Here on Sweet’n’Raw we like to do things a little bit differently. Since my blogging style is a little unconventional, I like to define it that way, my posting process i also a bit more complex. I’ve been wanting to share with you for a while now how I prepare my posts. All of them are created after a lot of research and visual selection, but some of them require long hours of drawing, coloring and editing. This blog is the result of mixing each and every one of my passions. My obsession for Fashion, my love for drawing and illustrating, my writing skills, my somewhat dark and sharp humor, my photoshop “knowledge”, an opinionated tongue, my lifelong experiences, but above all, my creativity and everything else inside this overloaded brain of mine (I’ve always known my brain has its own brain). I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy preparing a new post for you everyday!


  • Art Supplies: This is my little arsenal. Colored pencils, layout markers, layout paper, and more! Buying new markers makes me feel the same rush as whe I get a pair of new shoes.
  • My pocket sketchbook: I would never ask anyone to try to understand or read what you can find inside it. But here is where all the magic comes from. I like to think of him (yes I referr to him as a person) as a really great friend who always knows how to listen and never talks back. Too bad he can’t hold my hair when I drunkenly huging a toilet.
  • Coffee: My drug. Thank God we don’t have Starbucks in Italy, that would ruin my finances. But I have learned to love my instant coffee with milk (I think it’s time to get a Nespresso).
  • ITUNES! Music makes blogging more fun. Music makes everything more fun! So if you guys have some songs to share with me, go ahead. I seriously need an update, my playlist is starting to look like a 1950’s jukebox, in a bad way.
It all begins with me jotting down the ideas. Seriously, that sketchbook is so full of them, I wish I could publish two or three stories a day. But since one post takes a lot of cooking time, and I also have other things to do, one a day is all that I can manage. I sometimes wish the days where longer, 32 hours instead of 24 would be nice. But since that’s not gonna happen…. Then comes research. Browsing countless websites searching for the perfect item or image. After that comes the selection, pairing up all the information and deciding what goes where and how. I like to think I am running my own little magazine here, sadly without any sort of payment of course. But I love it anyway.
And this is my favorite part. It’s the highlight of my day. I can spend hours sitting on my chair (my cheeks don’t enjoy it as much as I do), drawing the day away. Each dummy, each garment, each face and each detail have my complete attention. If I don’t like what I see, then I start all over again. They are my babies, and my babies need to look stunning! First I draw the shape of the model, then I dress her in a separate piece of paper, then I prepare the layout, then comes the coloring, then the details. Now they are ready for scanning!
After the scanning comes Photoshop. Cleaning the images, putting together all the pieces, ordering them so I can have them ready for uploading. Then we have the writing part, which can be easy if I’m inspired, or a bit slow if I am not feeling it come to me. I once tried to get inspiration from a bottle of wine, after drinking it all (I said I was going to drink just two glasses), I ended up so drunk I could barely see the computer screen, let alone write coherent phrases. But anyway, after it has been written, I revise it, link it, tag it and then voilà! Ready to be published!
If you are into Prada, check back later for my new post!
Sweet kisses…


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2 responses to “BEHIND THE SCREEN: Sweet’n’Raw

  1. ana

    eres una padrota chingona

  2. ana

    diculpe el vocabulario pero no se puede decir de otra forma

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