Bringing the Sweet and the Raw to Facebook!

Hello my sweet readers! I am finally back in Milano after two months of slacking around in Mexico and the US (you can tell by my killer tan but also by the muffin top and those extra pounds I’m sporting right now, hello gym boot camp!). Anyway, a few months back I decided to open my Facebook page, but I didn’t want to make it public until I had a solid amount of daily readers. And since the blog has been getting great response, positive feedback, good reviews and many visitors (I thank all of you for taking a few minutes of your time to read about what Little Miss Sophie has to say), the time has come for Sweet’N’Raw to hit Facebook, and hit it hard!

If you want to like me now CLICK HERE. If not, keep reading and allow me to convince you…

By clicking LIKE you’ll be able to find out first about new posts, fashion updates, style advice, runway stuff and more. Also, many albums with all the style illustrations and accessories from the blog, organized in different categories and each series with their own links so you won’t have to browse through millions of posts to find the one you are interested in.

Have I got you to like me? CLICK HERE TO DO SO!

And for those who are into the shopping madness (all of you, I presume) I will give you daily fashion finds and must-haves. What to buy, where to buy it, fall trends, winter ones, and some crazy tips!


And last but not least, all you need to know about one of my favorite pastimes, Magazine Dissection. Covers, editorials, ad campaigns, who we likey, who we really don’t, and more! This is just a sweet bite, but we have much more raw material coming up soon! So if you like the blog, you seriously need to like it on Facebook…. So, LIKE IT HERE.

From Italy, sweet kisses…

To access the Facebook page, just click above the header, on LIKE ME and voilà!


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