The Daily Fashion Bread: June 27, 2011

Back to baking some fresh bread for my lovely readers!

  • Kate Moss on the cover of Vogue’s September Issue. Her wedding to rockstar Jaime Hince is just around the corner. And since the Great Mario Testino has been appointed official photographer of the event, bridal Kate has been selected by Anna Wintour to grace the front page of the magazine’s most important issue. Readers will have access to pictures of what went on in the three day celebration that will take place this weekend!
  • Galliano banned from LVMH, forever  The drama continues. And while the trial has begun (and a “dressed down” and somber Galliano arrived in court), rumors flew that the LVMH was considering reinstating the fallen designer as creative director of his namesake label. Bernard Arnault, president of the group, set the record straight by stating that John Galliano will never work for LVMH ever again. Mr. Arnault also announced that Bill Gaytten, who took the final vow at the Men’s fashion show in Paris, is to take over as head designer. He has been working for Dior and Galliano for many years.
  • Rosie, the fashionable transformer In this past few days, the british model has showed the world she is not just an underwear bombshell. Rosie Huntington Whiteley can also rock fashion! During the premiere tour of the movie, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Rosie has been making of the Red Carpet her own runway. The blonde beauty has had an amazing glamour streak, up to a point where no one remebers Megan Fox was even part of the previous films.
  • Zimmerman for Jimmy Choo First the news of the Iconic collection for the brand’s fifteen year anniversary. Now the news that the brand with the sexy shoes has chosen brazilian model, Raquel Zimmerman as the new face of the 2011 Fall/Winter campaign. The blonde was shot by Steven Meisel in a classic french hotel room alongside fellow model Ben Hill. Fierce, sexy and overpowering, the brazilian amazon really takes control!
Ever been curious about how Sweet’n’Raw works? Check back for tomorrow’s post if you want to find out!
Sweet kisses…
Photos: Hello magazine, Steven Meisel for Jimmy Choo

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