ABOUT ME: The Former Punk Princess

Hello, hello my sweet readers! As you probably have noticed by now, this is a blog in which the main star is not myself, but my illustrations, my love for fashion, my writing style and my incisive and insensitive opinions. That is why, after nearly 10 months and 88 fashionable posts, I decided I wanted to give you a piece of myself (it’s only fair that if you are reading this blog, you get to know the owner of that creatively troubled brain behind Sweet’n’Raw). I refuse to do the whole biography thing, after all, I do describe my activity as “Unconventional Fashion Blogging”. So in this new series, I will be giving you some curious and fun facts about moi.

FUN FACT 1: The Former Punk Princess

The girl before your eyes is all sugary, all pastel. She rarely wears black and she has an everlasting affair with neutrals. Would you believe me if I told you that a few years ago the sweet, pastel Princess was sour, dark and punk? Yes my sweet readers, that girl you see above used to be me (I didn’t actually sport a mowhawk, but I did make “fake rastas” on my hair with gel and spray). I was the ultimate Che Guevara worshipper (I still think he was so darn cute), that red t-shirt is still inside my closet. I did the whole spike necklace and cuff thing. Piercings? Behind my neck, my ear (the tragus) and my lower back, like a tramp stamp but with a barbell. A regular in every Korn and Marilyn Manson concert, I still run to their songs at the gym. And then something happened, I found pink (in the form of my sister’s pink stilettos) and I fell in love. Now I usually OD in all things pastel, guess you know that by now!

Did you ever expect that one from me?

Sweet kisses…

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis


All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool 



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3 responses to “ABOUT ME: The Former Punk Princess

  1. perla galindo

    Consideras que the former punk princess dejo tintes de su influencia que prevalecen dentro del muy particular y definido estilo de pastel príncess? Me Me fascinó tu ilustración! Bravo al talento!

  2. perla galindo

    Plagiarism is not cool, is dirty!

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