Sweet n’Raw does Chictopia, Halloween edition!

5 Seriously Stylish Costumes You’ll Maybe See This Halloween

October is coming to an end and you know what that means. Halloween is just around the corner! The one night of the year where silly, slutty, and even plush dressing are more mandatory than optional. Come October 31st, millions of human (and canine) souls transform themselves into all kinds of monsters, characters and strange, never seen before, walking objects.

After deciding what party to attend, we all ask ourselves the same question: “What am I going to be this Halloween?” For some, deciding on a costume involves a trip to the supermarket (the shiny, ill-fitting devil jumpsuit comes to mind). For others, playing it safe is the way to go, you can’t go wrong with last year’s costume, right? Some like it sexy, some like it way sexy (NC17 sexy), some like it big (Teletubbies and Sponge Bobs) and some, like us, like it stylish. The runway is a great source of inspiration and since designers usually get inspired by films, paintings, movements and eras, you will be getting a lot more than you bargained for.

For this Halloween, here are five different costumes, all catwalk inspired:

You might be thinking: “Been there, done that.” The Catwoman costume has been around for years and it’s an all-time favorite among the ladies and among the gentlemen too (never underestimate the seductive power of a latex jumpsuit). This year, Selina Kyle’s sexy attire got the ultimate makeover thanks to Christopher Nolan: The Dark Knight Rises. Yes, we remember Michelle Pfeiffer’s shiny spandex number with the rough, white stitches. We also remember (even if the movie was more forgettable than memorable) Halle Berry’s midriff baring, bondage version. But this year, it’s all about Anne Hathaway’s sophisticated leather ensemble. Some branded it simple and gray (compared to the previous catsuit owners), some found it too high-tech but to us, to us it’s sexy meets classy all the way. Plus, she had boots, leathery and soft thigh-high boots!

→ As seen at: Mugler F/W 2012
As expected, a movie that creates that much buzz serves often as an inspiration for fashion designers around the globe. One of the biggest trends this fall is definitely the leather on leather look, and if you ask us, that has Selina Kyle written all over.

Going for sexy kitten this Halloween? Here’s what you’ll need:
– You don’t need the full bodysuit to pull it off, a simple leather jacket and a pair of liquid leggings will do the trick.
– Thigh or ankle boots? Your choice, just make sure the heel is high and hot.
– Catwoman would never go out without her ears and mask. Don’t have any? You can do them yourself.
– Don’t forget the gloves!
– Last but not least, you’ll be needing bright and luscious red lips!

1. Cuff, Marc Jacobs / 2. Cat mask, Party Packs / 3. Red lipstick, Armani# / 4. Leather top, Balmain / 5. Leather gloves, Agent Provocateur / 6. Ankle boots, Zara / 7. Leather pants, Helmut Lang

The waiting is killing us and the trailers and the pictures are not helping at all. Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby is one of the most expected movies, not only because of the impressive cast line-up, the brilliant direction and the 1920’s settings, but also because it has a high dose of fabulous fashion (thanks Miuccia the Great). This Halloween, thousands of ladies out there will be channeling the lovely Daisy Buchanan. But it’s different this time, forget about your black and boring H&M dress with the fringes, the long pearl necklace with a knot, the black and white feather boa and the straw/cigarette holder. The Great Gatsby has gotten the glamour treatment and it’s all about the bling. Embellished flapper dresses, metallic fringe ones, sequins and rhinestones, feather shrugs, deco jewelry and baroque headpieces are some of the items you can choose to take the Glam Gatsby Girl to a whole new level. Need some pointers? Just take a look at the trailer.

→As seen at: Marchesa S/S 2012
Almost everyone, from Gucci and Ralph Lauren to Marchesa and Alberta Ferretti, had 1920’s inspired collections on Spring 2012. The Gatsby fever was unleashed and now that we are getting closer to the movie premiere, the fever will be getting higher and higher for sure.

