IN YOUR CLOSET: Heels, part 2

If you have been checking in, you have probably realized I haven’t posted anything in the past days. I was in a far away land, with no internet connection. But I am back, this time bringing you the second part of what to me are other must-have styles for the current season. After dissecting (more than once) L’Officiel, Elle Collections and Vogue Collections, magazines that cost 25 euros, very well spent (my boyfriend is still shocked that I am willing to spend this amount on paper), I came to the conclusion these were the most showcased styles on the Milan, Paris, NY and London runways.


As seen in: D&G

Obession, that’s how I feel now and how I will feel about flowers in fashion, ALWAYS. Also, and it suits me just fine, flowers are all over the season. Now that the cold winter is over, now that the sun is burning our legs while trying to wear a pair of jeans, begging for shorts, like the dessert misses the rain (ha!), flowers are showcasing themselves. Just look around, even the tiniest plant is in fashion, with flowers all around. Obviously, if they look good by themselves, they are going to look even better parading on our feet.

  • Karmenaf flower pumps, Steve Madden, $129.95
  • Floral t-straps, ASOS, $73
  • Flower embellished platforms, ASOS, $97
  • Floral print wedges, River Island. $113


As seen in: Pierre Hardy

You are probably tired of me speaking about color blocking and bright hues. But I have to, it’s the strongest trend of the season. Jil Sander, Gucci, Dior, you should be familiar with this by now. Indulge in it, enjoy it, play with it like you did when you were little with a box of crayons. This is the time to exploit it. A coulpe of months from now, when the season is over, you shall not have any regrets from when you bought that pair of canary platforms, or those hot pink wedges. Fashion it’s all about getting spotted, and noticed. So this trend is the perfect excuse to go mad and wild with color!

  • Tricolor suede wedges, Carvela, $242.50
  • Purple platform pumps, River Island, $113
  • Green with envy sandals, Carvela, $242.50
  • Yellow ankle straps, Zara, $98
As seen in: Louboutin
No, this is not a conventional strappy sandal. Think of it as a piece of leather with holes cut in it. Made in a particular way so the pieces of skin are shown in a hide-and-seek kind of way. It’s like a puzzle, where the remaining pieces are parts of your feet. Sexy peek-a-boo, that’s what I like to call it. Satin, leather, even laser cut, find the pair that goes the most with your ways.
  • Idore cut out sandals,, $145
  • Python platform sandals, Carvela, $161
  • Satin cut out sandals, ASOS, $72
  • Camel slingback sandals, ASOS, $75
As seen in: Dolce & Gabbana 
Va va boom! Nothing says sexy like a piece of lace. Lace can often be defined as a banner for women, for femeninity. You wear a lace dress, you will definitely get heads turning. It’s the fabric, with a little bit of see-thorugh, that gets that effect. So, like a recipe, sheer lace, with some leather and a sky-high heel that elongates the leg, you have got a winner. Wether you choose a bootie, or a peeptoe, even a pump, you can never go wrong. Ladylike but always sexy, Lace is a timeless classic, that when transformed into heels, Ladies and Gentleman, we’ve got a winner.
  • See-trough lace pump, Zara, $70
  • Peep tpe platform pump, Zara, $70
  • Satin & Lace bootie, ASOS, $72
  • Lace black bootie, BEBE, $160
As seen in: Moschino
Oh the ribbon! Oh the bow! And on shoes? Oh my lord! Creating the illusion your feet have been wrapped in a perfectly chic gift confection, this type of shoe not only embellishes your feet, but your ankles seem to be lost in the bow paradise. The ankle bracelet doesn’t seem enough. The lace ups go feeble. The ribbon front tie is the way to go. Found mostly in a platform or wedge, this style is must-have for the season. So wrap it up!
  • Navy scarf heel, Diane Von Furstenberg, $280
  • Gingham & floral wedges, ASOS, $161
  • Tan and floral wedges, New Look, $40.50
  • Floral espadrilles, River Island, $81
I hope you liked my S/S choices for shoes and I sure hope you are making some space in your budgets to get one of these styles. And for those ladies that are more into flats, stay tunes for my post, IN YOUR CLOSET: flats. I personally like to wear both, heels and flats, so if you are like me, check back to read on the best flat styles for the season.

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