Enjoy your own company…


I agree, the process of getting ready and all dolled-up for a weekend night out is fun, exciting and even more fun when a glass of wine or several glasses are involved. But every once in a while, and I made a ritual out of this while living in Milan, a night by yourself, in your pajamas is all you need. Life goes on at a crazy pace, so every now and then, our bodies and minds need a breather.

My breather involves a good book (The Game of Thrones series is now inside my Kindle), a good movie or series (nothing dark, something funny or romantic), a bottle (okay, two bottles) of Cabernet (or Merlot, or Malbec but not Shiraz, I hate Shiraz), a bowl of pasta (it’s tastier than pizza and it makes you feel less of a pig after the pigout), a box of Mr. Stanley’s classic fudge (my drug and a potential drug for you if you haven’t tried it) and a big-ass slice of carrot cake. The next day? That’s when the cucumber/mint/lemon detox begins.

Fan of enjoying your own company every once in a while? If not, you should try it sometime!

Have a lovely weekend folks!



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  1. Marithé

    I’m agree!

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