Style Diaries: Hollywood infected my brain

Hello my sweet readers! This is the second part of the Style Diaries about my Summer Vacation. August is oficially over and we are getting ready to embrace fall. As for me, I’m enjoying my last days in Mexico with my family. Milan awaits, and an eager boyfriend does too, and of course a month full of fashion. I’m looking forward to seeing those thousands of models strutting the runways, dressed for my favorite season, Spring/Summer of course. But enough introductions, let’s get back to Los Angeles. Too many things to do, too little time… If it were for me, we would’ve stayed there forever! And since that didn’t happen, here are three more looks.

LOOK 1: It’s Mickey, it’s Mickey, it’s Mickey Mouse

Going to LA and not going to Disneyland is impossible. And even though we are not kids anymore, we felt like we were. 100 bucks well spent, an Amtrak train to Anaheim, a shuttle bus and endless lines, all for the sake of Mickey. For this occasion I went for a macaroon cute kind of look, so me! Button-down, sleveless shirt in blush from H&M (I got them also in black and beige, 19 euros). I tucked it in a pair of mint shorts I borrowed from my sister. I wore one of my favorite belts from my braided collection (I’m obsessed with braided belts) in salmon. And last but not least, vintage looking Keds to add more cuteness to the whole thing.

For accessories, a tan satchel is perfect (it has to have a zipper). A Minnie Mouse headband is a must! In Disneyland we are all kids! I used once again my Lilac Pastelle nail polish from Revlon and lip gloss with SPF from Clinique. Fun, fun, fun in Mickey Town!

LOOK 2: We do brunch with style

This was an must stop on my vacation. For years and years, I went to Los Angeles with my parents. We used to stay at the always classic and elegant, Beverly Hills Hotel. And since our budget is somewhat lower than my father’s, we couldn’s get a room, but we surely got some brunch at the Polo Lounge. I went with watermelon skinnies, a piece you must have for the season. I paired it with a loose strapless top, slightly tucked in for a better result. Over it, a blush embellished kimono (kimono’s are so in right now). Sticking with pastels, I chose a pair of mint Bakers sandals, $40 on sale!

For accessories, a tan clutch was my choice (and something that should always be inside your closet). Stacked bangles, big jewelry trend right now, paired with a dragonfly pendant necklace and a silver and rhinestone knot ring. Mimosas anyone?

LOOK 3: Life’s a beach

Oh the sweet LA life… There’s nothing like spending the day beach hopping in Los Angeles. Renting a convertible and cruisin’ the city, very California! For a day at the beach I went for a Missoni inspired matching bikini (I am more into mix and match, but this little number blew me away). I put on some denim cut-offs I got at Forever 21. To cover it up a little, this hippie-chic kimono from TOPSHOP, kint and with fringes, fell perfectly into place with the outfit vibe. The sandals are one of my favorite summer purchases, comfortable and gorgeous. Suede with fringes, from H&M, only 20 euros!

For accessories, some stacked bangles will do the trick. I am obsessed with tortoise shell right now. A tan satchel, this is the one item that you will use over and over and you’ll never regret buying. For the final touch, to continue with the cali chick mood, Essie’s Absolutely Shore.

So there you have it, another three days, another three looks. I so want to go back to LA! Seriously, Hollywood infected my brain, and I mean that in a good way! See you tomorrow!

Sweet kisses…


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