The last of FWNY: The BIG Shots

Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein

The Final Bow: Wang, Costa, Lauren and Jacobs

Good Sunday my sweet readers! Two days left and MFW will be over, Paris is next as the cherry on the top of our stylish cake. Meanwhile, I escaped from all the madness Milano is this days to a much more quiet place called Modena (I’m here to celebrate my one year anniversary with the boyfriend, he actually lives here). And since I do not have access to a scanner, printer and my illustration props, I thought I’d take this chance to review the last shows from NYFW. In my previous posts from New York, I left out on purpose four of the biggest names in the industry: the fashion genius, Alexander Wang, classic Calvin Klein (Francisco Costa, creative director pictured above), the legendary Ralph Lauren and the showman himself, the great Marc Jacobs. So here for you, NYFW’s big shots!


If you were not sure about the sporty trend, after Mr. Wang’s collection I am sure you are going to want to wear nothing but that. This man only continues to prove to us, season after season, his genius, his capacity of pulling off beautiful collections but also he always adds that element of surprise and innovation we can only get from his creations (those cape sandals are turning the fashion world upside down). This time he took mesh, cropped hoodies, windbreakers and shorts, he took race-car and motocross inspirations for those fabulous bodysuits, leather dresses and graphic patterns and prints. What he probably meant with this collection was:  Sporty meets chic, chic meets edgy.


There is no brand more loyal to its mission amd philosophy than Calvin Klein. Year after year we know what to expect from it, clean shapes, minimalism and solid colors. This year was no exception, Francisco Costa, the creative director gave us looks that truly embodied what the Calvin Klein’s image is all about but with a twist, it was softer and femenine, a little bit on the sultry side. It was a simple color palette: blush, cream and black.  With clean shapes, sheer hints and perfect hemlines, the collection had a 1940’s vibe to it. It was a great collection overall, so classic, so sleek, so Calvin Klein.


Interesting is the word we can use for what Mr. Lauren has been doing for the last collections and lovely is the word that can better describe this one. With an obvious inspiration on “The Great Gatsby” (big trend of the season), the american designer took us right back to the 1920’s. It was all about romance, lavishness, refinement and elegance. The models seemed to have traveled in time with their cloche hats and foulards, there were even a few feathered stoles thrown into the mix.

It all began with some color, always staying on the pastel side. Wide legged, soft trousers, A-line skirts with jaw-dropping movement, beautiful floral prints, all paired up with classic, almost vintage knits. Then some manly looks, trousers suits and short ones with ties. Then he gave us a number of evening gowns, flapper inspired, silk, embellished, beaded, you name it.It made you feel on another decade for a minute or two. It was a beautiful collection, no wonder he got a standing ovation. And brace yourself, this is only the beginnig of the Gatsby fever.


He is the man of the hour, and with those Dior rumors even more so. He is a showman and he definitely doesn’t hold back (curtains actually opened for the show). This time it was his time to shine, he was the last act of another fabulous NYFW. It all started with the models, posing static on the designer’s stage. Then one by one, the strutting began. It was 1920’s with a twist, a twist made so interesting I couldn’t help but stare in awe and admiration (I wasn’t actually there, I saw it live on streaming). It was daring, it was eye-catching, it was all him, Marc Jacobs.


It was a mix of materials, knee-length skirts and draping. All so femenine, all so flashy and unexpected. It was all about the flappers in thosecellophane dresses. Cloche hats, men’s loafers dnd those metallic cowboy boots, don’t even get me started about them. I’m actually going to start a Marc Jacob’s Boot fund right now so I can get them for myself next spring. Needless to say, Mr. Jacobs sure knows how to give a great show and after these one, may I dare say, “congratulations on your Dior thing, it’s practically yours”.
So it’s a Sweet’n’Raw wrap on FWNY! I still owe you your Milan posts and Paris is coming your way soon! What show are you most excited for? Let’s say it together: LANVIN!

Sweet kisses…

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