Hello my sweet readers! I know it’s been a while since I published my last post, awful hotel wireless connections are to blame (I’m having a blast in the US by the way). I am writing to you from the gorgeous and deliciously sinful city of Las Vegas. This post has been sitting in the oven for a while now, waiting to be published. And what better place to do it, than from Vegas. Remember I told you about my little sister before? If you don’t, click here to learn a little about her. Jaime, the life of the party. The chick everyone wants to hang out with. She is not the girl you see with the flip flops and her Margarita Yard walking the Vegas Strip. She does clubbing with style, she knows the right people and doesn’t wait in lines. Afternoon breakfast and bedtime at sunrise. She shops and she parties, she shops and she parties.

So here for you, two party looks, to get the clubbin’ going on! Vegas baby, what else is there to do?


Very glamorous, very Vegas! Perfect for a lavish dinner in town followed by some upscale clubbing. Oh the VIP  treatment. I chose a bodycon dress in cream with cutouts from ASOS. Sexy and fun, but never trashy. The cream color tones down a bit the sexiness of the dress. It’s tight on all the right places and covers up were it should (cleavage on this one would be a big don’t). I paired it up with some wrapped nude platform sandals. A nude palette with the right accessories is always a hit.

For the bag, a python clutch is definitely the way to go. It enhances the outfit, plus python is a must for the current and also for the coming season. Since there is no cleavage, a braided and golden statement necklace falls perfectly into place. Add a snake ring for more details and a warm grey nail polish hue, like this one fr0m Essie.


More flashy, more fun! Definitely for a night of mayhem! Perfect for club-hoppin’. You are definitely going to want to be seen, and this is the outfit for it. Lately I am obsessed with monochromatic ensembles paired with flashy accessories. I chose this emerald green, embellished hotpants form TOPSHOP. I tucked in a silk loose tank also from TOPSHOP in green. I love the way the whole thing looks together. For the shoes, coral YSL tribute sandals. Green and coral, a match made in heaven.

For accessories, a blue belt, an emerald plastic bangle and an Alexander McQueen skull box clutch in gold.

So there you have it! Two different outfits for you to rock it out in Vegas, I know I will!

Sweet kisses from Vegas…



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6 responses to “Summer Getaways: THE PARTY PRINCESS

  1. I want the tan shoes so badly! Absolutely gorgeous!


  2. ana

    thankyou little flower. I love it

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