Flashy Fancy Pants: FUCHSIA

Hello, hello my sweet readers! Remeber my last post about bright pants (click HERE if you haven’t read it yet)? I promised you I would give you some looks regarding this particular and lovely trend. One post, one look (I don’t want you overdosing on color trousers). Today’s is the turn of one of my all time favorite shades, the beautiful and girly Fuchsia. Let’s start, shall we?

AS SEEN IN: Brioni, Luca Luca, Prabal Gurung and Alberta Ferretti


There is not one effect I love more than color blocking and when paired up with hints of neutral it’s just pure perfection. For this ensemble, the fuchsia pants of my choice were this tight ones from River Island. I tucked in a sleeveless silk top from TOPSHOP in jade (another big color trend this season, I’ll be posting in the next few days a look with jade pants). For coverage, hairy is in and bombers even more so, together they are a match made in heaven! This cute biscuit jacket made out of Alpaca and Wool is from Topshop. For the shoes, since this is coming out as a very trendy, trendy outfit, colored python is a must. Zara’s green snakesin pumps are very resourceful and affordable too!

For the bag, we are going neutral with one of the most beautiful bags my eyes have ever set eyes on, it’s gorgeous and it’s Fendi. The three tone Chameleon bag is definitely worth the splurge. Jewelry? Let’s keep on flashing! A vintage looking watch with blue snakeskin inserts and two enamel bangles: fuchsia and jade to mantain the harmony. And then the final touch, some electric blue with Illamasqua’s Force and Alexander McQueen’s skull ring.

For all the details on this look, CLICK HERE!

Voila! Whoever said Fall and Winter were supposed to be gloomy does not own a pair of bright trousers!

Have a lovely weekend and keep checking back for the rest of the colorful trouser looks!

Sweet kisses…

All illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis
Photos: style.com
All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool.



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