The beautiful thing about Spring and Summer is that we can finally show off our feet in beautiful summery, strappy and bare-it-all sandals. What inspired me to do this post was the atrocious big no-no’s I have seen on the streets so far. A barely there shoe must be worn to enhance our features, but it also must stick to the standard rules of aesthetics and hygiene. The fact that the sun is out there gives us the chance to display some skin but always when it has been properly taken care of. Shoes are made to embellish our paws, not claws. So here are the 7 sins every woman must avoid when showcasing feet for the world to see.


One of the things that speak most about someone’s personal care are the nails. Even if you have a pair of shoes that go perfect with your dream outfit, if your feet are not well groomed and your polish looks like it has survived a week’s battle, go with closed pumps or flats. No one wants to see the remnants of what once was a glorious pedicure. If you are in a rush and you have to absolutely wear those sandals, take 5 minutes (even if you are late, 15 minutes are always catalogued as fashionably late) to paint over those chipped toes with the same color you are wearing and throw on some top coat.


Unless your name is Shaniqua or you are the wife of some Russian mob king or a Mexican drug lord, you must avoid this kind of pedicure. Not that it’s right for them, but usually that kind of woman’s fashion is so tacky we can’t even bother to scrutinize it. Let’s be honest here, “diamond” encrusted nails with swirls of white and blush are never going to give you the “million dollar babe” status. Au contraire, they are just gonna make you look cheaper than mexican singer Laura Leon (make sure you Goolge her just to have a good laugh).


In case you are wondering about the title in spanish, ( if you haven’t already gotten the message with the illustation) Gavilan means Hawk. Hawk toe nails are just hideous. Common sense tells us our hands are beautiful when our nails have a long length. This rule must never apply to our toes. Bigger toenails do not mean prettier feet. Longer toenails do not enhance your pedicure!


I get it, we sometimes have behaviors we are not proud of. Some people are into boogers, some into manually clipppingthe nails. If you wanna indulge into your little guily pleasure, just don’t put it out there for the world to see. Your nails look like they have just survived Chernobyl, don’t show them off. And please, I beg you, never ever wear fake nail on your toes, because it shows. It looks like you just glued on some m&m’s on them. Beautiful feet are hard to find, but if God didn’t bless you with them, at least keep your pair perfectly clipped. If you can’t, closed shoes are always an option.


Even if you have the most beautiful wriggles on earth, a toe ring won’t make them prettier. I don’t care if you are wearing an 18 karat Chopard number (I don’t think Chopard even makes this type of accessories), toe rings are just wrong. You wanna wear rings, you have 10 fingers on your hands to play with. Shoes were made to embellish your feet. Stick to that! Even if you are barefoot and the nakedness of your feet bothers you, never get a piece of metal down there, it looks wrong and even a tad uncomfortable.


Ever get the uncomfortable feeling your toes are sliding up the front of your shoes? If you have, then Houston, we have a problem. It doesn’t matter if your sporting a pair of $1000 wedges. The fit is wrong. Shoemakers sell styles that can be right for some feet and wrong for others. It depends of the width, the form, the length (Louboutin has that issue even if they make the world’s most beautiful feet accessories, not all types fit right on everyone). So before buying a new pair of high heels, always pay attention to the inclination. Make sure it doesn’t make your toes stick out! If the shoe doesn’t fit…..


Oh boy, probably the worst of all sins. To anyone sporting it, may I just say: “Girl, have you abandoned yourself?” I know that walking long distances in heels or even flats may cause this kind of malfunction. Just a tip: keep a heel file or a pumice stone in the shower so everytime you do that (I want to assume you do it often) you can scrub your heels and smooth the hell out of them. You don’t need a professional pedicurist to do it for you, you can do it yourself and put some lotion afterwards! Avoid hobo heels!


You don’t need to spend a half month salary in pedicures. You can pay for one once or twice a month and then do it yourself. Think of it as maintenance. No need to spend a fortune on tools, you’ll find them at the supermarket. I give you my must-have pedicure kit:

You’ll need cuticle scissors and clippers (Tweezerman and Revlon are the way to go), a nail file, a buffer (Obey your Body), cotton balls and nail polish remover (choose one with Aloe or Keratin), nail file and body scrub (granulated sugar) for softening, a cuticle pencil (Sally Hansen), a peppermint cream to refresh your feet, oil to soften your cuticle when pushing it (I preferr to push cuticle than to cut), body lotion to hydrate before coloring nails, base coat before applying polish, nail enamel of choice and top coat to get the glossy look an to make it last even more.

A tip, for killer legs, avoid ingrown hairs by applying a Glycolic Acid solution once a day after showering, then lotion with glycerine. Don’t sunbathe when using Glycolic Acid. If you are set to go on a beach vacation, stop using it and apply Sunblock (Anthelios by LaRoche Posay is great).

Now you know it, wear your sandals with pride! AND FLAUNT THEM!




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6 responses to “SEVEN DEADLY SINS: Feet

  1. ana


  2. perla galindo

    Cierto muy cierto, es un placer usar los zapatos que nos volvieron locas
    en el aparador y que después de “n” justificaciones decidimos sumarlos
    a los que prácticamente ya no caben en nuestro clóset, pero la regla de
    oro es lucir unos pies cuidados y elegir el estilo acorde a la anatomía y de-
    fectos de nuestros pies. Hay otro pecadillo que te faltó incluír: insistir en
    usar zapatos con los que la piel se desbordaaaaaa!!!!!! hablo de los pies hin-
    chados. También te comento que odio las uñas de gavilán pollero( el término no puede ser más elocuente).
    Buenísimos tips y recordatorios.

  3. perla galindo

    Olvidé decirte que las ilustraciones te quedaron padrísisimas!!!!

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  5. Nice Blog with Excellent information

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