From Oaxaca, with love….

About a month ago, I had the chance to express travel to my country. The reason: my best friend’s wedding. The ceremony took place in her hometown, the always fascinating and magical city of Oaxaca. This colonial gem is well known for its history, architecture, folklore, food and Mezcal, a traditional mexican liquor (my head wasn’t thanking me the next day).  But to my delight, it is also very well-known for the handcrafted products made by talented local artisans. Small shops and markets can be found all over the city. I was only there for two nights, so I only had a few hours during the day (hangovers are not to be exposed under the blazing Oaxacan sun) to search for the perfect souvenir.

And then she caught my eye. In a small boutique, hidden under a stack of woven purses, all bursting with color, I fell in love. A bright orange netted bag, with a coin purse finish. With a leather strap that can be shortened or elongated, depending on how I want to wear it. In the middle, a giant yellow flower with big green leaves, all embroidered by hand. Inside, a funky lining that makes it even more particular.

Lining, embroidery detail, purse with protective bag, weave detail. Click to enlarge

A perfect purchase for a season where vibrant colors, florals and woven materials are definitely in. I personally think this could’ve belonged to a Prada runway. And the best part of it, I payed no more than 20 euros. Where in the world could someone buy a handmade product, with great quality and beautiful design for such a low price (they even give you a fabric bag to keep it from damaging when storing it in your closet)? WELCOME TO MY LOVELY MEXICO!

I will soon be posting an outfit based on my pretty purse, so check back soon!


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One response to “From Oaxaca, with love….


    Esa lindísima bolsa es sólo un botón de muestra de las artesanías que se pueden
    encontrar en Oaxaca. Este bellísimo lugar pleno de arte,de recursos naturales,
    de gastronomía, de Historia nos sorprende a cada paso. Y el hecho que alguien
    como tu que eres una profesional en el terreno de la moda aprecie el trabajo impecable de una artesano ó una artesana oaxaqueña significa un doble reconocimiento para esas manos.
    Y es que Oaxaca ….bien vale dos misas.

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