Hypnose Doll Lashes: The Mint Boudoir

Hello my sweet readers! Hope you are having a great Friday and that you have some exciting plans for the weekend. To get away for a bit from all of this Fashion Week madness, here is a quick  Friday post. Every single person that loves fashion has to love Polyvore! It’s addictive and fun! It’s also a great way to show off your style, to meet new and fashionable friends, and to win lots of cool stuff.

Starting today and ending in 16 days, Polyvore has teamed up with Lancome for a contest. You can win a makeup set worth $250! All you have to do is enter the contest with a set, follow the guidelines and voilà! You could be one of the lucky 40 to win the big prize! To enter the contest CLICK HERE

What do you think of Sweet’n’Raw’s set? You think I have a shot? I sure hope so!

Off to watch my Yankee boys kill some Tigers! Sweet kisses…


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