Happy and relaxing Sunday, my sweet readers! The Garden Goddess series is officially on hold, only because today I wanted to show you Sweet’n’Raw’s latest article for Chictopia. As I told you before,  I am contributing with a weekly article for the site, each Monday you can read some new lines, by me. For this article, I wanted to do something different from my usual styling illustrations, I wanted to pay homage to the season’s most wanted, designer garments. So here they are, the coveted.

5 Spring 2012 “IT” Girl Styles That We Love

Not too many seasons ago, it was all about the girl on the cover. Nowadays, it’s more about what the girl on the cover is wearing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it all started with the S/S 2011 Prada dress, the one with the stripes, the ruffled hem and the Vitamin-colored hues. Signora Miuccia’s colorful creation snagged more covers and editorials than Kate and Naomi together.

After the Prada moment, it has been a seasonal race among designers and their creations. Spring is halfway through and some of the season’s “IT” garments have already been determined. Who will take
the crown? Gucci’s flappers? Prada’s retro engines? Ralph Lauren’s Gatsby girls? Keep on reading and you shall find out.


It’s a fact: covers are to Miuccia Prada what MVP awards were to Michael Jordan. Win them big and win them all. First the bananas, then the sequin scales and now it’s time for her hot wheels to take over the editorial world. There is not one magazine issue that doesn’t feature the green leather skirt with the automotive print, the pastel, micro-pleated dress, the crochet coat or the bandeau top. However, in addition to all of this there’s one piece that really stole the show. The textured bodysuit with the bejeweled belt and the dangerous curves has made Prada, once again, queen of the covers.


These are some seriously fashionable and proud italians. Every season, they pay their signature homage to their beloved Sicilian siren. This Spring, inspired by Sophia Loren, the bombshell par excellence, Italian cuisine got sexy on the runway to the sounds of Mambo Italiano.

Before Dolce & Gabbana, wearing garlics and onion would have been for vampire slayers only and a chili pepper print could easily get you mistaken for a jalapeño bag of chips. To Domenico & Stefano, the vegetable garden is not only wearable, but fabulous. If in doubt, grab a magazine, flick through it and there you’ll find it: the onion combo,cropped jacket, bralette and high waisted shorts.


Riccardo Tisci has consistently delivered great fashion and art on behalf of Givenchy. This year was no exception for the Italian designer. Glossy magazine pages have been invaded by his perfectly tailored ruffles, and since fashion beings tend to love all things shiny, Tisci’s sequin suits have taken the spotlight. A French, human disco ball? We’ll take it!


Wonder Miuccia can do it all: whip up two stellar collections each season, put together the best ad campaigns and of course, snag more features, covers and editorials than everyone else. Mrs. Prada is clearly on a mission, she wants to conquer the world (move over Karl, the time has come for a Fashion Kaiserin). Miu Miu’s Spring collection reminded us why we love the brand so much. It’s only natural that the off-shoulder capes, the cropped tops with the a-line skirts and the mismatched micro prints earned a big spot inside our monthly fashion bibles.


As if the magical carousel set wasn’t enough, the showman, Marc Jacobs put together a collection that brought us all a sugar high (in a good way). Everything about it from the powdery color palette and the feminine shapes, to the meticulous and beautiful eyelet work, screamed magazine material. Said and done, Alexa Chung, Jessica Stam, “The New Body” Kloss and many more have been immortalized by many world-renowned lenses wearing Louis Vuitton’s candy coated creations.

The season is still young and we are bound to see more cover-worthy fashion. Prada took the first leg. Will Proenza or Prabal take the next?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s article, I have a feeling you are really gonna dig it! Now I’m off to bed, big & busy day tomorrow. My overloaded brain needs to shut down and my freshly washed & moisturized face needs its beauty sleep. Have a good one y’all…

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis 
All texts and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post them without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site.

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