Summer Getaways: Destination EVERYWHERE

Hello my sweet readers, after a few days without posts I’m finally back! July is almost over and Summer is halfway through. But we still have the August sun. That means more Summer getaways. And if you still haven’t planned out yours, you are just in time to do so. As for me, Los Angeles and Vegas await next week, I’m so excited. So since we are in the middle of the best season of the year, it seems just about right to write about chic and cool holiday destinations and what to wear when on vacation. This is the first post of a series of 5, so be sure to keep checking back everyday for your daily dose.

Let me introduce you to my characters, meet my two sisters and my brother. I chose them because it was about time to introduce them to you, but also because we are so not alike, that each and everyone of us falls into a totally different destination category. So without further ado, here they are:

ANITA “The City Blonde”

Destination style: Asphalt Jungles (NYC, London, Chicago)

Favorite spot: NYC

She’s the ultimate city explorer, she turns big metropolis into her own asphalt jungles. She’ll never go where the tourists go. Instead she is into discovering those hidden jewels, breathing the city and taking it all in. She will want to eat the Big Apple in small bites, savor each bite, slowly…  So for Anita’s guide to NYC, check back tomorrow!

SOPHIE “The Hopeless Romantic”

Destination style: Sweet Settings (Tuscany, French Countryside, Amalfi Coast, Napa Valley)

Favorite spot: Tuscany

That’s me kids. You should all know by now that this blog’s name is how I see my personality. I’m part sweet, I’m part raw. And this definitely belongs to my sugary side. I’m the one who favors a night with wine and a view over partying in a club. It’s the small towns with a story to tell that drive me nuts. Strolling the streets of an ancient city, a colonial villa, a candelight dinner, and always a great bottle of wine, or two, or three. Hey, a girl can be corny every once in a while.

ARMY “The Jet-set Junkie”

Destination style: Glamour beaches (St. Tropez, St. Barths, The Hamptons, Porto Cervo)

Favorite spot: St. Tropez

Meet my little brother. Born sybarite, turned playboy and definitely an epicurean expert. He loves the glitz and glamour, he loves fine dining and he parties with style. If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, don’t be surprised if he anwers he wants to be Flavio Briatore. So for Army’s advice on the always lavish St. Tropez, check back soon!

JAIME “The Party Princess”

Destination style: Party central (Las Vegas, Ibiza, Miami, Formentera)

Favorite spot: Las Vegas

Where there’s party, there’s Jaime. My little sister is all about the club. She loves bar-hopping, she loves the hot spots. She’s that girl in the club, the hot and fabulous one surrounded by her also fabulous and hot friends. She’s also that girl that when you see her, you can’t help but say: “I want to have as much fun as she is having”. So if you are planning a partying frenzy for your holiday vacation, she’s the one to turn to when it comes to Vegas.

So there you have it, four siblings, four different destinations for you to check out! Over the week, I will be posting one destination per day, with outfit suggestions, hot spots and places you definitely have to see. So if you are preparing yourself for a romantic holiday, a glamour beach, a party city or a metropolis, you are in the right place!

Sweet kisses….

Illustrations: Ana Sofia Alanis Background photos: Source unknown


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6 responses to “Summer Getaways: Destination EVERYWHERE

  1. I´m an asphalt jungle myself. Thank you for your words. I love thee, mate.

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