First Friday of the year my sweet readers! Now that almost everyone is back from vacations (I’m enjoying my last three days of sun before heading back to Milan’s cold and harsh winter next week), is time to get back to our polka thing. Remember the series (if you don’t click HERE, HERE, and HERE to read them)? This lovely dots really made it on the catwalk this season, that is why they should already be inside our wardrobes. The garment we will be focusing on today is a personal favorite, I love shorts like Bubba  loved shrimp in Forest Gump. So if you lov’em as much as I do, get ready to get them spotted!


1. Alloy 2. General Pants Co. 3. General Pants Co.

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs 5. Topshop 6. General Pants Co.

7. Aubin & Wills 8. Republic 9. Forever New


I’ve been known to be a sucker for smart shorts, this time I decided to go with a more casual and tight alternative. This black and white ones are from one of my favorite online shops, the always fab, Nasty Gal. Here at Sweet’n’Raw we always like to to do the whole dressy, dressy thing. For this ensemble I decided to go with a more casual vibe. I paired the shorts with a comfy, printed sweatshirt from ASOS. To battle the infamous cold, a leather bomber, also from ASOS. Since last season, bombers have come back to become musts in every girl’s closet. Since bare legs are definitely not an option, a pair of cute tights are in order. We got the spotted shorts, why not add a bit more to this equation? This lovely polka dot ones are from Modcloth. For the shoes, Steve Madden makes the most comfortable platform booties ever, add lace and tassel and you have the perfect combo.

For the bag, there’s nothing more street chic than Balenciaga. I chose the classic, light grey CITY. To add some cuteness factor and protect your ears from freezing out in the cold, a cable knit beanie, also in gray. Last but not least, one of Erin Wasson’s belted bracelets (psst, psst, it’s on sale on ASOS) and the lovely Illamasqua‘s Loella for a bit of color.

You likey? I kind of love it! Especially the black, pink and grey combo. Don’t hesitate to leave your comments! Remember we still have three more polka posts in the oven. Keep checking back!

Sweet kisses…

PS: For all the deets on today’s look, go to FASHIOLISTA

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…



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2 responses to “WANNA POLKA? The Shorts

  1. charlotte

    I’ve never been a fan of polka dots too, but lately I find them pretty funny and lovely…and I bought a nice blu navy skirt with many little dots!
    Your look is amazing, I wish I have looong legs to wear those tights, but still… I love the whole ensemble!!!

  2. Glad you like ti!!!! Thanks soooo much for the lovely comments!

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