London’s Finest, part 1


Paris Fashion Week is about to end and with it, what has been a wonderful Fashion month. As promised, I’m trying to keep up with my posts and to give you the best coverage I can. This is the second post about LFW. I’ve already given you the trends, it’s time to review the best shows of the bunch. London is always a pleasant surprise, new talent, new designers, new trends, new everything. I  have chosen eight runways, four for today and the top four for tomorrow. Are you ready to rumble, London style?

simone rocha

She is part of the brilliant and really talented wave of new designers based in London. With each show, she keeps on growing and she keeps on getting better and better. For her Fall 2013 collection, she decided to open up with a series of powerful pink numbers, the kind of pink that’s bound to get some heads turning your way. After the pink came the black, the mellow yellow and of course, more black. Her silhouettes were sharp and structured, her details were meticulous and precise, but more importantly, her clothes were fun and whimsical. She focused on the textures: faux fur, patent leather, tweed and even cotton.


I’ve always considered myself a Vivienne Westwood fan, not only because of her clothes but because I just love her whole persona. After her Red Label Fall 2013 show, even more so. Shapes had a retro feel to them and the colors were as bold as the sexy silhouettes. She mixed electric zebra stripes with tartan and stripes. She paired those fancy colored tights with metallic heels and cobalt pumps. Every model sported wild doll makeup that clashed beautifully with Dame Westwood’s clothes. Overall, it was fun, it was eye-catching, it was pure Westwood.


Mulberry never disappoints, the clothes are always wearable, trendy and pretty darn cute. For this season, Emma Hill took plaid to a whole new lever, gorgeous one. The color palette was perfect for Fall: burgundy, navy and olive green played beautifully with cream and salmon (I’m still drooling over the salmon coat and the burgundy trousers). As for the shapes, knits were oversize, pants were cropped, shoulders were supersized and the layering was spot on. As usual, the cute poodle made it on to the runway and the bags were a big part of the show. The highlight? The all-leather combos, especially the green one.


What’s not to love about Giles Deacon’s theatrical ways. His clothes are always dramatic, they always tell a story. For Fall 2013, Giles dreamy presentation went from light to dark. He has Kristen McMenamy as his show opener, in a floor-length, white silk gown with oversize sleeves. Then came the metallic details, oh so decadent, oh so goth! The textures and prints clashed beautifully with each other: silks and laces, laser-cut leather. Even though wearable is not really in the menu when it comes to Giles, seeing his works of art on the runway is always a pleasure. Too bad the award season is now over, that golden leaves dress would’ve been a hit at the red carpet!

What was your favorite show from London? Drop me a line! Wanna discover what were my top 4 shows? Check back tomorrow!

Sweet kisses…

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