The Daily Fashion Bread: November 22, 2011

Hello, hello my sweet readers! You know what time of the week it is? Time for your Daily Fashion Bread! You might ask yourselves what’s with the summery illustration? Well this chilly, windy days make me long for those Summer ones more than ever. This week is starting off with very, very important and exciting news for us fashion lovers. So let’s start with our round up!

Marry me, Sir Phillip Green! Oh how many times have I wanted to get down on one knee and propose to this man and after today’s news I am so desperate I would take a position as a rug in his London home. If you are not feeling this way about TOPSHOP’s mogul, after this you will. Print master and fabulous designer Mary Katrantzou has just signed a deal to design a collection for the british retailer. Yes, you heard me! This spring, us mortals could be among the lucky ones to snag one of Miss Katrantzou’s pieces and after today’s preview, making endless lines and camping outside it’s gonna be totally worth it!

Stella goes back home. She has been showing in Paris for about ten years now, and this next Fashion Week, Stella is going back to London. Yes, she will still be showing on the Paris runways, but she will be making a special presentation for her World of Stella exhibition over at Selfridges and the release of her new fragrance. Also, all eyes will be set on her due to her collaboration as designer of the Olympic Games British team uniforms. There is no doubt that on February, Stella McCartney will be one very busy lady and possibly LFW’s woman of the hour.

Versace, second time’s a charm. It was probably one of the most expected collaborations, it sold out in many countries in a matter of hours and this Spring Donatella’s back for more! Versace is getting ready to release next year, February to be precise, what will be their second line for the Swedish brand. A collection where bikinis, bright colors and happy prints will be the main components. Will you be buying?

Iris Apfel to design sunnies? Yes she is, and I can’t even begin to say how much I will want a pair of those. Over the years she has made of her image something iconic, and part of that has always been her trademark glasses.  She will be designing a line of eyewear for Eyebots and they will be rather affordable! By the way, check out her jewelry line, it’s bold and adorable, just like the maker.

Oops, Franca did it again… Vogue Italia’s ballsy editor in chief always finds herself in the middle of controversy. She is never afraid to speak her mind on that fabulous blog of hers, this time it was all about the Pope. After the his visit to Africa, Sozzani questioned the Catholic Church about not giving away enough money to African charities and their policy against condom usage to prevent AIDS. Franca Sozzani is well-known for her strong opinions but she is always kind of right, and I love her for that.

RUMOR MILL: Is Tom Ford the next in line for and H&M collaboration? We can’t help but hope!

Sweet kisses…

PHOTOS: Grazia,,, Bruce Webber
All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool


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