Sweet n’Raw does Chictopia vol. 10

Happy Monday, my sweet readers! Since not all of you are Chictopia users, I always like to share the articles I whip up for them. Usually, I focus on my illustrations but this time I wanted to something more magazine-like. I was given The Great Gatsby topic and let me say, I was more than excited to write about this. Sequins, feathers, jewels, Prada, Carey Mulligan? What more could a girl want? So without further ado, read away!

10 Trends From The Great Gatsby Movie That We’re Most Excited About

When it comes to movies, there’s always the unexpected, indie success story (Juno), the disappointment (think Sex and the City part one and two, saved only by Samantha Jones and the array of fabulous outfits put together by the one and only Patricia Field), the chick flick a girl can watch over and over (Bridget Jones, raise your hands if that DVD is more worn out than your pair of plush, penguin slippers), the fashionable and fabulous (easy, The Devil Wears Prada) and then there’s that one movie that has it all: a delicious cast, a flamboyant director, a smashing trailer, an even better storyline and as the cherry on the cake, killer costumes. These Hollywood gems only come once in a while, and when they do, madness is definitely unleashed.

In 2006, the responsible was Sofia Coppola with her Marie Antoinette. “I want candy” was all we wanted, we wanted her wardrobe, we wanted her life (minus the beheading, of course) and we fell in love with all things French (some of us still can’t seem to get past that French love affair thing). Naturally, the film won the Oscar for Best Costume Design and it got the fashion industry eating cake. In 2010, it was a psychological thriller, twisted as twisted can get, who took the spotlight. Black Swan not only won Natalie Portman her first golden statue, but the ballet costumes, beautifully designed by the Mulleavy sisters, had a strong influence on the Fall 2011 runways.

In summer 2013, it’s not about the French, it’s not about ballet. It’s all about the Gatsby. Baz Luhrmann’s version of Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece will land at your nearest theater this Christmas. With Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby and Carey Mulligan as Daisy, the film is bound to become a huge success. But there’s another thing— when you bag Miuccia Prada to do the costumes for you, you just can’t go wrong. The trailer itself is already a work of art when it comes to fashion and styling— we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us during the entire film! The Italian designer has reworked 40 Prada and Miu Miu dresses, making them look fresh out of the twenties, for Carey and the girls (you jealous yet?).

The 1920’s are today what the 1950’s were a couple of seasons ago, when Mad Men made it big. In Spring 2012, Frida Giannini’s sexy flappers and Ralph Lauren’s old school glamour started to set the pace. For this Fall, we are ready for the feathers, the rhinestones and the glitter! In a season where opulence is one of the main trends, The Great Gatsby falls right into place. Every girl, at least once in her life, has dressed as a flapper for Halloween: fringe dress, fishnet stockings, red lips with an eyeliner mole, feather headpiece, black straw posing as a cigarette holder. But when it comes to the 1920’s style, it’s not about looking like a blast from the past or like you just went shopping at the Abracadabra Superstore. It’s about taking the elements, and working them around with other trends and garments. Here are five obvious but fabulous Gatsby trends:

1. Deco jewelry: statement pieces have been around for a while now (and now that Zara is producing some killer necklaces, our wallets are starting to bleed), but this season is all about crystal, geometric shapes and lavish-looking bling. A gold-plated brass cuff, a detailed black stone ring, a pair of drop earrings and a chunky, geometric bib are must-haves for Fall.
As seen at → Lanvin

2. Flapper dresses: From Gucci’s beaded garments last Spring to Topshop’s embellished ones, almost every retailer is carrying them. This piece is a gamble, there’s that “too costumey” risk. Pair them up with unexpected items such as biker jackets, ankle boots, you can even throw a jumper on it.
As seen at → ISSA

3. Cloche hats: There’s no better feeling in the world than to welcome Fall with headgear that’s cute as a button. Cloche hats are most of the time made out of wool, you can get them in any color you like and with all kinds of adornments (feathers, bows, buttons, belts). We recommend an Oxblood one, since that’s the color of the season.
As seen at → Ralph Lauren

4. Fancy headpieces: The best way to twist and turn an outfit? Add some hair jewelry! Not in gymnast fashion, of course, but a tasteful hair comb or a headband can really dress up your chignon. Look for embellished items and shiny ones.
As seen at → Rodarte

5. T-bar heels: There’s something about this style that makes the legs and the ensemble look instantly delicate. Whether you go for the two-tone version or the patent one (or both), you will be needing a pair inside your closet.
As seen at → Thakoon

Now that we have seen the girly and the obvious trends of the 1920’s, it’s time to hit the unexpected. The menswear department is not for men only anymore. These past seasons, designers have been playing with that whole Victor/Victoria thing: feminine versus masculine. The Great Gatsby doesn’t have to be all feathers and glitter— there’s a boyish side, waiting to be explored.

6. The vest: not our usual long, tuxedo one. Fitted and short, it can be worn over a pair of peg trousers, with a wool blazer on top and a crisp, button-down underneath. If you want to go with a knitted one instead, you definitely can.

7. Double-breasted jacket: think of it as a blazer with a twist. For a more accurate version, go for one with gold buttons

8. The peg trouser: neutral colors are more versatile but dare to be bold with colors, prints and textures. Evening pegs are so happening right now (ASOS has a killer pair).

9. The boater hat: Wear if you dare, and if you dare, you won’t regret it!

10. The oxford shoe: need I say more?

What are the Great Gatsby trends you can’t wait to try?

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