Hello, hello my sweet readers! Halloween weekend is finally here! If you read my post from last night (if you haven’t, please do before choosing your costume, we just want to save you from Shame-o-ween CLICK HERE TO READ) you are now ready to pick your costume or make your own. People are usually inspired by films, cartoons, history and more to dress up and since this is a Fashion blog, why not get a little inspired by it. It would be so fun to dress up as Donatella Versace, but people would just mistake you for Jersey Shore’s Snooki with a blonde wig. Marc Jacobs in his trademark skirt? You might be confused with a scottish lad. Vera Wang? People would just throw you a sandwich. So we have to be a little more conceptual and there is nothing more conceptual than a trend. Inspired by some of the trends or inspirations from S/S 2012, here are three costumes for you to wear this Halloween!


As seen in Versace, Milan Fashion Week


As seen in Moschino, Milan Fashion Week


As seen in J.W. Anderson, London Fashion Week

There you go! Wether you go for the sultry siren, the sexy matador or with a cute, cute pajama, dress up and have fun and remember to never ever, even if you are as drunk as David Hasselhoff when he ate that burger off the floor, try to play the part (as a mermaid you’ll drown, as a hooker you’ll probably get arrested, I don’t even want to think what happens when dressing up as a mass muderer or as a plush penis haha).

Check back tomorrow for more fab and trendy costumes!

Have a fabulous weekend, sweet kisses…

All illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis

All texts are written by me, PLAGIARISM is not cool!


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  1. ana

    el de torero no tiene madre

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