After our much needed, NAIL FILES break, we’re back to runway. Our LFW Coverage has come to an end. This is the last post and the we’re off to my beloved Milano. London’s fashion is always so  new, so diverse and colorful, they are not afraid to play and have fun with their creations. You might be wondering about the title and it’s all about today’s line-up: Mulberry, Mary, Meadham & Moschino… Get it? Let’s start with the only non-M of the day:


Twisting the classics, that was what the show was all about. Let the embellished plaid explain it to you. It was a contrast between casual and elegant. Slouchy trousers, sheath dresses, oversized and beautiful coats and some sophisticated sportswear were among the elements presented by the designer in a wide variety of colors: fuchsia, cream, black, gray, blue and more. Some of the pieces were garnished with some large, furry shoulder pads and skirt hems were also embellished with the same material. The texture contrast was outstanding and the collection had a very easygoing vibe. Last but not least, it doesn’t get cuter than those ankle-strap shoes in pretty, pretty shades.


I am in love with this pair and that love will always keep growing if they keepp on going like this. Last season Meadham Kirchhoff’s collection was my favorite of the bunch and this one, they are definitely on my top five. Ever wonder where all sequins and glitter go to die? MK’s runway otherwise known as Disco heaven. Looking at the venue’s decoration, you could easily guess what was the theme of the catwalk: colored lights bouncing off the walls, rainbow paneled floors and disco music. The looks and pieces were so individual and particular that a trend or pattern, aside from the brights and disco, would be impossible to deduce. As always, their makeup and hair, just as their creations, had lives of their own.


I refuse to address the presentation of the del Rey bag, inspired by that del Rey girl, so I’ll jut focus on the runway. The show was inspired by Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are and if you look at it with those eyes it really gives out that vibe: the earthy colors, the furry garments, the natural prints and those textured coats.

Each look had a touch of contrast, heavy materials paired up against softer ones (leather dresses with sheer, lace inserts, lightweight pieces with oversized fur ones and so on). For the first part of it, Emma Hill transported us to a day in the forest and for the second part, it all became dark, the forest at night. For the accessories, you can’t help but fall in love with the different colored, fold-over booties and those scarves that were cinched over the beautiful garments.


The goddess of prints, oh yes, that’s how I like to call Miss Katrantzou. I also call her the construction master. Put those two things together and what you get are beautiful works of art. This collection was proof of the designer’s growing confidence: the prints were bolder than ever, the colors more beautiful than ever and the shapes were pure poetry. Playing with silks, chiffon and even neoprene, it was a jaw-dropping, show-stopping from start to finish, display of fashion but above all, art. Bravo!


Cute, quirky, chic and pretty, that’s how Rosella Jardini’s fall 2012 collection was. It was the first time showing in London and I must say that for a first english impression, Moschino Cheap & Chic did rather well. Beauty and fashion merged into the cutest prints, 60’s style. The color palette was soft and femenine with a touch of brights. The lace and knitted patchworks blended beautifully with the rest of the show and the show’s mood. Each look was paired up with gorgeous and femenine pointy flats. It was all so fresh and ladylike, it was a great start for Moschino Cheap & Chic in London.


It’s the last look for LFW and I wanted to go all out with the textures and details! The skirt is the main event ton this ensemble. You can find this sequined beauty with an aztec print at ZARA. For the top part, a creme combo: a Bottega Veneta corset top and over it, I tucked in open a ZARA blouse with a golden collar. For some coverage, a gray, knitted vest with fringes (this one from Buckle is close to the one I had in mind, just a bit shorter). For the legs, with beautiful sunny days and 18º, leg bearing is in order. For the shoes, this nice ZARA booties are a perfect match.

For the bag, I’ve been wanting to use this Proenza Schouler baby for a while now and the time has come.  You can find it at Liberty London. For jewelry, a coin pendant from the fantastic Erin Wasson line, a beetle ring wwith a dark stone from Ted Baker and a silver claw one from ASOS. Last but not least, a favorite for your nails: YSL’s La Laque in Black Bronze.

All the details on this look can be found at FASHIOLISTA.

This was the last from London. You know what that means right? CIAO MILANO! Milan Fashion Week runways and reviews are coming up next for us. Meanwhile, enjoy Paris!

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofía Alanis
Photos: style.com

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…


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