S/S Obsessions: Floral Essentials

I’ve given you enough color blocking to last you a lifetime. Now I will be driving you crazy with my crazy obsession for flowers. I can’t remeber how this fixation started. It wasn’t due to a trend, it’s just something I have in me. Floral prints have a strong power over me, and since they are huge in fashion right now, this equation works perfectly for me.

I have put together 8 pieces I consider must-haves in your closet when it comes to this trend. Of course the possibilities are endless, retailers are carrying all types of garments with flowers all over them. Consider this mere suggestions.

  • The playsuit: two huge trends that come together. Playsuits are everywhere, with ruffles, bows, belted. And a floral one is perfect for a cute and flirty, but effortless look. For a sunny day at the park with sandals or with a cute cardigan and heels for brunching.
  • The highwaisted shorts: Flattering and girly! Easy to transition them from day to night, just by changing the top or adding a blazer. A tip, if you don’t have a prominent bum, pay special attention to the fitting, if it’s not right you might end up with a flat cheek issue.
  • The printed blouse: Tucked into a pair of shorts or trousers, great with a pair of jeans, this garment is very resourceful, femenine and chic. And if it’s a little sheer,even better (sheer is another one of my obsessions, surely I will be posting about it soon).
  • The cropped top: I’ve said it before, cropped is so IN right now. Go for a button down, tie-front, sleeveless one. Paired up with a pair of wide legged trousers, chunky platforms and a summery hat, now that’s one hell of a look.
  • Floral dress: Wether you go bodycon or ballon, or retro, a printed dress should be part of your wardrobe. So ladylike, so fresh.
  • Paperbag trousers: I saw them at Mango, I fell in love instantly. The fitting is great, they are playful and unconventional. The kind of garment that gets your eye immediately.
  • The chiffon skirt: If flowers are already femenine, seeing them printed in chiffon makes my knees weak. It’s so delicate! I can only think how a skirt like this would go perfect with those Miu Miu bicolor shoes I dream of.
  • The bustier: You lack boobs, wear a bustier. You lack waist, wear a bustier. You want belly controll, wear a bustier. This sexy piece is a great ally for us women, a favorite of the gentleman out there, and with the perfect skirt, pants or shorts, a great combination.
This is just an introduction to tomorrow’s post, where I’ll be showing you some outfits using the stuffabove. So be sure to check in tomorrow for more flower therapy.
And well, as I am now off to bed, may your closet become a beautiful garden!
Sweet kisses…


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5 responses to “S/S Obsessions: Floral Essentials

  1. ana

    Explain como te pones el pantalon q zapatos q arriba y como hacerle para q no se te vean pompas gigantes???? Es que tengo unos animal print pero no me favorecen creo

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  4. Excellent subject I could not of thougth off that !

  5. Wow Your site is of the chain

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