WANNA POLKA? The Sweater

I know, I know, it’s been a few days since my last post. Holidays are a difficult time to keep up, but us fashion bloggers know that no excuse is good enough to leave our loyal and sweet readers without reading material. Remember the Wanna Polka series (click HERE and HERE for the previous posts)? This time I’m back with the sweater, a garment that always comes in handy, specially when it’s cold outside. I have to confess that I am a sucker for knitwear, two big ass drawers are devoted to this beloved piece of clothing in my closet. So when one of my favorite trends, polka dots, meets one of my favorite items, it’s definitely worth of posting. So here for you, everything you need to know about how to rock the spotted jumper, or cardigan, whichever you prefer!

Top row: Big spotted jumper, TOPSHOP / Camel & navy sweater, Dorothy Perkins / Mini polka jumper, TOPSHOP

Bottom row: Stripes & spots, Sonia Rykiel / Pastel polka, Marc Jacobs / Navy, Chinti & Parker


I love Winter drama, and that’s exactly what I tried to do with today’s outfit. Making a simple jumper part of a sophisticated look is an easy task if you have all the right elements for it. First of all, let’s start off with the jumper. I chose this comfy and figure flattering one from ASOS. It’s black with tan spots, which allows us to play a little game I like to call matchy, matchy. I usually go for multi-colored ensembles, but every once in a while I like the whole matching colors result. I paired it up with a pair of dark and fitted jeans from Zara (you also have noticed by now that jeans are not regulars on my blog, but hey, that doesn’t mean I don’t like’em). I tucked them inside the most beautiful boots this Spanish retail giant has ever made, two tone, knee-high babies that are definitely dead-ringers for Chanel but on the cheaper side. I wrapped around a bicolor scarf, also from Zara, in tan and black. I want to keep on matching baby, keep on matching.

For the bag, classic Prada. The Saffiano tote is definitely worth the splurge. You do not want to overdo it with the accessories, since I added a touch of head. Yes, a beautiful floppy hat, also in black, from ASOS. For your hands, just one ring, this gorgeous square one you can find also on ASOS and a creamy shade from Essie’s latest collection, Brooch the Subject, for your nails.

Are you ready to take out your polka knits for a stroll? I will when I get back to that cold and windy weather. Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve, my sweet readers! Have you been naughty or nice?

Sweet kisses…

PS: Big surprise for all my sweet spanish-speaking readers coming up later!

All illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…


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