Good Saturday my sweet readers! As I told you before, I am now contributing with a weekly article for Chictopia’s blog, Everybody is Ugly. My first piece was published on Monday and I am armed and ready with my next one. Being able to collaborate with such a big and fashionable site has been a wonderful experience so far. Yes, I get to do my two favorite things, illustrate and write about fashion, but it’s really all about the feedback from the site and the response I get from the readers, each like, each share and each comment have made this humble brain a very, very happy camper. . Without further ado, here it is, Sweet’n’Raw’s first article for Chictopia:

3 Chic Ways To Wear Pastels Without Looking Like An Easter Egg

It’s official, we have been invaded! Not by a bunch of computer-generated aliens out of a Men in Black movie, but by some deliciously sweet candy and sorbet shades. Trend forecasters predicted that the color battle of the season would be pastel vs. neon, and clearly, the powdery hues prevailed. And while neon remains as one of the trendy bunch, pastel wins the title as the most powerful trend for spring.

For the runway shows, Louis Vuitton sent a fantasy eyelet parade down the runway, Christopher Kane went all floral and brocade, Prada had our engines started, Versace called the mermaids out to play and Chanel took us underwater in a magical world. All of them had one thing in common— they all did it in a pastel way.

These days, walking into any store is like a trip to Candyland (remember that cute and mouth-watering board game)? Pastel colors are so visually appealing that you can risk getting a sugar high just by looking at them. It’s easy to associate them with girly and ladylike styles, we usually think macarons, lace, icing and bows, but in a fashion world, where nothing is what it seems and fun is the main purpose of it all, sugary shades have much more to offer.

Here’s an experiment: self-proclaim yourself the King Midas of pastels (stick to mint, vanilla, lilac, baby pink, peach and powder blue) and candy-coat everything you touch or wear. Here are three outfits for inspiration, all of them ‘pastelized’.


It may be the most predictable of them all, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to have fun with it.

→What to wear:
• Sheer blouses or embellished tops
• High waisted bottoms: skater skirts or pleated shorts
• Soft cardigans, tailored blazers or Bouclé jackets
• T-strap shoes, they give the whole ensemble the extra cute factor.
• Sweet and pretty jewelry.
• Final touch: a shimmering gloss and a creamy nail polish.



Workwear is not what it used to be and yes, you can pull off a masculine look by wearing candy colored garments.

→What to wear:
• A pastel, fitted blazer
• A pair of tapered trousers with a high waist
• A button-down, embellished collars always give the look an extra pop
• Strappy sandals and a clutch for a fun twist
• Arm candy and an updo




Rocker chic with a hint of cute, what’s not to love?

→What to wear:
• A pastel biker jacket
• Cut-off shorts or distressed jeans
• Graphic tees, jersey tanks or silky racerback tops.
• Booties or converse
• Studded, spiked, metallic and woven accessories
• A slouchy bag
• Statement nail polish

Pastels are here this season. They may not be here for next season (fingers crossed they’ll still be around), so let them take over your world!

What are your thoughts on this first piece for Chictopia? Feel free to comment, share or like! Next one will be published on Monday and I’m definitely doing something very, very different, so stay tuned. Coming up next for Sweet’n’Raw, another collaboration, this time for a brand (more details soon). Sweet’n’Raw is growing and I couldn’t be happier.

Sweet kisses…


Conversations I have with myself:

Sweet: Gee, Raw, what do you want to do tonight?

Raw: The same thing we do every night, Sweet – try to take over the Fashion World!

llustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis 
All texts and collages are made by me, it’s forbidden to re-post them without previous request (sweetnrawme@gmail.com) and images must link back to this site.


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3 responses to “SWEET’n’RAW DOES CHICTOPIA

  1. Love your article!!! Beautiful illustrations and collages!!!Haha battle pastels vs neons!!!

  2. ana ag


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