Is there something about Pippa?

It’s undeniable that Kate Middleton’s little sister stole the show the day of the Royal Wedding. No one argues that the McQueen white dress flattered every inch of Ms. Pippa’s athletic frame, that she was sporting a perfect tan and that her bum was a very important guest to the event.

Since then, the eyes of the World have been on Pippa.  People have even devoted websites about Philippa’s backside. She has been more photographed than the Kardashian Clan (and they seem to be everywhere and are more numerous than a sheep herd). She even has had tabloids write romantic fiction stories about how she and Sexy Harry “Broad Shoulders” will end up together. That, I can handle (even though I am very jealous when it comes to my Enrique, spanish for Harry) . What I can’t really understand is how fashion magazines and sites can label her a style icon. How they can publish countless articles and slideshows on how the future queen’s sister dresses and how we should try to imitate her “great” style.

She is a cute girl, she has a great body, toned and tanned. But is her style something to admire? Is she a trendsetter? Is it unique? Is she classic or just plain boring?

After browsing endless galleries of Pippa’s so-called style, I came to a conclusion of my own. So allow me to be blunt. What’s so stylish about a 27 year old girl who doesn’t dress her age? She dresses older, a lot older, soccer mom older.

Shapeless garments and boring wrap dresses with unflattering lengths and uninteresting prints are among her favorite picks. Her daywear looks are nothing but average. Where is she shopping? Talbot’s discount rack? She doesn’t seem to accessorize, those hideous traslucent tights do not count as an accessory and her bags are nothing out of the ordinary.

She always wears the wrong choice of shoes (even worse than Paris Hilton’s), wether she is wearing those elementary teacher pumps in black or nude, the “granny on vacation” wedges, or those dreadful leprechaun boots (I want my gold!).  Ghastly taste when it comes to eyewear, my first Versace sunnies (bought on 2000) were way more modern than that.

Her sister, Katherine, who has to follow strict protocol, seems to be having more fun with her fashion, always looking regal, fresh and royally perfect. Pippa’s style is not effortless and casual, as many magazines have referred to it, it’s more on the gray and boring side.

So what is it about Pippa? Is the world so easy to impress? Do we have the need to make an icon out of a girl who clearly doesn’t have what it takes (fashionably speaking)? Can’t we be objective? At least Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are a bit daring, even if they have made their own fair share of fashion faux pas.

So here’s to Pippa, the world’s best bum and a “true” queen of style.

Sweet kisses…

This article is an opinion of the author, no harm has been intended. The pictures were taken from the internet, for any copyright violations or credits contact me

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