Flashy Fancy Pants

Jade, Fuchsia, Peacoat, Red, Mustard or Metallic?

It’s one of the biggest trends of the season and definitely a very much needed one. The bright pants are in and are here to stay. For this gray and cold Fall days (today here in Milan felt like a harsh Winter one) all we need is some hues to cheer us up! And that’s what the pants will be doing for us the rest of the season, as for me I plan on getting some color on my legs (colored fabric that is, my skin is so pasty Casper is starting to look orange next to me). The fun thing about it all is that the range is so wide, you can choose the hue that you like best, or the one that suits you better or that shade you have always been afraid to try (hello silver pants for me).

  • If you are a sexy siren, then Jade’s your thing (as seen in Gucci)
  • A head turner? Go with Fuchsia (as seen in Alberta Ferretti)
  • Feeling blue? Peacoat (as seen in Jil Sander and Miu Miu)
  • If you wanna start a fire, you should go with Red (as seen in Hermés and Prabal Gurung)
  • Not on my sandwich Mustard (as seen in Acne and Peter Som)
  • The ultimate disco diva in metallic trousers (as seen in Balmain and Gareth Pugh)
Guess what’s next? Six gorgeous looks with bright pants! Check back later on the week for updates on this trend!
Sweet kisses…
Illustration: Ana Sofia Alanis
All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool


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