The Jet-set Junkie presents… THE GIFT GUIDE

Good Monday my sweet readers! As I told you before, I am writing from Mexico City as I am preparing to leave for my much needed beach holiday tomorrow. The reason I’ve been MIA this days: Friends and Family. With all the dinners, lunches, brunches with my loved ones, I have had a little time for myself. But I am back! This time with a double dose of X-mas gift ideas. This is the las post from our X-mas gift special an I’ve been saving the best for last: the Jet-set Junkie. Rember him from our Summer Getaways series? If you want to meet him just click HERE. He is a St. Barts regular, the créme de la créme, that is why here at Sweet’n’Raw we prepared a list worthy of his fabulousness. This is also the first time we get acquainted with the men’s department. So to all the fellas out there, I hope you really like it… To the ladies, here are some great ideas that can help you pick that perfect something for your boyfriends! Let’s start, shall we?


  1. Tom Ford Extreme: Tom Ford is just the man to provide the perfect fragrance for a man like our Jet-set junkie. Strong, delicate and sophisitcated, only for a sophisticated and delicate palate like his own.
  2. Hartford floral swim trunks: There’s nothing I love more than men in floral swimsuits, pair it with a slightly unbuttoned linen shirt and hellooo sexy!
  3. Rag & Bone fedora: Hats and men can be either a hit or a miss. When played right, it can be a major success. This Rag & Bone fedora is just that kind of hit.
  4. Want les Essentiels de la Vie Camel iPad case: Like the brand says, this is an essential in life. A man that travels that much, that trotes around the globe, needs the perfect suit for his iPad. A camel sleeve with a zip is just the thing he needs.
  5. Understand Rap by William Buckholz: There’s nothing a man with a sharp and witty sense of humor appreciates more than a funny book. You can find a great selection at Urban Outfitters or go to for more options!
  6. Band of Outsiders striped sweater: I fell in love with this brand since the moment I saw the first collections. It’s for a man who has that cool and laid-back attitude but that always looks effortlessly classy. This jumper is just the perfect item for a late sunset lunch at the beach.
  7. Riviera navy canvas shoes: You want the perfect pairing for you Band of Outsiders sweater? This Riviera canvas shoes are just the thing. Always affordable, comfortable and stylish, they are the perfect gift.
  8. Urban Outfitters party mustache: The mustache trend is everywhere! Yes it is! Why not give your man his own party prop, a mustache that can be twisted and combed as desired.
  9. Paul Smith pin-up cufflinks: Paul Smith can never loose his cool, and this pin-up cufflinks are proof of that! Original and funny, it’s when cool meets kitsch.
  10. Raf Simons tortoise shell sunnies: Season after season, with every Jil Sander collection Raf Simmons sends down the runway, my love for him grows more and more. After browsing through his eyewear line, it’s just impossible to love him even more. Tortoise shell sunnies, to die for!
  11. Want les Essentiels de la Vie wash bag: Another must-have for the travelling man. With a simple but classic design, this wash bag is bound to be a very, very successful gift!


  1. YSL La Laque trio (44, 33, 43): Jewel tones in a nail polish bottle? What else could a girl want for Christmas this year?
  2. Dorothy Perkins jade clutch: The perfect companion for all those nights out partying. Flashy, stylish and very, very affordable, this jade green clutch is really something special.
  3. Tom Ford Violet Fatale lipstick: A dark, sexy and mysterious pout is just that perfect beauty detail that can absolutely enhance your whole look. And who can do dark, sexy and mysterious? The man of the hour himself, Mr. Tom Ford.
  4. K. Jacques pour OC sandals: Escaping the cold, harsh winter and going to a sunny and beachy destination seems to be a very popular thing right now (I’m leaving for the beach in a few hours), and taking the perfect sandals is absolutely necessary.
  5. Fuschia suede iPad cover:  An iPad alone is cute, but an iPad with a great dress (cover) is just pure perfection. And for all of us, pink junkies, this fuchsia, suede sleeve is the best gift a girl can have.
  6. Jasmine Rouge perfume by Tom Ford: I know, you are probably asking yourselves, again with the Tom Ford thing? And yes, his products are probably a little pricier than the rest but with the quality, originality and genius he puts into each and every on of them, it’s totally worth it.
  7. Rabito iPhone case: You have a cute dress for your iPad, you can also have the prettiest costume for your iPhone. Robito cases are a huge thing in Japan, and you can have yours at a very, very low price and in every color you can possibly imagine.
  8. Topshop skull enamel ring:Cheap and pretty, two words we love to hear in a combo. This fashionable ring in purple or blue from TOPSHOP can be the perfect ornament for our manicured hands.
  9. YSL Lapis ring: As I said before, if you don’t own your own YSL ring yet, this Christmas seems like the perfect time to get it!
  10. Steve Madden Dynemite platform sandals: Sky-high heel, bright and flashy color, comfort and style. What more could we ask for in a shoe? You can find this beauties in four different colors and at a very reasonable price.
  11. Stila eye shadow palette: After purchasing this baby, you might want to get rid of your old eye shadows. All the hues you need in a palette, you can find inside. When we buy a shadow palette there is always that hideous green or blue you never use, with Stila’s one, that won’t be a problem!
  12. Printed TIBI dress: In New Year’s Eve you will want to get heads turning and this colorful, printed dress for TIBI is at sale at the Outnet. What are you wating for?

There you go! The last of the gift guide special. Happy shopping! I’m off to the beach, I will be back tomorrow with more polka!

Christmas is 7 days away!

Sweet kisses…

Illustration: Ana Sofia Alanis
Photos, wallpaper and frames: google

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool


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