How’s your Monday going so far, my sweet readers? Milano is colder than my freezer and this tardy Winter doesn’t seem to want to go away anytime soon. Thank God I have the Mash-up series to at least try and cheer us all up with fun and flashy prints and textures. If you haven’t read the previous posts from this saga, you can find them by clicking HERE and HERE. Last time I gave you flirty and nude with a touch of navy, this time we are gonna go a little bit crazier. You will be needing a solid colored blazer, a pussybow blouse, a shiny jumper and printed pants. Let’s start with a selection of garments that can help you set up the look (you can find all of them online).



Thank you fashion world for the neon and pastel trends for Spring. Now that all retailers have released the coming season’s collections, you can find a large selection of blazers in every cut, shape and… wait for it…. color!

  • Canary Yellow, Emilio Pucci
  • Electric Blue, Paul Smith
  • Fuchsia, Oasis Stores


Metallic is also a big trend for the season. You gotta love those gold and silver sweaters that look as if made from foil wrap. Every store is carrying them right now!

  • 3/4 & Silver,
  • Golden sequins, J. Crew
  • Golden foil, H&M


What a better way to twist up a little your look than with a pair of fabulous printed trousers. Wether you are into romantic flowers or flashy ones, you can find a perfect pair that suits your shape and personality.

  • Hints of pastel, River Island
  • Cute print, Dolce & Gabbana
  • Tropical flowers, Topshop


I tend to obsess over new color combinations. Right now I have a thing for gray, bottle green and lavender. For today’s outfit, I went for a total look from ZARA. I just can get over how great this season’s collection is and it’s just the beginning. I chose a pair of tailored pants with floral print. I tucked inside a pussybow blouse with a low neckline in cream. To keep on layering textures, a cute sequin, gray jumper. Over everything, a bottle green fitted blazer (you can wear it with the sleeves gathered or down). For the shoes, a closet basic, tan ankle “cowboy” boots with a comfortable heel.

For the bag, I wanted to add a little neutral to the outfit, this YSL bag is just the thing. For jewelry, a peacock ring from Lucky Brand, a fox one from Elizabeth and James and a braided bracelet from ASOS. For your nails, some lavender courtesy of Butter London’s Muggins.

There you go! New mash-up ideas for you to try at home! Did you like it? We still have two more to go. Check back tomorrow for a new one.

Sweet kisses…

PS: All the details about today’s look are on FASHIOLISTA.

All illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool.


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