ABOUT ME: The Crowded Bed

Well hello, hello my sweet readers! Remember how I told you you will be finding more about the mind behind Sweet’n’Raw (for the 1st post of the series CLICK HERE)? I have already confessed to you that the sugary and pastel obsessed fashionista I get to see everyday in the mirror has her dark and punk/rock past. Now it’s time for me to spill the beans on other present and rather strange activities I perform on a daily basis. Today I will talk about my always crowded bed. I do not sleep alone, I sleep in company (hold your horses people, it’s not human company). Living alone has made me develop certain behaviours that may seem odd to others, but to me, to me they are part of my comfort zone. I do not know loneliness, I know solitude and we have a wonderful relationship. That is why, here it is, my off to bed ritual:

  • I need at least three blankets, I need some weight over me to sleep through the night.
  • My bed is the ultimate pillow temple: I need one to support my head, four (two on the left and two on the right) to support that one pillow that is supporting my head and two on each side so I have something to hug.
  • The nightstand is never enough: both Blackberry and iPhone must be beside me at all times.
  • Sleeping aid: after downloading the aSLEEP app for Ipad, this gorgeous device has become a regular on the premises.
  • My TV (my laptop): I won’t sleep is there is no Sex and the City on streaming
  • The plush factor: Meet Flora, one of Sleeping Beauty’s fairies. My younger sister gave it to me that Christmas we spent alone without the rest of our family and I have been holding on to that plush body every day since then. You might wonder why Flora?  We are three sisters:
  1. The sensitive one, just like Fauna (she’s the City Blonde, remeber?)
  2. The one with an attitude, just lile Merryweather (she’s the Party Princess)
  3. And me, good old Flora, practically perfect in every single way (hey. it’s my blog, I can call me perfect if I want to).

There you go, another fun fact you can absolutely hold against me! This is our 99th post, and when we hit a hundred there will be a lovely surprise for you, my lovely and faithful readers!

Party hard this Saturday for me!

Sweet kisses…

PS: Wanna polka? Check back soon!

Illustration: Ana Sofia Alanis ( the devices were taken from Google)
All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool…


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2 responses to “ABOUT ME: The Crowded Bed

  1. charlotte

    How sweet!! I’d love to sleep with all those pillows, but my bed’s too small, got only two! Aaand…instead of the laptop, I’ve got my dog, a wolf, which sleeps on my feet, and a lovely soft bunny toy that I need to hug during the night!!
    I love theese kinda posts, it’s nice to know more about you! Kisses 😉

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