ABOUT ME: Sweet’n’Western

Good day my sweet readers! We are reaching the end of 2011 and as we approach 2012, Sweet’n’Raw is also two months away from its first anniversary! As we speak, I am still in a state of complete relaxation with my family at my beloved Acapulco. And while I am baking some New Year’s Eve posts in my sweet, sweet oven, I thought I’d give you something simple, a little bit more about me.

Call me “THE LADY”

To anyone that’s familiar with the whole Western genre, you will have no problem understanding what my nickname is all about. It’s been a long, long time since my affair with the Old American West started. I can’t even remeber how long it has been, all I can remember is I was still young enough to play dress-up.

It all began with one film, The Quick and the Death. Remeber Sharon Stone as the cool, cowgirl outlaw looking to avenge the death of her father? Remeber Leonardo DiCaprio as the cute, flirty and neglected son of the evil town mayor, John Herod, played by movie legend Gene Hackman? How about Rusell Crowe’s preacher? Well people, I used to play that movie over and over, first with my VHS cassette, then I managed to purchase the DVD. About the dress-up part, I pretended I was Ellen “The Lady” (Sharon Stone’s character), I even dressed the part with a pair of my dad’s cowboy boots and a suede jacket, I borrowed the plastic gun from my little brother’s toy drawer.

Then came the TV rerun marathon. It was a five hour extravaganza starting with Ben Cartwright and his three sons, Adam, Hoss and hunk-a-licious Joe (at the time I used to watch that show he was probably older than my father but in the show he was cute as a button) in Bonanza, followed by Michael Ingalls drama fueled series, Little House on the Prairie, then Dr. Quinn the Medicine Woman (I hated Sully, I loved Matt), Paradise and last but not least, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

I could go on like this for hours, but it wouldn’t be fair nor interesting for me to describe to you how I found love when I found Lonsome Dove or how pissed off I was when I learned that Deadwood would not have a thrid season. I still have a soft spot for Western, what can I say, it-s one of my life’s guilty pleasures.

And this is the story on how Sweet Sophie has always had a cowgirl inside her. After all, boots were made for walking…

Sweet kisses…

Illustration by Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool





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