You’re invited, bring a gift…


Remember that SATC episode called “A woman’s right to shoes”? The one where Carrie’s Manolos get stolen at a friend’s party and she refuses to pay for them? I was watching (again) that episode last night and with my b-day coming up in two days, I had one thought: brides-to-be and pregnant ladies get to register and have the presents they really want or need. What do I, an unmarried gal with no kids (and no desire for them), get? I get Christmas and one birthday a year (but they do too) and I should be able to register for the gifts I do desire. That’s why, prior to my twenty something birthday, I made my list. I know that that list will probably be ignored by my dearly beloved, especially the $1,400 Versace Gladiator boots (thanks to Lena Perminova, I dream of them every single night). So if your birthday is near, make your list and take a look at mine. You might get inspired!

gift bday

  1. Faith Connexion sweatshirt with leather inserts My love for sweatshirts just keeps on growing. Sweatshirt+mint+leather? Sign me in!
  2. Urban Decay’s NAKED palette This should be a part of every girl’s makeup bag. I still don’t have mine and I’d really like to own it now!
  3. Zara biker blazer If a biker and a blazer had a child, this would be it. Plus, it’s a great staple for those Spring windy nights.
  4. Versace caged boots Just look at them, fall in love…
  5. Victoria’s Secret TEASE perfume I don’t care about the scent, the bottle is so darn pretty that I need it on my dresser.
  6. Zara lace flats This season is all about dressy flat shoes. This are the perfect alternative when ditching heels.
  7. J. Crew Edie purse The color, the shape, the retro feel, the price… It’s perfect!
  8. Grace, A Memoir I’ve been wanting to get my hand on Grace Coddington’s memoir for so long. You can help me, it’s just one Amazon click away.
  9. Tom Ford Santal Blush scent Tom Ford beauty, need I say more?
  10. Sephora by OPI Spring collection Creamy, pretty and lovely, ideal for Spring
  11. Zara mirror heels I’m obsessed with metallic footwear this season.
  12. Eberjey pajama set My mom loves to gift pajamas, they always come in handy. This set looks comfy and pretty at the same time (I tend to do the hobo sleepwear thing, it’s not nice).
  13. Zimmermann bikini Zimmermann has to be the brand with the loveliest prints and shapes right now. Every single piece of their collections is always covetable. But this number, this number hits just too close to my style.
  14. Layout markers As an illustrator, I do need to complete my marker collection. And as a shoe junkie, I have to admit, I like markers better than shoes.
  15. Stella McCartney sunnies I’ve always been a Ray Ban Aviators girl, but changes are always good.
  16. Zara mirror sandals Minimal and perfect for the season, very Alexander Wang

What’s on your b-day list?

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Image sources:  Net-a-porter, Topshop, Polyvore, Farfetch, Zara

All texts, illustrations and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post without previous request ( and images must link back to this site


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