Sketchbook Summer


The magazines are putting flowery dresses and pastel pinks on their covers, the Fall collections have already gone on sale, the clothing racks are starting to get packed with lightweight garments, short hemlines and barely there sandals but that doesn’t mean Winter is almost over (we are only halfway through). The cold weather is gonna be here for a while and unlike Summer, my skin is getting lighter, organic chicken cutlet lighter, my hair is getting darker (and dryer), my days are getting longer and my drinks, well I always like my drinks chilled.

Summer is far, far away, but when the coming season is filled with pastel colors and pretty trends, I have been getting all worked-up about it. Here’s hoping Winter will go away in the blink of an eye. In the meantime, all I have is to dream about my 30 days of Summer (I plan on spending a month at the beach drawing, reading, tanning and sleeping), a bikini shopping spree (30 days of Summer call for 30 different bikins), my Valentino Garavani meets Snooki self-tanning lotion and my sketchkbook. It’s my sketchbook and in my sketchbook it’s always Summer.



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  1. Marithé

    I like it.

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