Will you be Daisy B. this Halloween? Here’s what you’ll need:
– Embellished, embroidered and shiny dresses are all over the stores right now. From River Island and Zara, to Net-a-Porter, choose the shape and length that suits you the most.
– For a chilly night, a faux fur scarf or a feather shrug will match your pretty dress to perfection.
– Whether you go for a rhinestone comb or a feather fascinator, the headpiece is a must.
– Want to take it up a notch? Deco necklaces and embellished cuffs are just what you need.
– For the shoes, t-straps or a delicate Mary Jane

1. Feather shrug, Alexander McQueen / 2. Deco necklace, 1928 / 3. Sequin dress, Michael Kors / 4. Box clutch, Reiss / 5. Hair comb, John Lewis / 6. Sandals, Topshop

A girl never stops dreaming about being a princess, we still hold a grudge towards Kate Middleton for actually becoming one. And while our tiaras (because we have a tiara stashed somewhere) can’t come to work with us, we sure can take them out to play on Halloween night. The Princess costume doesn’t have to be the supermarket one with the wrinkled polyester dress nor the adult version (the one with the thigh.high socks, the x-rated hem and the perspex, stripper platforms). You can take Princess to a fashionable and classy land, and still look all costumed-up. You’ll look like you just came out of a fairy tale, not from a nightmare called “The Gentleman’s Club”.

→ As seen at: Oscar de la Renta
For Fall, some designers went all out. One of the strongest trends of the season was opulence. Jewelry became part of dresses and jackets, embellishments and embroideries were all over lavish prints and beautiful shapes.

What you’ll need:
– The long, puffy dress is not mandatory. For a fun twist, choose a full skirt, mini dress. Jacquard and brocade always have that royal touch.
– A pair of embellished pumps will complement your look perfectly.
– For the jewelry, go for a statement necklace with gems
– Gloves are optional, but they do make it all cuter
– The tiara, well there’s no costume without one

1.Tiara, Debenham’s / 2.Pendant necklace, Dolce & Gabbana / 3.Lace gloves, Forzieri / 4.Dress, Alexander McQueen / 5.Box clutch, Zara / 6.Embellished pumps, Moschino Cheap & Chic

Cargo pants, an olive green tank and combat boots? Yeah, that’s as common and overrated as a costume can get (even if you painted your cheeks to channel Rambo). Army costumes don’t have to be boring, especially with the military trend invasion this fall, we have a ton of props and items to play with. Forget about the parka and get that sharp, tailored coat you’ve been eyeing for a while now. It’s not about camouflage anymore, it’s all about old school military!

→ As seen at: Moschino
Moschino, Burberry and Topshop Unique all have one thing in common: the made military as chic as possible. This Fall, utilitarian dressing is part of the trend heaven.

What you’ll need:
– Topshop has a wide range of military coats: different styles, different lengths, different textures.
– Underneath your coat, wear some retro army shorts and a button down (make it sheer for a fun twist).
– For the boots, the higher the better, the heel and the length.
– Flat caps are not costume material only, they look rad with a pair of skinny jeans and a biker jacket (you won’t regret splurging on one of this).
– The final touch? Leather gloves and aviators

1. Flat cap, Hollywood Training Co. / 2. Aviator sunglasses, Cutler and Gross / 3. Leather gloves, Todd Lynn / 4. Coat, Topshop / 5. Shorts, Matthew Williamson / 6. Boots, Roland Mouret / 7. Belt, Gap

Another costume idea from the film industry. This December, brace yourselves for the movie based on Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. Keira Knightley and costume designer, Jacqueline Durran have alredy given us a glimpse of what will be in store for us once the movie is out. In the meantime, why not channel the Russian aristocrat for Halloween? When it comes to Russian aristocracy, it’s all about the heavy bling, the heavy dresses and some serious fur (faux fur for us, of course).

→ As seen in: Valentino CTR F/W 2012
Russia has been buzzing in the Fashion world for a while now, not only because of their characteristic opulence and lavish style, but also because they are becoming stronger and stronger in the fashion department. This season, it’s all about rich fabrics, embellished garments and statement pieces and Leo Tolstoy’s heroine is all about that.

Going for a Russian aristicrat vibe? Here’s what you’ll need:
– A ball gown (your prom dress will do).
– A statement necklace. Anna Karenina loved layering them over lavish couture.
– The dressy coat
– A furry stole and a hat

1. Fur scarf, BCBG / 2. Necklace, Dolce & Gabbana / 3. Fedora, Juicy Couture / 4. Coat, Oscar de la Renta / 5. Dress, Zac Posen

There you go! Five costume inspirations that are for the stylish heart. What’s your costume of choice this year?

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