MAN UP! The Tuxedo Series

Having a relaxing Sunday before Monday madness, my sweet readers? I hope you had a great weekend! It is time for Sweet’n’Raw to give you a new section and to explore some trends that come straight from our friends from the testosterone-filled world: MEN. I have been finding myself completely fascinated with menswear for a while now, and when masculine trends make their way into womenswear, oh boy, now that’s something I go crazy for. So here it is, the first of our MAN UP! series, of course dedicated to one of the sharpest and flyest of them garments, the tuxedo.Yes, it has been around for a while now for us girls but this season, it was everywhere and with very different twists and takes for us to try out! In the next few days, Sweet’n’Raw will be getting tux’d! But first, let’s see how designers showcased this fabulous trend.



  • Shiny sequins, Ruffian NYFW A/W 2011
  • In a coat, Alexander Wang NYFW A/W 2011
  • Boyish, Dolce & Gabbana A/W MFW 2011
  • White chic, Jason Wu NYFW A/W 2011


  • Cool chick, Michael Kors NYFW A/W 2011
  • Pink accents, Moschino MFW  A/W 2011
  • Classic touch, Emilio Pucci MFW A/W 2011
  • Black tie gala, Ralph Lauren NYFW A/W 2011

You likey? Are you ready to get tux’d? I know I am! Let’s show’em boys how they are not the only ones that can pull it off and kill it (James Bond, eat your heart out)!

Sweet kisses…

PS: Just a tip, try browsing through the menswear department, everyone loves a girl in men’s clothes and you’ll find some really cool stuff.

Illustration: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool



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3 responses to “MAN UP! The Tuxedo Series

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  3. Perla

    Thnks 4 ur ideas i love it!

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