Sweet’n’Raw’s Spring Shopping Guide

It’s almost that time of the year, Sweet’n’Raw’s favorite time of the year: Sweet Spring! While trees start growing leaves, flowers start to bloom and we begin to catch the first glimpses of warm sun, our closets have to be ready and prepared to embrace the new season. It’s time to box our coats and heavy boots and leave some space for those cheery and lightweight pieces that will be accompanying us until Fall falls upon us yet again (seven “no coat” months, yay!).

Sweet’n’Raw has prepared a garment by garment guide that can help you, my lovely readers, build your wardrobe with all the trend essentials you’ll be needing. On the following days, I will be presenting the pieces that, according to Sweet’n’Raw, are key elements for the coming season. Also, I’ll be whipping up some looks and ideas on how to style it all.

Ready for Spring? Sweet’n’Raw sure is! Keep checking back to find out what to buy and where to find it!

Sweet kisses…

PS: Little fact, this is my b-day month and to celebrate it, a giveaway is in order. Expect more news soon!


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