock).

Have a great weekend y’all!



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One response to “SHALLOW SOPH: Enjoy the little things…

  1. Marithé

    Shopie: This is one of the best illustration! I love it!

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