S/S Selection: PRADA

Summer is here, our vactions are just around the corner. And what better way to prepare ourselves for the holidays than to get into Signora Miuccia’s colorful and fruity vibe. This was probably one of the best collections of the season, along with Jil Sander and Dolce & Gabbana. This was also the collection that snagged more magazine covers and that drove us all fashion lovers bananas. And since summer and color are a match made in heaven, channeling Prada seems like the right thing to do. Colorful stripes, strong prints, ruffles, embroidery and even those delicious fox scarves were among the things we saw on the runway last september. And in a very fashionable and predictable way, retailers all around the world, copied the trend making it available to us mortals. And since the July sales are about to begin, you might find those garments half price. Isn’t fashion the most wonderful thing?

So since I’m in a holiday mood right now (my plane for Mexico City departs in exactly four days and Acapulco, LA and Vegas are waiting for me), I bring to you an item selection to “Pimp with Prada” (or the next best thing) that suitcase of yours!

  • THE H&M BIKINI: This bikini has been photographed, bought and worn by thousands of people all over the globe. Clearly inspired by Miuccia Prada’s trend, this bandeau top with string bottoms is a must-have (that is if you can still find it, and if you find it, you’ll be paying it half price!).
  • THE MANGO SWIRL CROPPED SHIRT: Still available online (RUN FORREST RUN!), this t-shirt is a knock-off of the one worn by Hannah Noble on Prada’s S/S 2011 runway. But it’s a knock-off gone great. Tons of bloggers and fashion icons have it in their closets. And why not? It’s the closest thing to Prada, and really pocket friendly.
  • ASOS BANANA PENDANT: Everyone went for the earrings, but you can go for the pendant. Cheap, flashy and very Prada, buy it while you can! With a flirty polka dot bikini or with a white tank and a pair of shorts, you will nail it!
  • H&M STRIPED TOTE: When I saw it in the store, I immediately thought of Prada. This bag can be worn with a pair of jeans for casual, you can even take it to the beach (I know, there is leather in it, but the stripes give it a more casual vibe). You can get it for only 24.95 Euros, or maybe with a discount,
  • ASOS BELTED DRESS: Also a copy of that dress that was so well worn by Amanda Seyfried in an Elle cover (and she was not the only one). Flirty but classy, with colors that’ll make you pop, wear it with a pair of woven wedges and you can even throw in a hat. How very Hamptons of you!
  • PRADA FOX SCARF: Probably impossible to get, I dream of hugging it every night. But hey, a girl can dream. I just had to put it in my post and I felt an adrenaline rush just by drawing it. If you are among the lucky ones who have it hanging in a closet, take a picture and send it to me so I can cry.
  • ASOS BANANA BODYCON SKIRT: Great to show off your knockout figure and your killer legs. Pair it with a striped top or a silky, bright one and some statement shoes. It’s all about going over the top!
  • STRIPED TANK TOP: A basic that can give you your money’s worth. This one is Diesel but I can guarantee every store is carrying their own version. Tucked inside a flashy skirt, with a pair of cutt-offs or as a beach cover-up, by the end of the Summer, it’s going to be all worn out.
  • TOPSHOP EMBORIDERED HOTPANTS: Same as with the Mango shirt, but in a pair of shorts. How great is that? Get your pair ASAP! I see the as Prada with a twist.
  • PRADA CAT-EYE SUNNIES: All I can say is: “Thank you Miuccia”. The most stylish sunglasses of the season, and probably of the decade. If you cross paths with them, don’t even hesitate and remeber “For everything else, there’s Mastercard”.
I put together two outfits for you as well. One is more for the beach, the other one is more dressy and suitable for afternoon drinks.
Tanning session and poolside drinks! This is the outfit you want to be wearing. Relaxed and comfortable, but keeping the style. H&M’s Banana Tank top tucked into a striped, colorful culotte from ASOS. Underneath a flirty and retro bikini top in green, from the fabulous Betsey Johnson. The infamous banana bottoms from H&M. I have a thing for mixing separates, I have so much fun with it and the result is always amazing! Prada’s dramatic sunglasses and a pair of Promise wedges (please don’t walk in the sand with heels, Shauna Sand is not a role model, EEK!).
For a more dressy occasion, dinner date, drinks with friends, I chose a midi skirt in bright orange. It also makes me think a little about Jil Sander for a second. To tone it down a notch, an embroidered Mango t-shirt (I think Mango reallly pulled it off this season). A Prada striped clutch for a more evening look. Pumps with a woven platform from LULUS.COM. For accessories, the fabulous and amazing starfish bracelet from Bimba & Lola. Also, the YSL arty ring, a MUST-HAVE in your jewelry case. Another ring to add more drama from ASOS and a bright nail polish shade from ESSIE.
I hope you liked my take on Prada for the summer! And for tomorrow, check back for some Daily Fashion Bread.
Sweet kisses…
Photos style.com. Illustrations Ana Sofia Alanis
For any Grammar or Spelling mistakes, it’s 4 AM in Italy, I’m about to crash here, haha


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